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This STAAR inspired set will help prepare your students for the tough questions on the assessment. It is loaded with helpful information to properly teach the geometry skills that pertain to 2D and 3D figures. This is a complete curriculum for this geometry unit. The preview is comprehensive. Take
Use this as an assessment at the end of a geometry unit in the primary grades. Topics covered: differentiating 2D and 3D shapes, face, vertex, cube, cylinder, cone, sphere, and whether or not certain 3D shapes can roll, slide, or stack. To see other great products, follow my store: LIVIN’ IN A VA
Do you teach solid figures? This presentation and assessment pack is what you need to help your students understand geometric solids! (cube, rectangular prism, triangular prisms, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, sphere, cone, cylinder, hemisphere) *Also mentioned are what prisms and pyramids ar
This is a bundle of my 2 products - 2D and 3D Shapes Worksheets and Printable. Content of this product are as follows:2D Worksheets:Included in this product are the following:- Identifying 2-D shapes: Identify the shape. Write the correct letter from the choices- Counting Shapes - Count the shapes
This two page math test can be used as a pre-assessment for planning or as a summative assessment for 2D and 3D shapes. It gives great information of your students' knowledge on the following skills: -2D and 3D shape identification -characteristics of 2D and 3D shapes (sides and edges) (can it roll
Instant Center - just laminate and cut out. ESL students need real life photos or pictures to help them make real world connections. I try to use mostly real pictures in my centers/stations. This can also be used as an assessment. Students can match or sort the shapes, pyramid, cone, rectangular
Looking for a way to assess shape recognition? These quick assessments give you great data!What's Included?2D Shape Assessment (triangle, circle, rectangle, square, trapezoid, octagon)2D Shape Assessment (triangle, circle, octagon, trapezoid, square, rectangle, hexagon)3D Shape Assessment (cube, co
Kindergarten Geometry Packet for Common Core Standards - 20 pages of activitiesActivities can be used as assessment, enrichment, or standard teaching. Each page includes the standard being covered for easy reference. All K.G standards are included. Cut and paste, coloring, drawing, explaining, an
This two page 3D Shapes Test is based on the Ontario Curriculum Expectations for Math (2005). It is part of my Grade 2 2D & 3D Shapes Unit and part of my Grade 2 Math Tests Bundle. For the French Version:Grade 2 3D Shapes Test (French)
This test is based on the Ontario Curriculum Expectations for Math (2005) for 3D Shapes and includes answers. For the French Version:Grade 3 3D Shapes Test (French) This test is also part of these larger resources:Grade 3 3D Shapes UnitGrade 3 Math Tests Bundle
This is a cut and paste activity that is ready to print! Students will label 16 Kindergarten standards based shapes, including 2D and 3D.
This file is a pre and post assessment that I made for our targeted skills in the 40 days of focus leading up to our standardized test (ITBS). Each assessment is two pages, six questions. I use them to check for understanding and if the class scores are an average less than 80%, reteach the topic
Assess your students' knowledge of 2D and/or 3D shapes. There are two versions of each assessment and answer keys for both. 2D Shapes Assessed: Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Diamond, Oval, Heart, Star 3D Shapes Assessed: Sphere, Cube, Rectangular Prism, Triangular Prism, Rectangular Pyrami
This is a free preview to my 2D and 3D Shapes for 3rd Grade. Below is the product description to the full product. This product contains 5 free pages that are contained in the original product.2D / 3D Shape Bank - Lists many shapes for eachSide Sort for 2D ShapesName the Shapes for 2 DFaces, Edges,
Use this resource to assess students’ understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. There are 36 shapes to sort and 14 sorting categories. Assessment idea included! Great as group work or in a math center! Directions included!
Google Classroom makes self-grading assessments so easy to use! Assess your students' understanding of 3D Shapes Classification and Attributes with the two easy-to-use Google Forms assessments included in this resource. Simply share the link, have your students complete the ten questions, and the gr
28 Open Ended Test Prep Questions over 3D shapes. Comes with two different options for answer document and has answer key included. Great to use as task cards or can be used as scoot.Question stems are similar to those found on Third Grade STAAR testAligned to Texas 3rd Grade Standards-TEK 3.6A (Geo
Wanting to test your students knowledge on 2D and 3D shapes? This 3 page assessment will assess students on: - Recognising a shape as 2D or 3D - Drawing 2D and 3D shapes - Naming 2D and 3D shapes - Identifying properties of 2D and 3D shapes such as edges, faces, sides and vertices. Like this?? Ch
Included are both pre and post math assessments for your shapes and 3D geometric solids unit. These tests are aligned with the Kindergarten Common Core standards for the Geometry Domain.The pre and post tests are almost identical but with different numbers and shapes to give you accurate data for gr
Topic 12 Envision Math --- Students will manipulate and test 3D shapes for three attributes: Roll, slide, and stack. I had students play this as a game in groups. I ended the lesson with a challenge to make a stackable unit with all four shapes. It was hilarious. The one rule that kept students
Get your kids excited about 3d shapes with this cute product.**** please note this product is differentiated ****************** PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT WILL BE PART OF THE KINDERGARTEN AND YEAR 1 MATHS BUNDLE BELOW******I am offering the following big bundles this yearKindergarten and year 1 liter
Assess your students' knowledge of 3D shapes (cylinder, pyramid, sphere, cone, cube, rectangular prism) with this quick assessment!The first page has a chart for students to fill in with the name of the shape - word bank included - and the number of faces, edges, and vertices. The second page asks s
This is a quick 3D shape assessment or pre-assessment that matches TEKS K. 6B, K.6C, K.6E.
Two simple 3D shape worksheets to help you with assessing your students' 3D shape knowledge. Test your students' ability to name and recognise 3D shapes, as well as identify real life examples of 3 dimensional objects.Includes: - Naming 3D Shapes Assessment - Recognising 3D Shapes Assessment - Real-

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