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Mathematical Thinking - 4.NBT.2 - "Big vs. Small"
Mathematical Thinking can be seen as a task, enrichment, or a starter in the classroom. Regardless, it is a problem that makes students think while supporting the CCSS standard listed utilizing the Mathematical Practices. This Mathematical Thinker sets up a card game based on ranking their cards.
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4th Grade Number and Operations in Base 10 Quick Assessments 4.NBT
*** CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW FILE *** Also check out the quick assessments for 4.0A also :) This product includes a quick assessment or check in for each of the strands/indicators for the 4th gr
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Goofus: What Went Wrong 4th Grade Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
Goofus is back with a more What Went Wrong activities. Goofus makes careless mistakes, and your students get to analyze and evaluate his work to find his mistakes. Then, after finding the mistakes, students must show Goofus the correct solution to each problem. I usually have my students explain in
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4.NBT.3 Do It! Use It! Teach It! Stations
Tired of feeling like your math text book is moving so quickly and cramming too many standards into one chapter or lesson. So was I decided to do it differently! I decided to teach and assess by standard. This unit of study focuses on Common Core Math Standard 4.NBT.3. Students build their u
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Place Value, Rounding, Addition and Subtraction Pretest or Posttest
This is a short test used to quickly assess students and their mastery of Common Core State Standards 4.NBT.1, 4.NBT.2, 4.NBT.3, and 4.NBT.4.
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K-6 Math Common Core Progress Monitoring Bundle
I created this resource because I am a special education teacher, and I was looking for ways to help my students with learning disabilities continually practice skills we are learning in math. I also wanted a way to monitor their progress throughout the year to help me write more specific IEP goals
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Checking Out With Place Value
This is a fun activity that allows the students to choose real-life items that they might potentially want to buy at some point in their lives. (This is a make believe catalog- items are not really for sale! All the pictures were taken by me.) They practice adding large amounts of money and then wri
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Beat It
This includes three stations that correspond to the common core state standards 4.NBT.2 and 4.NBT.4.
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showing 1-8 of 8 results

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