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Area of Irregular Polygons LessonThis lesson teaches students about Area of Irregular Polygons. This product aligns with all of the 6th Grade Common Core Geometry Standards. It can also be used for remediation, review, and enhancement for 5th and 7th Grades. ABSOLUTELY NO PREP REQUIRED, just down
Editable, easy-to-use interactive notebooks for 6th grade math. Your students can make interactive notebooks to use as a reference resource all year long. Or you can scaffold, teach, and review sixth grade math topics with the stand-alone graphic organizers and practice sets. Every lesson includes a
Get your 5th Graders Ready for 6th Grade! I created this resource to prep my 5th graders with some 6th grade skills. I always teach 6th grade math skills after the state test to keep my students engaged and motivated. In addition, it helps give them a head start for 6th grade and builds their confi
Irregular Polygons - Area and PerimeterArea and Perimeter Interactive Notebook/ Guided Notes and Student Activities to challenge your 4th, 6th, and 6th grade students. Students will find the missing measurements, then solve for area and perimeter. This is a great activity for irregular polygons. Ch
This is an excellent tool to use when teaching students how to find the area of certain irregular shapes (shapes that are comprised of two or more squares, rectangles, or triangles). In 4th-6th grade, at least, students need to learn how to decompose a shape into "friendlier" shapes and find the tot
This Google Slides Activity includes 12 unique slides that help students practice choosing the correct formula for and finding the total area of several regular and irregular geometric shapes. Students are asked to find the area of very basic, whole number dimension polygons, and then deconstruct/d
This lesson teaches students about Area of Irregular Polygons. This product aligns with all of the 6th Grade Common Core Geometry Standards. It can also be used for remediation, review, and enhancement for 5th and 7th Grades. ABSOLUTELY NO PREP REQUIRED, just download and start teaching in minute
16 task cards in purple and orange chevron AND black, grey, and white chevron! These task cards require students to: 1. classify polygons on the coordinate plane 2. calculate the area of polygons and irregular figures in the coordinate plane 3. name points to form specific polygons on the coordinate
This 6th Grade math spiral review for Google Slides is perfect for your daily math warm-ups, spiral review, or homework! Any normal 6th grade math spiral review is boring and students complete them reluctantly. However, this resource was designed to provide students the consistency they need with th
Find the area of trapezoids, triangles, parallelograms, rhombuses, and other irregular polygons with these engaging color by number activities. These activities support your students with these concepts by providing the formulas to find the area of triangles and various quadrilaterals. Students then
Practice calculating areas of irregular shapes with this activity for 6th grade math! Students must decompose shapes into rectangles and triangles to figure out the areas. Some shapes include shaded areas, so students must subtract non-shaded areas to solve. A variety of difficulties are included s
Great for Distance Learning! We have included individual PDFs of the guided notes, practice sheets, and activities in this unit to be used digitally. You can load PDFs onto Google Classroom, but you can also change PDFs to editable Google Slides. This allows your students to put their answers on a G
May the Fourth be with you! All geeks appreciate the punny nature of May 4th. Why not combine your favorite pastimes of creating funny stories (Mad Libs), solving 7th grade math problems (yippee!) AND Star Wars? It is just too good! Let's get our geek on!This looks back at the entire year and
Students solve area problems for right triangles and other polygons by composing into rectangles or decomposing into triangles and rectangles. Aligned to CCSS 6.G.1, but great for 7th grade review, too. Answer key included. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerci
Everything you need to teach geometry to your 4th - 5th grade students! This set includes interactive notebook pages and student practice activities that will engage your students and build their understanding of geometric concepts. This unit covers: Polygons -Quadrilaterals -Triangles Area of Pol
Want an interactive Area and perimeter math lesson for your sixth grade students that will help them to calculate and solve problems involving perimeter and area of triangles, parallelograms, trapezia? In this fun-packed lesson, your students will be able to calculate and solve problems involving pe
This is an activity sheet for students in Junior grades to use to explore how to find the area of a triangle as well as the area of unusual and irregular polygons using geoboards. Regular geoboards could also be used. In addition to this worksheet, provide each child with dot paper in order to rec
If your geometry class feels like a zoo, then maybe you ought to join them! In this integrated 21st Century Math Project, students will put their area and perimeter skills to the test! Focusing on unique shapes, regular polygons & apothems and irregular figures, students determine which exhibits
Use this project to give students real world applications for area and perimeter. In the project, students calculate the areas and perimeters of rooms in an apartment, including composite irregular polygons. Follow up questions push students to think about applications of area and perimeter. In the
Area - Building Block Area This resource gets your students working with building blocks to build different areas in a fun, hands-on way. This resource includes: •Minds-On Task – this open ended question can be used as a diagnostic, entrance slip, or a full group introduction to the task. Stud
This is the perfect way to review for the 5th grade SBAC, your state test, or just the end of the year! Teachers have said that these games are a fun and effective review activity before state testing.Students will love this Jeopardy-like game to review all Common Core strands for 5th grade includin
This 3 deck geometry bundle covers the math concepts of perimeter, area, and volume. Each set comes with several different types of cards to help students practice the skills:Finding PerimeterThis set of 25 Boom Cards is all about perimeter. Students will solve story problems dealing with perimeters
Give your 4th grade students their own interactive notebook math reference dictionary that they help create. Students add the picture for each definition provided. This Interactive Notebook folded pattern bundled set gives you 280 math vocabulary words and definitions that fourth graders need to kn
These area and volume math stations delve into area of irregular shapes, 3d surface area and volume. Students will analyze, create, calculate, explain, and apply the math to real-world situations. The Following Stations are Included:Polygonal Area: Students will use their higher-order thinking ski

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