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Math Interactive Notebook 4th Grade Geometry
What are Interactive Math Notebooks? Interactive math notebooks are teaching pages used to introduce and teach new math concepts and skills. Each set of notebook pages includes definitions, explanations, rules, and/or algorithms that may be needed to address each standard. Sample and practice proble

Also included in: Math Interactive Notebook 4th Grade BUNDLE

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4th Grade Geometry Games {Angles and Lines, Types of Triangles, Symmetry...}
These games make 4th grade geometry standards so much fun to practice! This 4th Grade Geometry Games Pack contains 20 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice naming lines, line segments, rays, and angles, identifying parallel and perpendicular lines, identifying types of

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Games Bundle {Place Value, Fractions, Measurement, & More!}

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4th Grade Geometry Review Math Mystery: Lines, Angles, Shapes, Perimeter & Area
Geometry Math Mystery Activity - Case of The Giant Goblin {GRADE 4}. NO PREP, just print and go! Engage and motivate your students during math time with this fun geometry activity! Students use their math skills to eliminate locations & possibilities so they can find out where the Shrinkinator

Also included in: 4th Grade SKILLS Math Mystery Bundle

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Common Core Math: 4th Grade Geometry Complete Set
If you teach fourth grade math, this is EVERYTHING you need to teach geometry, and cover the Common Core standards! This set was designed so you would have a complete unit. The presentation is so easy to follow that a substitute could even teach new content if you were unexpectedly absent! Protra

Also included in: Common Core Math: 4th Grade Bundle - Entire YEAR!

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4th Grade Geometry Game Puzzles for Lines and Angles Geometric Vocabulary 4.G.1
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for lines and angles geometry vocabulary? Well look no further as Geometry Vocabulary Lines and Angles Puzzles, for CCSS 4.G.1, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for 4th grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great resource to incorporate into y
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Math Centers for 4th Grade Geometry (Common Core Aligned)
Want a fun, easy way to review the Common Core Math Skills? This is for you! This resource contains 9 ready to use, self-checking math center games for the Geometry Common Core Standards for 4th Grade. All you need is 2 dice and maybe an expo marker! Laminate and cut and let the kids learn and have
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4th Grade Geometry Review Powerpoint Game
The powerpoint game is just like Jeopardy. Click on a question and students answer it correctly to get the points. This game caters to 4th grade geometry. Questions include identifying lines, angles, and symmetry. Students will love it. Great for a review before a test! Extra licenses are $1.50.
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4th Grade Geometry PowerPoint
4th Grade Geometry PowerPoint: This 85-slide PowerPoint focuses on the 4th grade geometry standards. It includes the following sections: Slides 2-9 Points, Lines, Rays, and Segments Slides 10-21 Parallel, Perpendicular, and Intersecting Lines Slides 22-36 Types of Angles and Measuring Angles Slides

Also included in: Geometry Bundle for 4th Grade

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Cracking the Classroom Code™ 4th Grade Geometry Escape Room
Will your class escape in time? Oh no! The ringmaster has lost all of his circus performers and animals. The show will be ruined if none of the acts are at the big top in time! Students must help the ringmaster locate all the people and animals for his show. By solving a string of math problems stud

Also included in: Cracking the Classroom Code™ 4th Grade Math Bundle Escape Games

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4th Grade Geometry Game | Measuring Angles, Symmetry, Unknown Angles & MORE
I CAN Math Games are the perfect way to make math fun! This 4th Grade Math Game focuses on ALL Geometry Standards including identifying attributes of geometric figures, classifying shapes, identifying and measuring angles, problem solving with unknown angles, and symmetry, and provides students wit

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Centers | 4th Grade Math Games BUNDLE

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4th Grade Geometry Enrichment Projects, Vocabulary Handout!
4th Grade "Geometry" Engaging, Creative and Fun Math Enrichment Projects Aligned to the 4th Grade Common Core Math Standards, but suitable to most 4th grade curriculum! From illustrating a directed portrait to creating a guide to shapes, the projects combine creativity, higher level thinking and m

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Projects, Enrichment For the Entire Year! BUNDLE! (Common Core)

