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Simple Machines Unit with STEM Projects
Are you looking for an informative, hands-on unit to teach simple machines? This bundle includes vocabulary words, anchor chart posters to hang in your room or put in your student's interactive notebooks, six nonfiction readings one the inclined plane. wedge, screw, lever, pulley and wheel and axle,


Test Track: A STEAM STEM Project Based Learning Experience for Grades 3-5
This project integrates math, science, art, and engineering in an engaging and fun way! Students are told that they are going to build their own race cars that need to be as FAST as possible, all while staying with their budget of $29,000! Students choose their car frame (there are 4 to choose from)

Also included in: Project-Based Learning Bundle: 4 PBL Experiences for Grades 3-5


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Physics Science Experiment STEM projects MEGA pack of 50 learning labs
PREVIEW AVAILABLE!LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CHECK OUT OTHER STEM RESOURCES IN MY SHOP!I've redesigned and cleaned up all of my 50 stem labs in this new version. What's new? They're cleaner looking and a bit prettier. Along with new cover graphics, they also have new category tags that allow you to cross-re

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Stop Motion STEM Projects
If you've been wanting to try the Red Ball Challenge with your students, but want it to be appropriate for younger students and integrated with content area topics, then this set of projects is for you! Stop Motion Animation goes digital with these fun and engaging design challenges. We all want our

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Blow Cup Challenge STEM Project
The Blow Cup Challenge is now a STEM Challenge with this engaging science project inspired by the popular YouTube Blow Cup Challenge where students try to blow one cup into another cup. This self-paced, multi-part Blow Cup STEM challenge is print-and-go. Each activity sheet guides students through

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Ancient Mesopotamia Activities STEM Project Challenges
Ancient Mesopotamia STEM & STEAM ChallengesCross-curricular challenges for students who are studying Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Mesopotamia! This resource has science, technology, engineering, and measurement activities to do with your upper elementary kids that will really enhance their

Also included in: Ancient Civilizations Curriculum Ancient History Curriculum | Distance Learning


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STEM Project: WIND TURBINE Alternative Energy Inquiry
This STEM project is a highly engaging project that students look forward to year from year at my school. The project spans one week, and students will build their own wind turbine and test multiple variables. The wind turbine uses wind energy from a box fan to lift a cup of pennies. In my science

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30 Seasonal STEM Projects with Partner Plays - Full Year Bundle
SEASONAL STEM with PARTNER PLAYS Growing Bundle This is a bundle of 5 Seasonal STEM sets (30 challenges altogether) that will make it SIMPLE to explore STEM in your classroom, while incorporating literacy through fun PARTNER PLAYS to set up each challenge! What is STEM? STEM involves: ★ presenti

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Starter STEM Challenges Pack (Take-Home/In-Class STEM Projects)
*Use our FREE Engineering Design Process Google Slides with these challenges for remote/distance learning*From catapults to cars to an egg drop challenge, this is your guide to getting started in STEM! Each activity has an in-depth student activity sheet along with a guide through the engineering de

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St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Trap STEM Project
This Leprechaun Trap is the perfect STEM project for March with St. Patrick's Day! Your students will be so engaged in this fun activity! It can be done as an individual project, or a group project, and can be done in class or can be sent home as a family project!It contains all the pieces to "kick

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STEM Project: Egg Car Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
This project correlates with my unit on forces and motion in my physical science middle school class. Over a span of three days, students design a car that will protect a raw egg from breaking when it hits the ground after being on a ramp. The students will then test and modify their design. Include

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Rosie Revere Engineer:  Book Companion and STEM project
Rosie Revere Engineer is a delightful, inspirational tale about a girl who learns to overcome and even celebrate her failures. This is a great story to use in teaching your students the value of failure and perseverance! This philosophy will help students throughout their school years, career, and

