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This product supports new Texas math TEKS 4.3F & CCSS: 4.NF.A.2 4.3F - Evaluate the reasonableness of sums and differences of benchmark fractions using benchmark fractions of 0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1. 4.NF.A.2 - Use benchmark fractions to compare two fractions with different numerators or denomina
EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HELP STUDENTS LEARN TO WORK LOGICALLY WITH FRACTIONS BY ROUNDING THEM TO BENCHMARK FRACTIONS!Imagine a classroom where the learning is owned by the students, data from purposeful assessment drives the instruction, and activities are meaningful and fun! This is the classroom ev
Do you need the perfect activity for your fractions & decimals math centers this year? We’ve got just the fit! Our professionally edited questions allow you to confidently prepare your students for TEKS standards 4.3A - 4.3G (7 SETS) with 150 task cards that are attractively-designed, standar
This product includes 10 rigorous questions in 4 different formats, making differentiation quick and easy! Whether it be independent practice, partner work, small group or whole group, these questions will deepen your students' uderstanding of TEKS 4.3F, "evaluate the reasonableness of sums and diff
This set includes 24 STAAR Prep Task Cards to help students practice all of the fraction TEKS. Topics include comparing fractions, equivalent fractions, fractions and decimals on a number line, how to decompose a fraction, representing fractions as the sum of unit fractions, adding and subtracting
Confidently prepare your students for Math TEK 4.3F (Benchmark Fractions) with an illustrated task card set that is fun, standard-focused, and thoughtfully differentiated. These task cards will lighten the atmosphere in your classroom while never straying from the standard expectations and your st
This interactive notebook activity and quick check assessment covers TEKS 4.3F: Evaluate the reasonableness of sums and differences of fractions using benchmark fractions 0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and , referring to the same whole.These interactive notebook pages give students an organized, tangible collect
Includes 24 task cards that support the following 4th grade Texas math standards: 4.2G (Relate decimals to fractions that name tenths and hundredths.) 4.3A (Represent a fraction as a sum of fractions.) 4.3B (Decompose a fraction in more than one way.) 4.3C (Determine if two given fractions are equi
This resource can be used for teaching estimating sums and differences in fractions. It is aligned with 4th grade TEKS and is specifically designed for teaching 4.3F math TEKS! Included in this Resource: 24 math task cards 2 easy grader worksheets (for pre- and post-testing) Google slide link to al
These mazes are an engaging way for students to practice creating equivalent fractions with and without the use of models.This resource includes 3 mazes for creating equivalent fractions. One of the mazes includes circle models, area models, and number lines to guide students in creating equivalent
18 days of Lesson Plans and Active Engagement Activities for ALL FRACTION SKILLS!Relating Fractions to Decimals, Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line, Unit Fractions, Decomposing Fractions, Equivalent Fraction, Comparing Fractions, and Adding and Subtracting Fractions with LIKE Denominators!This
Tek: 4.3F Supporting The focus of these task cards is ALL ESTIMATING FRACTIONS - a difficult resource to find. Test prep can be a turn-off for students, but they love task cards! Use for independent practice in learning stations, playing scoot, or work on the cards individually or even in groups. T
Google slide activity. A link is provided in this set.students can move strips to determine if their fraction strip is close to a benchmark fraction.Students also add and subtract using benchmark fractions.
Included in this bundle you will find a set of 24 task cards and answer sheets in both ENGLISH and SPANISH. I have also included the task cards on individual pages for easy use in whole group lessons.Students can record their responses on the answer documents.Standard4.3(F) evaluate the reasonablene
Use this as an in class review or a homework review before your fractions tests. Problems are written to mirror the rigor of the fourth grade STAAR Math test.
Included in this activity you will find a set of 24 task cards and answer sheets in ENGLISH. I have also included the task cards on individual slides for easy use in whole group lessons. Students can record their responses on the answer documents. Checkout my store for the SPANISH version or purchas
Included in this activity you will find a set of 24 task cards and answer sheets in SPANISH. I have also included the task cards on individual slides for easy use in whole group lessons.Students can record their responses on the answer documents.Checkout my store for the ENGLISH version or purchase
Allow your students to practice this sometimes tough skill of Benchmark Fractions through this fun, FREE, engaging activity! Print, preferably in color, cut, laminate and shuffle cards Students will sort the fraction cards under the headings “closer to 0, closer to 1/2, closer to ¾ and closer to 1
This product contains 24 task cards where students determine if two fractions are equivalent using a variety of methods. Area models, number lines, and pattern block models are included.
Equivalent fractions can be difficult for students. They need to see a variety of methods to understand equivalent fractions. This product contains 24 task cards using pattern blocks, fraction comparison models, shapes, and number lines to teach the concept of equivalent fractions.
In this download you will receive:20 task cardsA matching/sorting activityBoard game with 2 versions depending on ability levelTask Cards-Cards 1-12 are all open ended and most require students to justify their answers with sentences-Cards 13-20 are multiple choice-Allow students who need a little m
This product provides 1 worksheet (called HW) along with answer keys to align with the Pearson enVision Integrated Math 1 - Topic 4 - Systems of Linear Equations - 4-3 Systems of Equations by Elimination.These worksheets are created in sequential order with more rigor and repeated practice on fundam
A sorting activity to determine fraction values. Have students come to the board to drag and drop while the class follows along in their notebooks or on whiteboards. Also great for a centers game. This is a .notebook file with 3 levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard) that allows students to drag and cla
Division with Decimals (Representations and Word Problems) - 5th Grade Math "Best Practices" Resource Kit TEKS 5.3F and 5.3G Assessment, data tracking, task cards, math stations, small group lessons, interactive notebook pages, digital activities, and more! All designed to help your students master

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