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This helpful little freebie is prefect for a quick mini lesson, review and or intervention. Students will look at each slide and determine which set is more or less. Each slide is interactive and is self correcting. If you have an Interactive Whiteboard, but it is not a SMARTBoard, you can still use
A Smart Notebook lesson for teaching cause and effect using the book "A Bad Case of Stripes" by David Shannon. Created for third grade, but can be used for second through fifth grade.
This is an elementary SMART Notebook lesson on latitude longitude. Background information, links, and activities and assessment will help your students understand latitude, longitude, and the coordinate system. A SMART response quiz is included to help you assess student learning.
This is a lesson on graphing quadratics. The lesson comes with all needed materials. The package includes guided notes, practice problems, a quiz, and the Smart Notebook file (if you use it). The lesson discusses the 3 main forms of a quadratic (standard, vertex, intercept) and how we can use tho
This file has 20 polka-dot backgrounds in 10 colors for the SMART Notebook files you create. Included are instructions for how to add these pages to your gallery for your convenience. If you like these backgrounds, please consider purchasing my 52 background package that includes these large dot b
PreK - 12th
This lesson is an introduction to complex numbers. The lesson covers the basic definition of the imaginary number, simplifying radicals with a negative radicand, solving quadratic equations with imaginary solutions, graphing complex numbers, and adding/subtracting complex numbers. As with all my l
The Thanksgiving Notebook Lesson covers everything about Thanksgiving! Each page focuses on a different aspect of the Thanksgiving story: Pilgrims, Mayflower, Plymouth Rock, Life in America, Indians, First Feast, Thanksgiving now and Comparing the Past and Present and an art lesson looking at two pa
A smart notebook jeopardy game template with sounds. Fill in the blanks to create your own game and review items in your own curriculum! PLEASE: This is absolutely free to use and share, but rate and review! Thanks! :)
3rd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a great resource for critical sight word learning. It provides an in depth focus on each word using multiple printables, activities, and games for all learning styles to make learning sight words fun and interactive for your students. The technology component to the download offers a very d
Try before you buy!Download the free taste now.Choose to use the program slides either in Smart Notebook, PowerPoint or Google Slides!!! That's 3 formats in one!Check out lesson 2, the number of the day and the problem solving slides and see how easy it is to use in your classroom! Also included is
This is a SMART Notebook lesson introducing the expository text structure cause and effect. This interactive 17 slide lesson:- Defines and describes cause and effect- Uses the story "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"- Includes matching and labeling games for identifying cause and effect- Includes 10 sho
A quick library or classroom lesson for elementary students. Introduces the concepts of fiction and nonfiction to students, and allows them to sort books into fiction or nonfiction categories.
This is a Smart Notebook daily procedures template I created to use in my 1st grade class on days I cannot be at school. The title page includes cute graphics of our morning procedures in sequential order. There is also a slide for daily goals, message from the teacher, and a slide with linkable bu
K - 2nd
This smartnotebok files identifies the critical elements to include as students are writing their Argumentative Essays. The presentation is designed to work as a companion document to:
5th - 9th
Smart Notebook file for counting, recognizing numbers and one to one correspondence. The apples are infinity and you just pull from that apple until you have the correct number of apples on the page. Great as a whole class activity, individual or center activity.
Color Theory for Smart Board - Warm/Cool ColorsYou will download one zip file with one Notebook Page. You have to have the Smart Notebook software for this to work. There is a free trial version.There are two activities:1. Matching color with word (Warm or Cool) The match is unique to the original
This template can be used to create a "fake" Facebook page for any famous person your students may be studying. Students will enjoy creating a page for an artist, an inventor, or a character from a book or movie (see my Hank Aaron example). Click on the Attachments Tab for a worksheet that can be us
Alberta Curriculum: 20-1 Relations and Functions This lesson addresses the process for "Completing the Square" in order to address the following outcome: *Analyze quadratic functions of the form y=ax^2+bx+c to identify characteristics of the corresponding graph, including vertex, domain and rang
10th - 12th
Data notebooks allow students to track their own growth and set goals for themselves to achieve throughout the year. This cover includes a description of the purpose of a data notebook. The smart goal sheet is a guideline for students when setting goals for themselves.
3rd - 12th
This is a SMART Notebook file with a place value chart from ones to one millions. Each place has a different color place value disk set up as an cloned graphic. There are two rows into which disks can be dragged. You can use just one row, and practice forms of numbers, or use both rows to set up a
Farkle is a fun easy game that will help students with multiplication skills, adding and subtracting, basic number sense, and best of all its fun to play. All you need are six dice and a pad of paper. Click on the rules for a printable version or the Smart-board template for a notebook file for your
1st - 12th
Place Value Topic 1 Smart Board Notebook Activity This is a Smartboard notebook file, made to use with a Smartboard. Has 116 slides worth of place value practice on a 5th grade level. It includes warm ups and whole class practice. My district uses the Envisions math series, the slides go along wi
4th - 6th
This Smart Notebook file describes how to do a variety of procedures, celebrations, cheers, or claps that I use in my classroom. It is used to teach students the celebrations and describes how each celebration is done. For example, we might do a round of applause to celebrate when students do some
The Smart Notebook staff does not use the full page, wasting valuable space where another note could be added on each line! This file has one simple page that can save music teachers a lot of time and effort when reproducing a song in staff notation on the Smart Board. You may also be interested i

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