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This year go green by saving paper, let Google's powerful engine do the grading for you, and breathe new life into your teaching of common core standard 3.MD.2 (MASS & CAPACITY).With just a few clicks you'll be saving time while delivering highly-engaging math practice and assessments to your st
Capacity and Mass task cards, assessments, centers, and more! What's Included: •42 Task Cards •2 Assessments (2 are given so you can test and retest after implementing reteaching or interventions) •2 Extra Centers (Check out my full year of third grade common core centers) •3 Instructional Assessme
These common core quick assessments are the perfect way to reinforce and assess student understanding of common core standard 3.MD.2 (measuring and estimating liquid volumes and masses with grams (g), kilograms (kg), and liters (l). I can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to so
This is part of an assessment bundle that is now 25% off. Click here for more information.This includes 67 test questions for 3rd grade MD (Measurement and Data). The breakdown is as follows:3.MD.A.1: 11 questions3.MD.A.2: 9 questions3.MD.B.3: 9 questions3.MD.B.4 & 3.MD.C.5: 9 questions3.MD.C.6
MD.1 Telling Time Pre Assessment. Students will have to write and tell time to the nearest minute and 5 minutes. They will have to show how to add and subtract time on a number line too.
This is a great way to test your students' knowledge of measurement including estimating units for volume and mass and measurement word problems. Save paper with these digital, self-checking assessments. Works with Google Forms and Google Classroom. Perfect to help students prepare for end-of-year
Problem Solving Tasks - 3.MD.2This (CRA) constructed response assessment will provide teachers with a great tool to enhance their students understanding of the common core mathematical practices. It will also give you an insight into what the PARCC assessment will resemble. Included in this product
This will assess students' mastery of the common core standards which relate to volume and word problems. Use this assessment as a pre-assessment, as a post-assessment or as both to see how students have grasped the concept.
3MD.4 Post Assessment: Includes Measurement to Nearest Inch, 1/4, and 1/2 Inch. Application with a Line Plot
Telling Time assessment to the nearest 5 minutes and 1 minute as well as adding and subtracting time on a number line.
MD.1 Quick Pre and Post Assessment: Assesses Telling and writing time to the nearest minute and 5 minute, adding and subtracting time on a number line.
MD.1 Telling Time Post Assessment. This measures their skills at telling and writing time to the nearest minute and 5 minutes, elapsed time on a number line, and adding time with explanation.
This pre-assessment was created to get student's understanding for bar graphs before teaching.
Get TWO assessments for each of the third grade math Common Core Standards!This includes Common Core math assessments, Common Core math checklists, and graphs for data notebooks!**************************************************************************This product contains TWO brief 1-page assessmen
These third grade math assessments are great pre- and post-assessments to truly assess your students on the rigor of the Common Core Math Standards. They are organized, easy to implement, and have teaching notes that break the standards down into easy-to-understand language.-------------------------
Quick, Common Core assessments for 1st grade! Included in this unit are short, half page assessments for all the phonics and math standards in 1st grade. The full list is below.These are great to have in your classroom from the beginning of the year to help track your students' progress!The Kinderga
These are second grade Common Core printable & digital math exit tickets or exit slips. They are formative assessments for everything including addition & subtraction, place value, number sense, measurement, geometry, and more!Three versions are included in this resource: printable, digital
This paperless resource is specifically made for third grade students to review common core standard 3.MD.2 - I can measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses of objects using grams, kilograms, and liters. I can add, subtract, multiply, or divide to solve one-step word problems involving masse
Measurement and Data - Third Grade PRINT & GO! Measuring and Estimating Liquid Volumes and Masses Use as homework, morning work, mini-assessments, and in-class work. These pages aren't crammed with fancy fonts and clipart - they are designed with the third grader in mind! 3.MD.2 – Measuring
Assess students at a deeper level with these constructed response assessments!This packet includes two one-page assessments for all of the third grade math Common Core Standards!***************************************************************************What's Included?-Two one-page assessments for e
This unit includes all you need to teach common core standard 3.MD.2. Students will measure and estimate liquid volume and masses of objects using grams(g), kilograms(kg), and liters(l).~Gram Lesson: A guided note-taker foldable to identify 1 gram, 10 grams and 100 grams. Great for math notebooks!!
These Google Forms quizzes cover all 3rd grade Measurement & Data standards. 21 math assessments aligned to the CCSS are included. This digital resource is editable. You can edit/add/delete questions to fit your state's standards. Standards/Topics Covered: 3.MD.1 - 21 total questions: I can tell
This product allows you to quickly assess mastery for each strand of the Common Core for Third Grade Math. Give at the end of each quarter to show parents. Each standard has 3 questions. Each sheet has 3 student tests to save on copies. Includes answer sheet and a checklist for keeping track of ass
This is a set of 24 EDITABLE volume and mass task cards specifically aligned to standard 3.MD.2 of the third grade math curriculum (for Common Core). This standard focuses on measuring and estimating liquid volume and mass using liters, grams, and kilograms. It also incorporates word problems. **Thi

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