Also included in: The Questioneers Bundle


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Marshmallow Chick Science: Experiments and a STEM project!
Peeps and Spring just seem to go hand in hand! I created this packed of fun Science activities To help get the MOST out of these ooey-gooey Treats. This packet includes: **Describing a Peep **Peep Fast Facts Page **Peeps Sink o r Float **Peeps in the Pond: What happens when peeps are placed in wat

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Project Based Learning: iDesign an App STEM Project (PBL)
STEAM, STEM or Project Based Learning - this project is perfect for kids of the 21st century! Students design, describe, and write about their own original "app," they then draw the logo they create on a post-it-note and then attach the post-it-notes to a group "tablet" poster that they also make. T

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Children learn that meteorologists focus on temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and wind when studying the weather--all in one fun 2-minute song. Please play the video excerpt and click on the "Preview" to see what you'll be getting ... Along with the video on TpT, you'll get:1. A link to my pr

Also included in: First Grade Music Bundle



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Friction & Force STEM project-Design a ramp to slow down a marble: Now digital
Friction & Forces Review project-Design a ramp system to slow down a marbleStudents actually build a system of ramps for a marble to travel down slowly! Simple materials will work for this like cardboard paper towel tubes and various fabrics. You will be amazed at what students come up with! Now

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Block Building - STEM Projects for Block Center
Block Center STEM Projects - Give your students a purpose and a problem to solve while they build with blocks. Meets NGSS {NGSS K-2-ETS1-2 } Standards for Kindergarten Engineering with supplies that you already have in your classroom. Included are: -- 12 - "Can You Build It" Block Building Ca

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The Wind Powered Car: Cross Curricular STEM Project (Grades 3-5)
This is an exciting STEM project that spans several days (depending how you'd like to structure it, you could fit it in for two full school days up to a week). This unit is cross curricular, with structured lesson and learning targets in Reading, Writing, Math and Science. It is aligned to the CCSS

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The Engineering Design Process: Guided Booklet Kit for STEM projects
This product is also part of a STEM process bundle: Click to learn more! This download contains 20 pages from which you can pick and choose to create your own engineering design process booklet to guide your students through any STEM design challenge or activity. The pages in this booklet will he

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50 Weeks of STEM Labs - 250 STEM Project Ideas in 1 book for 50 weeks
PREVIEW AVAILABLE!LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CHECK OUT OTHER STEM RESOURCES IN MY SHOP!50 Weeks of STEM Labs has 250 projects separated into 50 different themes, 1 per week. Unlike the other books in the series (50 STEM Labs, 50 More STEM Labs, and 50 New STEM Labs), this one does not have grading rubrics.

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Native American Homes STEM Projects and Shared Reading Resources
Native American Homes STEM Project and Shared Reading Resources This pack has 3 differentiated books for you to share with your students. There are two levels of mini-books, great for independent reading or beginning readers (I can see a teepee.) and a set that is more advanced (for first and seco

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5th Grade Science:  GRAVITY – NGSS 5-PS2-1 Aligned Lesson and STEM Project
5th Grade Science: GRAVITY – NGSS 5-PS2-1 Aligned Lesson and STEM ProjectThis lesson addresses NGSS Performance Expectation 5-PS2-1: Support an argument that the gravitational force exerted by Earth on objects is directed down.This 5E lesson engages your students with an exciting video and PowerPo

Also included in: NGSS 5th Grade Science Lesson Plan Bundle for the Entire Year


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Giraffes Can't Dance | Growth Mindset | Book Companion & STEM Project
BEST SELLER!! This book companion is full of science, ELA, and writing connections. Gerald the giraffe longs to dance, but his legs are too skinny and his neck is too long. At the Jungle Dance, the warthogs waltz, the chimps cha-cha, and the lions tango. "Giraffes can't dance," they all jeer when it

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Designing and Building an Elf Trap using Simple Machines STEM project
This STEM project's objective is for students to design and build an elf trap using simple machines using found or re-purposed items. You could treat this as a literacy-enhanced STEM lesson by incorporating it with "The Elves and the Shoemaker," to develop the purpose of the trap. Or, you could al

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