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Adding and Subtracting Decimals with Visual Models - 5th Grade **5.NBT.7**
This unit contains two mini-lessons: one on adding decimals and one on subtracting decimals, using visual models as well as the standard algorithms. Each mini-lesson contains an example page for student notes, a practice page for students, answer key, and blank work page of visual models for stude
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5.NBT.7 Multiplying Decimal times Decimal Using an Area Model
Looking for a quick and easy method to visually connect your students to the strategy of multiplying decimals by decimals? This PowerPoint models step-by-step multiplying decimals using the 100 grid area model. Two examples are demonstrated, 'a decimal times a decimal' and 'a whole number and decim
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Multiply Decimals Using Area Models 5.NBT.7
“Don’t hit the Wall!” Don’t let students get stumped when multiplying decimals. This PowerPoint lesson shows step-by-step how to draw an area model to multiply a decimal number times a decimal number less than one. After the step-by-step lesson, students do a guided practice with immediate feedbac
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5.NBT.7 Dividing Decimals by Decimals
This packet is aligned to the Common Core Math Standard 5.NBT.7. This packet is a scaffolded set of guiding notes on the topic of dividing decimals by decimals. Within the packet students are given the chance to recap dividing decimals by whole numbers and learn the procedure for dividing decimals
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5.NBT.7 Multiplying a Whole Number and Decimal times a Whole Number and Decimal
Don’t let students get stumped when multiplying decimals. This PowerPoint shows an easy strategy to use to multiply "a whole number and decimal times a whole number and decimal" using an area model. This is an area model made easy PowerPoint. The lesson models the skill step-by-step and has a guide
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This packet is aligned to the Common Core Math Standard 5.NBT.7. Students often struggle with understanding that decimals and fractions both represent a part of a whole. This bundle contains two packets that are tiered to scaffold students on adding and subtracting decimals, by first bridging the g
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5.NBT.1, 5.NBT.2, 5.NBT.3, 5.NBT.4, 5.NBT.5, 5.NBT.6, and 5.NBT.7
Number and Operations in Base Ten 5.NBT Anchor Charts for every 5.NBT. PO. If you need help to teach these notes and vocabulary has it all. Understand the place value system. Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths.
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Decimal Operation Foldable 5.NBT.7
This product is for fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade teachers to learn and REVIEW all four decimal operations. While decimal operations are a fifth grade standards, many students do not retain the steps for the operations from year to year. I personally have shared this with the sixth, seventh
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Math Interactive Notebook 5th Grade OA and NBT
What are Interactive Math Notebooks? Interactive math notebooks are teaching pages used to introduce and teach new math concepts and skills. Each set of notebook pages includes definitions, explanations, rules, and/or algorithms that may be needed to address each standard. Sample and practice proble

Also included in: Math Interactive Notebook 5th Grade BUNDLE

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5th Grade Math Word Problems | Test Prep YEARLONG BUNDLE | SPIRAL REVIEW
130 MATH COMMON CORE ALIGNED QUESTIONS TO TRANSFORM YOUR CLASSROOM! Perfect for morning work, math rotations, spiral review, and math practice!WHAT ARE P.O.W.E.R PROBLEMS?PURPOSEFUL - These problems are meant to keep students focused, while strengthening initiative and perseverance. OPPORTUNITIES -
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Math Bundle - 5th Grade
This Bundle includes several of my VERY popular math products! Here are the products you will find in this 5th Grade Math Bundle: 1. EMERGENCY SUB PLANS - 5th Grade Math: Each day of sub plans includes the following items…and there are 10 days of these sub plans! Morning Work with Answer Key-
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5th Grade Guided Math -Unit 11 Decimals
This is the eleventh unit of 5th Grade Guided Math. This unit is focused on Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Decimals (5.NBT.7) (TEKS 5.3A,D,E,F,G--download the preview for more information about TEKS correlation) and is a four week long unit. 5th Grade Guided Math units are recommende

Also included in: 5th Grade Guided Math -Year Long Bundle

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Winter Games Math Activities - 5th
This pack contains 5 math activities for 5th grade (see below). Each activity uses the winter games to provide students with real world math practice. Skating Scores – finding averages (adding and dividing decimals) Common Core: 5.NBT.4 and 5.NBT.7 Also included - Skating Scores Task Cards Ski J
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5th Grade Math Interactive Notebook: NBT
This product will help students understand the concepts for 5th Grade Numbers and Operations in Base Ten according to the Common Core Standards. Each standard is printed out and includes an "I Can" statement. In addition, each skill or concept has information or reference sheets that provides hint
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Trimming the Tree:  Decimal Multiplication Freebie - 5th and 6th Grade
This fantastic freebie is a great resource for Common Core Standards for 5th and 6th grade. Students calculate the cost of a family's Christmas tree and decorations. Using decimal multiplication, students will first find the cost of all of the decorations using a product page containing pictures
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