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8th grade project

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Challenge your students to work with real world linear relationships in these three differentiated, engaging projects. Each project requires students to graph lines, create tables of values, write equations, interpret graphs, compare rates, and compare initial values. The projects increase in diffi
This is a career research project. The unit will give your 7th and 8th grade students the opportunity to explore a career they are interested in. This project was used with special education students as part of their learning strategies/study skills class.#DistanceLearningTpTTHIS IS A GREAT PROJECT
Want to incorporate more PBL in your lessons? Challenge students to use what they have learned in class as they apply 8th grade standards in these real world application projects. Included are 6 engaging projects:Rates & Proportional Relationships Business Startup ProjectTransformations Archit
The bundle contains 18 engaging projects for essential content in American History (Colonial Era through Reconstruction). Students will be creating a brochure, timeline, booklet, mobile, Google Slides/PowerPoint presentation, poster, postcard, 3D Cube, advertisement, and a newspaper. The projects re
This is a great project to get students interested in real financial literacy! It is also practical and shows them how to apply the math they are learning in school in a realistic way!This is completely ready to go, no prep, and the only material needed is internet access!This is designed with the f
4th - 9th
Explore functions through the lens of cryptography with this engaging unit plan! Not only will students be cracking codes and creating their own, but they will also be exploring the history behind cryptography during WWII and examining primary sources! This unit includes 7 DETAILED lessons with nee
This is a comprehensive end-of-year culminating performance task which asks students to design and create an original game that reviews all of the Common Core Math standards for the entire school year. Usually, this task can require 2-3 weeks to complete. Students then can play each others games dur
6 projects aligned to 8th grade math standards.- Builds students' critical thinking skills- Culminates concepts taught in a unit- Builds students' understanding of concepts in an authentic way- Promotes creativityTopics Covered:- Transformations- Linear Relationships- Slope- Angle Relationships- Vol
This lesson plan is the final step in my introduction to watercolor painting. This assignment is perfect for 8th grade, through high school, and beyond. For the project students are asked to apply their understanding of watercolor techniques to a final painting. Included in this zip file: -Lesson pl
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is an Interactive Digital Math Dictionary made for Google Slides.™ No more printing, making copies or lost resources! This super easy format is ready to be shared with your students so they can begin completing their own Digital Math Dictionary right now! No teacher prep needed! Completely Edit
This is a great end of the year activity to keep students engaged and learning. It is also practical and let's them get creative! Students research activities, authors, food, culture, plants, animals, and more!Students create maps, poetry, drawings and more! This is perfect if you, like me, have a f
Have your students join the FAUCET Support Group (Fractions Are Unceasingly Causing Extreme Terror). There is an announcement, a membership diploma, and three projects. These projects are designed to help students find fractions that they use in the real world outside of their school. In addition,
In this project students are asked to design a superhero for a new video game. They must find area, unit rate, convert metric and customary units, determine mean, median, mode and range, and create a bar graph and a circle graph. They are also required to sketch and color their character. This proj
7th - 9th
This project is an in depth research assignment that gives the students an opportunity to learn about many aspects of a specific country. The assignment takes approximately four weeks to complete and produces an excellent written and visual presentation about the country. The project involves rese
This is a great way to wrap up the year with an 8th grade math class! Students create a fun Review Book that asks them to summarize everything they've learned... while using lots of color and flexing their creativity! * TEACH MULTIPLE SUBJECTS? Check out these other End-of-Year Projects:Bundle of 6t
Creative and fun project to help students practice reflections, rotations and dilations on the coordinate plane. Includes a rubric. I have students grade each other's work using this rubric. Great way to review this concept and keep the kids engaged!
Ready for a fun equations project?! Math clock is here! This project gives your students the creative ability to develop their own equations using a set of guidelines. Students will replace set numbers on a clock with an equation that results in the number that is being replaced. Each equation is
TinkerCAd is a free, online application to introduce all levels of students to Computer Animated Design. It can be used on all devices.This is a fun and comprehensive project that covers Volume, Scale Factor, Surface Area, CAD design, and 3D printing in a meaningful way. They will design and be able
6th - 8th

Also included in: TinkerCAD: 2 Project Bundle

This lesson is designed for 8th grade students to do a career project. It combines science and math. It requires students to make a 3-5 minute presentation to the class. There are a lot of details in this document regarding a grading rubric. My students did a high quality job on this assignment
6th - 12th
This project can be used either as a small group or individual project. It encompasses all four types of 8th grade transformations:translations, dilations, reflections and rotations. This is a project-based learning assignment that allows the students to make real-world connections with math.
My Math Dictionary and Teacher Tools! This resource contains tools needed to have students create their own math dictionary. Use the Frayer model templates and dictionary cover pages to have students create their own math dictionary. Use the Teacher Checklist and Vocbulary Rubric to assess student
A way to assess your 8th grade students' knowledge of concepts in chapters 7-10 of CC Course 3 CPM math. Perfect for remote/distance/at-home learning! Arranged in (EDITABLE) (DIGITAL) tasks on Google Slides presentation. This project incorporates the following 8th grade math concepts: simple and com
8th Grade TEKS 8.12D Students compare the price of a 2-year university to a 4-year university. My students filled out the attachment and created a poster comparing the 2 schools. This shows students the cost of both types of colleges.
7th - 12th
PowerPoint© Projects, contains 13 PowerPoint© projects suitable for a high school aged student, and possibly a little younger. Software used to create the projects was MS PowerPoint 2000© and there are directions specific to PowerPoint ©. However, other presentation programs can be used. Projects i

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