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Use this MINI-LESSON as a "quick-review" for students needing additional support with science TEKS 5.9B. File includes picture vocabulary for the standard (in PowerPoint), mini-lesson (in PowerPoint), East Texas Food Web cards, arrows to demonstrate transfer of energy (editable to change size), and
These Vocabulary Scrambles Puzzle Game are designed to reinforce and review vocabulary that students need to know for the 5th Grade Science STAAR Assessment. Watch my store for more Vocabulary Scrambles for the 5th Grade Science STAAR! These are challenging vocabulary card scramble games for student
***Use for distance learning by uploading the printable stations PDF and giving them the link to the Escape Room on any online resource (Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, etc.). Students can work through the Escape Room and then submit the verification code to show completion.Need a fun way to ch
Research shows that students master new vocabulary when they are able to identify the word, attach its definition, use it in a sentence, and draw a picture. I have taken this philosophy and created a card sort that incorporates all 4 aspects of vocabulary.Your students will love the challenge of mat
10 multiple choice/true false questions
Help your students to connect food chains into food webs. Whole group and small group activity.
Depth and Complexity Frame GT-style writing assignments for 5th Grade Science. TEK based!
An activity for students to practice analyzing and interpreting a diagram and making predictions about reasonable outcomes using the science TEKS about the flow of energy in a food web and the roles of the organisms in food webs.
Food Webs Observation Stations allow students to interpret food webs, food chains, and interactions in ecosystems for 6 different scenarios.This resource includes BOTH the PDF version for printable use AND the Google Slides resource for Google Classroom. Just copy the file from my Google Drive to yo
The pack from my new 5th Grade Science Test Prep product line has 20 multiple choice task cards that ask students to show their understanding of food webs and ecosystem interactions. These rigorous questions require students to analyze and interpret information to construct reasonable explanations.D
Have some fun with a Food Webs Lockbox!I’ve had students cheer when I tell them that we are doing a Lockbox Challenge! This activity has yielded 100% engagement. **This file must be opened in PowerPoint on a computer. If you open it in another format or on a mobile device, it will not be formatted c
5th Grade Food Webs Slides and Notes focuses on analyzing and constructing food webs.If in Texas, this is designed for Science TEKS 5.9B.Because of the uncertainty of what might happen in the next school year, I decided to include 2 options. Hopefully having this choice makes planning more manageabl
Are you looking for online learning resources for science class? orDo you need to add more quality resources to your 5th grade science curriculum?Expand your Digital Library using this Interactive distance learning activity: DRAG ● DROP ●EXPLAINProduct description:Students will read the directions o
Get your students engaged in their learning with this set of 24 multiple choice flow of energy task cards! Perfectly aligned to TEKS 4.9A, 4.9B, 5.9A, and 5.9B What's included: -24 multiple choice task cards that cover flow of energy concepts including food webs, food chains, and ecosystems -record
Looking for an engaging way for students to practice analyze and describe energy flow in food webs? This "Give Me Your Digits" activity allows students to evaluate many different food webs to identify energy transfer, types of organisms, etc. The repetition and practice builds students' confidence i
Redes Alimenticias: Estaciones de ObservaciónLos estudiantes deben de entender la función de diferentes organismos como los productores, consumidores, y descomponedores. También deben de saber interpretar una red alimenticia y una cadena alimenticia.Google Slides version includedTabla de ContenidoCo
Looking for a way assess your students overall understanding of ecosystems? Then this project is for you! This project includes topics related to:Ecosystems-interactions with living and nonliving elementsFood Webs- niche of animalsChanges to Ecosystems- invasive species, industrialization, fertiliz
These food web task cards help students analyze food webs within an ecosystem. There are 20 task cards with food webs or information on organism diets. These are perfect to use as you prep for testing. (Like the 5th grade STAAR test) Take a look at the previews above to see what kind of questions th
This comprehensive set of activities builds awareness and knowledge of how organisms interact in a food web. These activities meet requirements for Texas TEKS 4.9a, 4.9b, and 5.9b. The activities also meet requirements for Common Core 5L.2.1. Definition posters and sample posters are available fo
Science TEKS 5.9B: Describe how the flow of energy, derived from the Sun, used by producers to create their own food, is transferred through a food chain and food web to consumers and decomposers. Students will be guided through this PowerPoint for an entire lesson. Reviews terms herbivores, carn
Crossword puzzle to get students to practice the vocabulary for interactions in an ecosystem (food webs/food chains) in a fun way! There are two versions of the puzzle for differentiation, one with a word bank and one without. Perfect for when you have a sub or early finishers! :) Words included:
Continue to expand your Digital Library and your hands on vocabulary activities using this VOCABULARY MASTER PUZZLE: DRAG ● MATCH ● CHALLENGE ● QUIZStandard:5.9B Describe how the flow of energy derived from the Sun, used by producers to create their own food, is transferred through a food chain and
This is a PowerPoint presentation to help introduce discussion of food webs and food chains. It is aligned to Texas State Standards (Standard 5.9B), but is easily modified to match the Common Core. Important vocabulary is explained in the PowerPoint, along with guiding pictures to help students
These Earth Day posters were inspired by Greta Thunberg and Jane Goodall to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. These posters complement science units about ecosystems, conservation, alternative energy, and fossil fuels. Women's History Month and Earth Day would also be a perfect fit! Pleas

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