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A 9 day CCSS-Aligned Functions Unit includes identifying functions, comparing functions, analyzing functions, writing equations for functions from tables, graphs and ordered pairs, and describing functional relationships by analyzing a graph. Standards: 8.F.1, 8.F.2, 8.F.3, 8.F.4, 8.F.51. Unit Ove
Functions Unit Bundle (Math 8 Curriculum - Unit 6)This bundle contains Power Point presentations, notes, homework, review activities, quizzes, a practice unit test, unit test and answer keys that cover the following topics:Topics Covered: Identifying Functions Linear vs. Non LinearComparing Function
Hello Happy Teachers! These are leveled task cards for students to use as a review activity or can be used as remediation for formative assessments. {Answer sheet for students included.} There are 4 tasks for each level of the scale. I used this in my standard 8th grade math classroom, but it could
Functions - 8th Grade Math Task Cards: This product contains 20 Total Task Cards over the 8.F.3 standard. Each card is labeled with the standard, comes with a student recording sheet, answer key, and standard poster. ***********************************************************************************
This worksheet has 16 different equations that need to be changed into Slope-Intercept Form. The equations vary in difficulty and form, so it requires thinking on each one, not just one format that can be memorized. There is also a column that has the correct slope & intercept in the form m=
About This Resource:This is a Google Forms Quiz on determining whether a provided function is linear or nonlinear. The instructions are easy to follow for you to make a copy of the quiz to your Google Drive. Then you can assign to your students using Google Classroom or some other method.Questions o
Your students will engage with one another in pairs as they explore functions represented in different ways and determine if each is linear or nonlinear. They will explore functions represented as graphs, tables, maps, equations, and contextual situations. Rally coach is an extremely effective coo
Use this set of three cooperative learning activities to get rich discussions among your students about whether functions are linear or nonlinear. Each activity gets increasingly more complex, which allows for efficient differentiation as each student moves toward mastery! Included in this Product
Functions - Quizzes, Review & Exam {EDITABLE}This contains two quizzes, one review, and an exam that cover the following topics: Topics Include:Vocabulary Identifying Functions Comparing Functions Analyzing a graph Ordered Pairs Multiple Representations Word Problems The 27 total pages incl
Included in this resource are task cards about graphing in slope intercept form. There are a total of 30 task cards. This will provide excellent practice for your students to make sure they have this skill mastered. There is a recording sheet for students to graph the given equation. There are six g
Get the blood flowing in your classroom with these Quiz-Quiz-Trade cards! Students will take turns challenging each other to determine if graphs, tables, equations, and stories are linear or non-linear. Each card has the answer on the back and either a hint or a bonus question. Included in this P
This is a coloring worksheet that is perfect for after a test or quiz or on a Friday afternoon as a "cool down" or relaxing time. The student must identify each equation as either: 1. A vertical line 2. A horizontal line 3. In Standard Form 4. In Slope-Intercept Form Each type of equation is co
This resource is a great way to allow students to use technology and get immeditate feedback! Plus there is no grading for the teacher or passing out papers! Get this as part of my: ⭐8th Grade Math Google Classroom Bundle⭐This prodcut contains 10 Digital Task Cards over the 8.F.3 standard on linear
Get this as part of my ⭐8th Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle⭐This product is a digital interactive notebook using Google Slides. Students will be able to learn about identifying linear and non - linear functions through guided instructions and example problems. This ELIMINATES the use of paper
These identifying linear functions task cards provide an engaging review that will allow students to get out of their seats and have fun with their learning. These task cards contain a variety of problems that help students practice their skills with this topic. Task Cards cover the following:identi
This activity addresses common core standard 8.F.3 Students match non-linear functions to graphs, equations, and tables. This shows students three of the four views of function and allows students to make connections among these different representations. Students will be able to recognize the gr
This is a high-interest story problem in which students compare equations that represent the bank accounts of three superheroes. They must analyze the different features of the functions to determine whether each account changes at a linear or nonlinear rate and which accumulates the most money! S
This is digital activity made with google slides students will need a google account to complete this activity and have access to google slides. It is a great way to evaluate learning remotely. You will need to put a copy in each students account. You will have to grade each student individuall
I use this powerpoint as a review game for my students. You can play Move 1, Trashketball, Zap, or a variety of other games with it. Brief description of these games can be found below! The PowerPoint contains 15 questions reviewing linear and non-linear functions from graphs, tables, and equations.
8.F.3 Digital Worksheet/Homework for Google Classroom in Google Slides:Get this as part of my ⭐8th Grade Math Google Classroom Bundle⭐These digital worksheets cover the 8.F.3 standard over determining if functions are linear or non-linear.There are two digital worksheets plus the answer keys are inc
Pre-algebra bundle: Fun, differentiated activities - perfect test prep! This bundle includes all my math fall/winter favorites at over 20% off. Your students will get lots of practice with solving multi-step equations, graphing, functions, and solving linear systems. All the equations in the produc
I created this activity as a review prior to our post-assessment on the standards 8.F.1, 8.F.2, and 8.F.3. The 15 questions in this game ensure that students are prepared for the assessment covering this material. Information included on the cards is focused on input-outputs, parabolas and non-lin
Given an equation in y = mx + b form, students must graph it correctly, and use the crossed out answer to solve the puzzle. Self-checking practice with a cartoon and a joke!
These guided notes with teacher key will help your students to compare and contrast the four views of a function. There is also a final part of the notes where students take one function and put it in all 4 views.

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