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4th Grade Science Interactive Notebook Bundle
This interactive science notebook bundle is aligned with the fourth grade science curriculum for Virginia SOL, as well as other states with similar standards. Please note that this bundle reflects the new science SOLs. If you need products that were in this bundle prior, please email me at Kelly@Gli
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4th Grade Science Bundle- ENTIRE YEAR!
It can be a challenge to come up with lots of hands-on experiments and activities to teach science, especially with everything elementary teachers are responsible for planning! With this 4th Grade Science Bundle, you get EVERY lesson and activity needed to teach 4th-grade science for an ENTIRE YEAR!
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Everything 4th Grade Science Growing Mega Bundle
Everything 4th Grade Science Growing Mega Bundle {completed}All weeks of the year are already included in this bundle! It will continue to grow with any extras I make that could help a fourth grade Science teacher.Buying this bundle will save you $100 off the individual prices!!The bundle is now com
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Fourth-Grade Science BUNDLE for Google Classroom DIGITAL
This bundle includes Google Drive online resources for all of your fourth-grade science curriculum. This is specifically aligned with Virginia SOLs.Please note that this bundle reflects the new science SOLs. If you need products that were in this bundle prior, please email me at Kelly@Glitterinthird
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4th Grade Science Fluency Passages
This product is a useful tool to help students improve their oral reading fluency. Research proves that repeated readings of familiar texts can improve oral fluency dramatically. Reading fluency is a key component to helping student comprehend what they read. As students read these passages, they sh
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Vertebrates and Invertebrates 4th Grade Science Interactive Bundle – 33  Lessons
THIRTY THREE Lessons of Nonfiction Informational Text, hands-on Literacy in Science activities, and TWENTY ONE Interactive Notebook assignments to teach students about the Structural and Behavioral Adaptations of Vertebrates and Invertebrates.THIS BUNDLE IS GROWING!! Each time we add a new Unit, we
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4th grade Science and Social Studies Scoot Bundle- Great for GA Milestone!
This is a labor of love! I have bundled all of my scoots from science and social studies into this! It is a great deal- $16 for 14 scoots- and they would cost nearly $30 if you bought them separately! The following scoots are enclosed in this bundle- along with a link to the individual item for you
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Vertebrates and Invertebrates – 4th Grade Science Interactive Notebook Unit
Vertebrates and Invertebrates Structural and Behavioral Animal Adaptations using Nonfiction Informational Science Text, engaging hands-on activities, a FULL COLOR GAME, and THREE Interactive Notebook assignments: • Animal Adaptations nonfiction informational text-all CONTENT included! • Questions
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Fourth Grade Science Review Powerpoint- Great for GA Milestone Review!
This is a cumulative review of fourth grade's science curriculum. It consists of 30 multiple choice questions that includes weather, space, light, sound, simple machines, ecosystems, and animal adaptations. This is a pdf file but you can use it as a powerpoint. Each slide is followed with the answer
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4th Grade Science lessons for ENTIRE YEAR PART 2
4TH Grade Science UNITS FOR ENTIRE YEAR PART 2 OF 2 *Some Powerpoints may have links to Brain Pop or other external websites. You or your school must have an account to access the BrainPop Videos. These are just supplemental resources. 4th Grade Science lessons for ENTIRE YEAR PART 1 Click Her
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4th Grade Science Fluency Passages {NGSS Aligned}
This download includes 31 science fluency passages, aligned to the New Generation Science Standards. The passages are a slight mix of levels in order to easily differentiate in your room, all while integrating science! You could also use each passage for comprehension practice, main idea, summarizin
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Plants Interactive SMARTboard Lesson - VA 4th Grade Science SOL Unit
This is a unit SMARTboard lesson covering Plants. It has interactive features, animations, and video clips. This lesson covers all of the VA SOLs for 4th grade about plants. Topics include: Plant parts & functions (roots, stems, leaves, flowers), Flower parts (Petals, Sepal, Pistil - Style,
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4th Grade Science Concept Poster Bundle 4.P.1 4.P.2 4.P.3 4.E.1 4.E.2 4.L.1 4.L2
4th Grade Physical Science Concept Poster Bundle This bundle is 20% off the individual cost of each resource! This science product contains all 3 of my 4th Grade Science Concept Poster resources. Twenty-five posters are included for students to complete on the topics of: -Adaptation -Animal Be
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4th Grade Science Essential Questions UPDATED
This file includes essential questions for 4th grade science. Each essential question is on a separate page, and each unit is separated by a header slide. Print on or mount on cardstock or colorful paper to really draw your students' attention to these thought-provoking questions. Topics Include:
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4th Grade Science: Structural & Functional Adaptations; Unit 10 (part 1) 4.10A
This is a great resource to use as a supplement when covering the 4th grade science unit on structural and functional adaptations.This product is aligned to a portion of 4th grade science TEKS Resource Unit 10 - 4.10A.This product contains: 3 Reading Passages on the following: (each with a quiz, ans

Also included in: 4th Grade Science Bundle

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Fourth Grade Science Task Cards
Are you looking for science exit cards, center cards, or cards for anything else you can think of? Well you are in luck because I have created cards that cover 32 separate science topics. I use these all the time. From adaptations to weather instruments and everything in between, these cards have
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4th Grade Science Spiral Review
15 weeks of Spiral Review homework based on the 4th grade science Georgia Performance Standards! Answer key included. Each week has 3 questions per night, for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. Weeks 1, 3, 11, and 13 only have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night to coincide with 4 da
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Fourth Grade Science Snapshot: Life Science
These are weekly reading comprehension passages based on 4th grade Tennessee state standards, but can be easily modified to meet your curriculum needs. Each topic has a reading passage and activities for each of four days to help with comprehension of the topic. On the fifth day, there is an assessm
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4th Grade Science Review
This ten question PowerPoint science quiz show game reviews the the following topics: Plant structure, function, and adaptations Animal structure, function, and adaptations Energy in ecosystems (food webs, habitats, etc.) Electricity and magnetism Physical science (states of matter, chemical and ph
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4th Grade Science Wheel of Fortune Test Prep Game in SMART Notebook-Georgia
Are you preparing for standardized tests or reviewing the content of the year? Are test prep workbooks getting boring? Try this Wheel of Fortune-style review game! This game is loaded with special features that make content review/test prep fun! Best of all, the game is already loaded with quest
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4th Grade Science Utah Environments Unit Test
This science test was created to make testing more fun for my students! It has pictures they will label and write about, it has a matching section, it has a creation of a classification key section and many more sections! It is used in my fourth grade classroom for testing of Standard 5 in the Scie
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Life Science BUNDLE - 4th Grade Science
1.Producers, Consumers & Decomposers PowerPoint Interactive notes Study guide Assessment ecosystems, habitats, producers, consumers, decomposers, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores *Some Powerpoints may have links to Brain Pop or other external websites. You or your school must have an account
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4th Grade Science Concept Posters 4.L.1 4.L.2 Adaptation Recycle Environment
4th Grade Life Science Concept Posters This science resource contains posters for students to complete on the topics of: -Adaptation -Animal Behaviors (2 posters) -Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle -Human Adaptations -Animal Adaptations -Food -Healthy Body Students can use these posters to demon
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Animal Adaptations Sort Activity - 4th Grade Science
In this activity, students cut out 10 animal adaptations and sort them as either physical or behavioral adaptations. This quick assessment is a great way to check for understanding after a lesson on animal adaptations. The answer key is included!Want free money to spend on Teachers Pay Teachers? Rat
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