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CCSS Math 3.NF.A.3.D asks students to compare fractions by considering benchmarks of 0, ½, and 1. These worksheets address this standard and were designed to accompany the “Comparing Fractions with Benchmarks-A Sorting Activity” in my store although they certainly stand by themselves and can
This products focuses on developing both a conceptual and procedural understanding of comparing fractions with the same (like and common) denominators. It contains concept posters, worksheets, math tasks, word problems, exit tickets, an assessment and an answer key. The worksheets are scaffolded to
This products focuses on developing both a conceptual and procedural understanding of comparing fractions with the same (like and common) numerators. It contains concept posters, worksheets, math tasks, word problems, exit tickets, an assessment and an answer key. The worksheets are scaffolded to
Are you teaching fractions right now or planning to teach fractions soon? Here's a set of 60 colorful task cards that include fractions using objects, strip diagrams, and number lines. You'll also receive a fractions vocabulary poster, recording sheets, answer key, student directions poster, and a
Product Overview: Common core aligned with 3NF Fractions ***Bundle Now Available!! Get this and Save 25% when you purchase the bundle including all strands and a get started guide! *** Click Here to Check it Out! *NOTE! This item is contained in my common core guided math bundle! Do not purchase
Comparing Fractions - Like Numerators & Denominators - Assessment 3.NF.A.3.dThis assessments test students' knowledge of comparing fractions with like denominators or like numerators. The questions require students to use number lines and area models to solve. Page:1 - Comparing fractions using
Teaching your kids to compare fractions has never been more fun! Use this memorable and kid friendly method that I like to call the Butterfly! This pack includes teacher directions, anchor charts, and a practice page. Common Core standard 3.NF.A.3d
Use this fun cut and paste activity to reinforce your comparing fractions lesson! Students will feel warm and fuzzy as they compare and order fractions with the same denominator, creating a cute winter scene. Includes: Title Page Fraction Friends Cut and Paste Activity Answer Key Thank You Page T
This is part of an assessment bundle that is now 25% off. Click here for more information. This includes 65 test questions for 3rd grade NF (Numbers and Operations Fractions). The breakdown is as follows: 3.NF.A.1: 10 questions 3.NF.A.2: 10 questions 3.NF.A.2a: 9 questions 3.NF.B.3: 9 questions 3
This bundle includes task cards from all 8 NF standards! Each card is numbered and grouped with its standard. There are a total of 184 task cards with 8 recording sheets.The standards included are:3.NF.A.13.NF.A.23.NF.A.2a3.NF.A.2b3.NF.A.33.NF.A3a3.NF.A3c3.NF.A3dAnswer Key IncludedLOOKING TO SAVE TI
Comparing Fractions with Like Numerators or Denominators Task Cards – Set of 28 Each card features a comparison problem requiring students to compare fractions with either the same numerator or denominator using symbols. Task Cards can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them orally in small g
3NF.1, 3NF.2 Fractions Pre-Assessment: Includes identifying fractions of pictures, shading in a fraction, partitioning a shape, labeling a fraction on a number line, as well as partitioning a number line.
This is the perfect resource for additional practice problems for 3rd Grade EOG Review. Addresses Common Core clusters: 3NF: Develop understanding of fractions as numbers, Includes a total of 15 questions, calculator active and inactive, modeled after released EOG items and includes an answer k
CCSS Math 3.NF.A.3.D and 4.NF.A.2 ask students to compare fractions using various strategies. This war game includes 100 cards with most fractions from 2/2 to 12/12. Students always love to play the game of war. I have included a detailed description of 4 different strategies for comparing f
Students will be able to compare fractions with like numerators and denominators in this interactive activity. Students will drag and drop the greater than and less than symbols in between the models and number lines to make each statement true. Please note: This activity can be printed or it can be
1. These Lesson Plans explain how to draw pictures and create number lines to compare fractions that either have the same numerator (2/6 < 2/3) or the same denominator (6/4 > 3/4). 2. Students will solve word problems by partitioning number lines and shapes into equal parts to compare fr
Looking for a fun printable for students to practice Comparing LIKE Fractions? This printable features self checking QR codes. Students complete work on a separate sheet of paper, record their answers, and check them using any QR reader. If you have never used QR codes with your students, this is
The objective of the game is to compare fractions. ========================================You can get the 3rd Grade File Folder Math Games Book HERE========================================
Help your students master comparing fractions with this sort activity. This activity supports one of the MAJOR clusters for third grade of COMPARING FRACTIONS by reasoning about their size. Third graders must be able to COMPARE two fractions with the SAME NUMERATOR or the SAME DENOMINATOR by reasoni
FRACTIONS 3NF, 4NF, 5NF, 6RPA All Common Core Standards Common Core Math Worksheets Over 300 Worksheets covering EVERY Fraction (NF) Common Core Standard for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. PLUS EVERY Ratio and Proportion Common Core Standard for the 6th Grade. Answer Key Included Some worksheets will
This is a 3 question quick check on comparing two fractions with like numerators or like denominators. Students have to explain using pictures and words. This can be used an interactive journal notes as well as an exit card and is great for small group data. These print 2 to a page for easy printing
Now a TpT Digital Activity! Digital Resource that integrates with Google Classroom for Distance Learning Thank you for checking out my task cards!Included in this pack is:24 Task Cards for the standard 3.NF.A.3.DTask Card Record SheetAnswer KeyThis is a part of “STT's Task Cards" CollectionAll MAGEN
Here is a little game so you can reuse your color jenga over and over! These cards specifically focus on third grade Numbers & Operations- Fractions standards, and can be used for enrichment, intervention, or practice!Be on the lookout for the other standard strands: Geometry, Number & Opera
ALL FRACTIONS - 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade covering ALL FRACTION STANDARDS Over 200 Worksheets This package contains EVERY FRACTION COMMON CORE STANDARD NF for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. Some worksheets will repeat as they cover standards listed in multiple grades. A label is at the bottom of e

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