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This Geometry Foldables Bundle contains 11 Foldables and is aligned to the 8th Grade Common Core Geometry Unit. This Bundle Includes: 8.G.1 & 8.G.2 – Types of Transformations Foldable (also shows the relation to similarity/congruence for each) 8.G.3 & 8.G.4 - Dilations Foldable (Includes a
Bundle DescriptionThis COMPREHENSIVE Geometry Unit was created for easy and quick implementation into the classroom for a teacher that covers the 8th Grade Geometry Standards aligned with Common Core Math. We have been teaching these standards for the past couple of years and have compiled the lesso
Transformational Geomtery Curriculum Bundle that aligns to the TEKS! This bundle pack contains Lesson Plans, Notes, INB pages, Homework, Quizzes, Activities, Study Guide, and a Unit Test to teach TEKS 8.3A-C and 8.10A-D Topics Covered: • Area and Perimeter Review - Includes Vocabulary Practice •
This is a bundle of standards-based eighth grade geometry resources including discovery lessons, group activities, and engaging practice. Topics include angles, Pythagorean Theorem, transformations, and volume.Save with the bundle!Thank you for your interest in this resource from Rise over Run.Also
This resource is an excellent tool for home or distance learning. It comes in both PDF form for printing or Google Slides™ for students to receive digitally. There are a total of 48 student-friendly, anchor chart reference sheets aligned to the Geometry Domain of 8th-grade math! Each chart includes
Assess your students' understanding of the 8th Grade GEOMETRY (8.G) Common Core.What is included:► a 1-page quick assessment for EVERY standard in the GEOMETRY domain for 8th grade► a CLASS TRACKING SHEET to look at all of your students progress at a glancePrint and Digital (updated September 2020)✔️
With these challenges, students must use their knowledge of transformations, angles, Pythagorean Theorem, and volume to complete each rigorous activity. Students get hands-on experience working with eighth grade geometry standards. The tasks are engaging and very challenging. These work great for
This is a collection of 6 Lessons with accompanying activities and practice worksheets to teach students the concepts of Rotations in the 8th Grade Common Core Math Standards with a focus on Geometry Once you download this unit, you will not have to do anything except make copies for your students
This product contains 13 worksheets for the 8th-grade Unit 5 on Geometry. Each worksheet contains practice problems and three QR codes. All of the QR codes in this document can either be scanned with a device or clicked on. I also included a detailed answer key for each worksheet. The student start
This is a collection of 4 Lessons with accompanying activities and practice worksheets to teach students the concepts of Reflections in the 8th Grade Common Core Math Standards with a focus on Geometry Teaching Geometric Transformations including Translation can be quite a struggle in the 8th Grade
This resource pack is everything you need to assess and provide intervention for struggling 8th grade students in the domain: Geometry. ***ALL PRACTICE PAGES ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND DIGITAL (GOOGLE SLIDES) FORMAT!****How do these intervention packs work?Starting with a pretest and item analys
Take the bummer out of summer school for your 8th grade math re-testers with this bundle, which includes 7 of my favorite activities for STAAR Reporting Category 4. Topics covered include: Pythagorean Theorem, volume, surface area, similarity, and the effects of dilation on perimeter, area, and vol
Geometry Enrichment Choice Board – Eighth Grade– This enrichment menu project is an amazing differentiation tool that not only empowers students through choice but also meets their individual needs. You will find that the geometry enrichment board contains three leveled activities for each standar
Congruency & Similarity of Shapes on a Coordinate Plane LessonThis unit teaches students how to calculate and determine whether or not objects on a coordinate plane are congruent, similar, and proportional. This unit provides many hands on activities and real world problems. This lesson is par
Volume of 3-Dimensional Shapes – Rectangular Prisms, Cylinders, Cones, & SpheresThis unit focuses on teaching students to solve problems pertaining to the volume of 3-Dimensional shapes such as rectangular prisms, cylinders, cones, and spheres. This unit provides many hands on activities and re
PLEASE READ WHICH FOLDABLES ARE INCLUDED BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE PURCHASING THE CORRECT SET OF THE FOLDABLES THAT YOU WILL NEED. THANKS!! I have incorporated several different strategies into my lessons over the years which have aided me in becoming a Georg
Do your students need to learn the vocabulary utilized in Geometry? ★ Start your Geometry unit with a great vocabulary lesson and station to reinforce their understanding of key geometry terms and definitions! ★ This Student Centered Geometry Vocabulary Activity includes 16 definitions with pic
Incorporate technology into your lesson with this PowerPoint! This CCSS 8th grade Geometry standard aligned, 18-slide PPT goes through the difference between similar vs congruent shapes and has students draw both similar and congruent shapes given various starting figures. This a very introducto
5 Syllabi for the price of 3!! This is a bundle of all Syllabi from 6th grade through Geometry! These are all tailored with Common Core Standards, 8 Mathematical Practices, and other general information for the start of class. It is fully editable in Microsoft Power Point. Individual grades/s
This informative guide is a must for your 7th grade math class. The skill of using a compass and straightedge is CCSS aligned to:Grade 7-GeometryDraw construct, and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them.CCSS.Math.Content.7.G.A.1Solve problems involving scale drawin
This is a collection of 4 Lessons with accompanying activities and practice worksheets to teach students the concepts of Reflections in the 8th Grade Common Core Math Standards with a focus on Geometry Teaching Geometric Transformations including Reflections can be quite a struggle in the 8th Grade
Common Core Assessments Math - 8th - Eighth Grade - Geometry 8.G with Key Your Choice!!! Formal Assessment, Worksheets, or Task Cards Questions are aligned precisely to the common core math standard. Each page contains at least 4 questions for each of the 3 common core math standards in THREE diffe
This collection of activities is great for learning about and practicing the effects of transformations, Pythagorean Theorem, and parallel lines cut by a transversal, and volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres. Students will be engaged with mazes, task cards, activities, discovery labs, and more.
This Power Point lessons bundle has all four 8th grade Power Points:Angle RelationshipsFinding volumePythagorean TheoremSimilarity and CongruenceSeparately they cost almost $19.00, but purchasing the bundle will save you $$!Preview includes previews for all 4 separate lessonsAll 4 lessons are CCSS-a

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