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Common Core Math 4th Grade Geometry Activities Angles Shapes Symmetry (4.G)
This product contains three activities consistent with Common Core State Standards 4.G.1, 4.G.2, 4.G.3. All activities engage students to discover and learn concepts in geometry. Activity 1 - Students identify points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles (right, acute, obtuse). See preview. Acti
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Geometry Game 3rd Grade / 4th Grade - Geometry Vocabulary (I Have, Who Has)
Geometry is perhaps the most vocabulary-rich math unit we teach! "I Have...Who Has...?" is a great game for whole-class practice and review. It's a game that's fun, simple, and engaging. My kids always cheer when we play! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Interactive Notebook / Journal / 4th Grade / GEOMETRY
These interactive notebook pages come complete with pages for all 4th grade geometry standards: G.1, G.2, and G.3. It includes pictures for showing how you could set up the pages. These interactive pages also include cover pages for each element of the standard, vocabulary, introductory pages when n

Also included in: Math Interactive Notebook - BUNDLE - ALL 4th Grade Common Core Standards

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Lines of Symmetry, 4th Grade Geometry 8-Page Practice Packet & Quiz, 4.G.A.3
This 8-page lesson packet includes everything you need to give students a deep understanding of lines of symmetry in a fun and engaging way. What's Included? ⇒Instructional Guide⇒Teacher-Lead Example Problems⇒Partner Practice⇒3-Page Independent Practice⇒Challenge Page for Early Finishers⇒Exit Quiz⇒

Also included in: 4th Grade Geometry Bundle, 4th Grade Geometry Unit, 10 Days + Over 80 Pages

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Interactive Math Notebook 4th Grade Geometry Common Core
Interactive Math Notebooks for 4th grade! These are great printable note-taking pages for each of the Common Core Geometry standards. They're a great companion to your current curriculum. Why buy this resource? This is the only common core aligned interactive math resource that not only helps your

Also included in: The ULTIMATE 4th Grade Common Core Math Bundle - Interactive Notebooks + PBL

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4th Grade Geometry Task Cards
Geometry Task Cards - This is a set of 36 Geometry task cards that supports all CCSS in Geometry, as well as many in the Measurement and Data domain. These would be wonderful for end of year 4th grade review, test prep, or beginning of 5th grade review/assessment as well. Feel free to add them to yo

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Task Cards BUNDLE

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Common Core 4th Grade Geometry Vocabulary Word Wall Posters & Flash Cards
This set covers 36 Common Core vocabulary words from the 4th grade Geometry domain. For each word there is a 8.5 x 11" color poster, 8.5 x 11" black and white poster, 3 x 5" color flash card, and 3 x 5" black and white flash card. Each word includes a short definition and a picture. The visual su
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Math Test Prep Task Cards - 4th Grade Geometry Math Centers & Review
Easily reinforce math skills with these 60 task cards for 4th-grade Geometry. These task cards are the perfect tool to use as the end of a unit for review. They are also easy to implement into math centers throughout the year. Other options include: math rotations, math groups, morning work, desk

Also included in: Back to School Math Task Cards - Math Centers & Review - All Standards Bundle

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4th Grade Geometry Standard Quick Assessments 4.G
** Check out the Preview File** This product includes a quick assessment/check in for each of the 4th grade Geometry Strands/Indicators. There is also a mixed review which incorporates all 3 of the strands/indicators. Answer Keys are included for all 4 assessments in this product. Also check out
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4th Grade Geometry & Angles, 30 Enrichment Projects and 30 Test-Prep Problems
No-prep, 4th Grade geometry and angles practice with 30 enrichment projects and 30 review test-prep questions aligned to the geometry math standards. Great for teaching these important standards in a fun, engaging way. Excellent for early finishers, advanced math students or whole class practice. P
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4th Grade Geometry QR Code Task Cards
Students will have self-checking, technology fun while practicing 4th grade geometry skills. There are 24 QR code task cards and an answer key and recording sheet are also provided. Please see preview to see problem types. My students LOVE these! I placed them on the walls of my classroom, and they

Also included in: 4th Grade Math QR Code Task Cards MEGA Bundle

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Fourth Grade Geometry Assessment (Common Core Aligned)
Have you finished teaching the Geometry standards? Looking for an assessment that addresses all of the fourth grade Geometry standards? This 21 question assessment is designed to address all of the Geometry fourth grade standards. This product is part of a bundle
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Math Exit Slips - 4th Grade Geometry
4th Grade Math Exit Slips - Geometry: Formative assessment has never been easier! This pack has 5 sets of exit slips or exit tickets for each of the 4th Grade Common Core Math Standards for Geometry. These 4th grade math exit slips or exit tickets make formative assessment easy because of the follow

Also included in: 4th Grade Math Exit Slips - All Standards Bundle

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