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This packet is jammed full of worksheets to help your students practice 2D and 3D shapes. It includes 31 engaging worksheets which allow students to practice composing 2D and 3D shapes, identifying 2D and 3D shapes, naming 2D and 3D shapes, comparing 2D and 3D shapes to real life objects, discrimina
This 2D and 3D Shape Printable Pack is a NO PREP worksheet pack that covers 2D and 3D shapes. It includes many activities such as:♥ Identifying 2D Shapes♥ Tracing/Drawing 2D Shapes♥ Identifying 2D shapes that are different sizes♥ Searching for everyday 2D shapes in the classroom♥ Matching everyday o
This packet is jammed full of worksheets to help your students practice 2D and 3D shapes. It includes 34 engaging worksheets for first grade which allow students to practice composing shapes, identifying shapes, naming shapes, comparing shapes, discriminating shapes and so much more! It is perfect f
Included in this bundle is everything you need to teach your Kindergarten Geometry Unit! Included are pre and post assessments, unit checklists for you and parents, no prep worksheets, problem solving activities, critical thinking journal pages, math centers, games and MORE!-------------------------
This packet is full of fun printables that will help your students learn about a variety of 2D shapes and 3D shapes! The shapes included in this packet are: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, sphere, cube, cone and cylinder. All printables require NO
3D Shapes! Everything you need to teach about 3D shapes is found in this illustrated tutorial booklet. From definitions and real world examples to a nets folding activity. Shapes featured are cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, cones, triangular pyramids, rectangular pyramids and triangular prisms.
These 3D shapes worksheets help kids to identify and describe the properties of common 3D shapes.Worksheets included in this pack:Shape Workbook cover pageName the 3D shapes (cut and paste the words next to the shape)Exploring each shape (circle the objects, trace the shape, write the shape & re
This is a set of 8 worksheets that help students distinguish 2d shapes from 3d shapes in a few different fun ways. All are no prep printables so you should just be able to print and go, details of individual sheets below. Cut and Paste: Cut out the Flat and Solid shapes and put them under the corre
3D Shading Worksheet This is a great exercise for students in grades 2-6 as a precursor to any lesson on shading with a pen or pencil. Introduce the shading technique of value by pressing and lightening up on the pencil. Students should fill in the values of the shading bar and the gradient bar. T
3D Shape Properties No Prep Worksheets** US and Australian spelling included **This book contains 10 no prep 3D shape properties worksheets. Children are asked to color the rd solid shape and then identify whether it can roll, slide or stack. Next, children are asked to trace and complete 3 sentence
Great introduction to four basic 3D shapes. Includes one attribute sheet that is to be filled out. Also includes a sorting cut/paste shape sheet. Includes: Cube. Cone, Sphere, Cylinder, Rectangular and Triangular Prism.
This 3D Shapes Worksheets And Printables Pack includes activities to reinforce early geometry concepts and teach students all about 3D shapes! Use these activities for morning work, math centers, assessments, early finishers, educational interventions, and to complement your shapes unit! Bundle And
2D and 3D shapes worksheets provides no prep shape sorting cut and paste printables for students to practice sorting shapes in a variety of ways. The differentiated shape activities reinforces shape recognition, shapes and attributes, curved & straight edges, corners, shapes that roll and stack,
Properties of 3-D Shapes 3 pagesMath for kindergarten, first grade, second gradeRolls, Slides, Stacksnumber of faces, edges, verticesDraw everyday objects that look like each shapeProperties of 2-D Shapes (5 pages)number of corners and sidescut and sort pictures by less than 3 angles 3 angels more
Provide practice during your Geometry unit with these 3D Shapes Math centers to practice identifying, sorting, classifying, matching and building shapes. These hands-on 3D shapes Geometry centers will have your students sorting shapes according to attributes, building shapes and solving problems in
Shapes include: sphere, cube, cylinder, pryamid, rectangular prism, conePacket includes 1 book and 7 worksheets1. 3D shape book2. Fill in the missing information (edges, faces, vertices)3. Does it roll, slide, stack?4. Graph the 3D shapes5. Color by shape6. Guess the Shape7. 2D/3D shape sort8. cut a
Kindergarten shapes worksheets focusing on solid and flat shapes. Includes flat shapes (triangle, circle, square, rectangle and hexagon) and solid shapes (cube, cone, sphere and cylinder). Worksheets for tracing pages, sorts, shape identification, shape graphing and more! Perfect worksheets to
This 2D & 3D Shapes packet provides no prep printables for your Geometry unit! There are differentiated activities and worksheets. Great for stations, centers, RTI, early finishers, assessments, and much more! This 28 page packet includes: - 3 differentiated sorts - Riddles - 4 Shape Attribute

Also included in: 2D & 3D BUNDLE

Hello Math Teachers! Worksheet on using the Pythagorean Theorem to determine unknown side lengths of right triangles in Cones, Prisms, Cylinders, and Triangular Pyramids. I use it with my 8th grade Pre-Algebra students to focus on using the Pythagorean Theorem with 3-D solids when given the lengths
This pack is a short supplement to use with your 3D shape unit! It contains 5 pages of printable materials: -One "Poster" of 3D Shape Attributes (color-coded/highlighted Faces, Edge, and Vertex on a cube) -Two different 3D Shape Sorts (with columns for name, picture, edges, faces, and vertices--
This is a 2D and 3D Shape Megabundle of Activities and Worksheets for Grades 2 to 5 with Common Core. This is a geometry combo of my 2D and 3D Shape products.The preview is just for one of the files in the set. *Updated 6th Feb 2016* - I have included my new 'I Have Who Has' 3D shape game and I upda
These 2D and 3D shapes worksheets are a great way to teach your students to identify these shapes and understand the properties of each shape. These 2D and 3D worksheets have a variety of activities to keep your students engaged: paper pencil, cut and paste, color, and interactive notebooks ALL IN
Two simple worksheets for students to record what they know about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Students record the name of each shape and their number of sides, corners, faces, edges and vertices.For younger students, an adult can scribe their responses. I highly recommend using 3D shape mode
This huge packet is jammed full of worksheets to help your students learn all about 2D and 3D shapes. It includes 116 engaging worksheets which cover shape names, shape formation, shape identification, real-life shapes, shape properties, shape attributes, building shapes, partitioning, patterns, irr

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