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This "I have... Who has?" set comes with 24 cards to cover quarter past, quarter to, and half past. This set is designed so you can begin with any time so there is no specific start card! Use these cards to make sure your students can read both analog clocks and know what quarter past, half past, an
A game for 3 to 36 players - perfect for Maths rotations, small group work or a whole class!This 21 page file includes 36 x A5 sized game cards with rainbow chevron backgrounds and clear analogue clock faces depicting o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to times. A page of digital times as
This packet contains 36 pairs of cards to match alternate time names (ex. quarter to 6 instead of 5:45) to digital clocks. It also contains 36 pairs of cards to match alternate time names to analog clocks. All total, there are 144 cards for matching in this packet! These cards are great for cente
Telling Time - Quarter To, Quarter Past, & Half Past - Dominoes Math GameThis game is a fun way for students to practice telling time to the quarter minute with analog clocks! 30 domino style cards are included for connecting analog clocks with quarter to, quarter past, and half past phrases.
This is an I Have, Who Has game. The language that it covers is: Quarter to Quarter past Half past O'Clock Students ask who has ... 4:15, the student with the matching card has the language at the top (quarter past four) and the matching analog clock. Then they will ask who has... ____.
This is a great visual tool for students to use when telling time using quarter past, half past, and a quarter till. Simply copy, cut and fold and students will have a great tool to use.
These handy little numbers can be taped around an analog clock in your classroom to help students learn and remember the placement of the minutes. All minute numbers included :00 - :55 even if not shown in thumbnail. Time words included: quarter after, half past, quarter to
Telling Time to the Whole Hourpage 1: Writing the time below the 9 displayed clocks (only hands are given)page 2: Drawing hands below the 9 displayed clocks (only time is given)Telling Time to the Half Hourpage 3: Writing the time below the 9 displayed clocks (only hands are given)page 4: Drawing ha
Here's a sea-themed sign to remind your students of the terms "quarter past," "half past," and "quarter to."
Print, laminate and play - a hands-on, fun and interactive game to help your students consolidate their knowledge of basic time.
A reference resource for your students as they consolidate their knowledge of basic time. Simply print, laminate and display.
A print and go resource to help your students practise their knowledge of basic time.
Worksheet to work on time o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.If you like it and download it, I would appreciate your feedback.
Use this super cute game to practice telling time using the phrases Quarter Till, Quarter After, And Half Past. Many students struggle with this concept trying to relate the "Quarter" phrase to time. This would be great as as math center while teaching time or as a lesson enhancer. There are 20 card
Time Using Quarter to, Quarter after, Half Past This is one of my products uploaded when I first opened my store and one of my best sellers! Time Using Quarter to, Quarter after, Half Past is a basic worksheet that will help you review, or teach the basics of time! It is difficult to find practice
Time: Quarter To, Quarter After, Half Past has posters to help you teach, and plenty of practice for whole group, small group, with each of these concepts! A game is included for your stations too!Click here for practice with Hour and Half Hour!Time to the Hour and Half Hour First GradeThese two res
We live in a world of cell phones. Every time we want to check on the time, we look at our cell. This engaging activity encourages students to learn time using an analog clock. My students even stopped to take “selfies” with their cell phones! Directions: Give each student a cell phone and a rec
Your kiddos will have a SUPER TIME with this football themed telling time center! This center includes telling time to the quarter hour and half hour. What's Included: Cover Page What's Included Page Clock Center Cards (2 pages, 6/page) Whistle Time in Numbers Cards (2 pages, 6/page) Time in Word
Telling time to the quarter hour is always a challenge for kids. Give your students some extra practice with this time worksheet. Students will read the time on each clock, then write the time digitally and then using the terms quarter after, half past, or quarter to.
Digital Self-Checking Boom Cards is a fun and challenging way for students to practice 2nd and 3rd grade measurement skills. This set of Boom Cards features 25 cards to help students understand how to read time using the terms "half past", "quarter till", and "quarter after". The Boom Cards Include
Vocabulary Write Fractional Phrases like "quarter to", "quarter after", and "half-past". Identify the number of minutes in quarter to, quarter after, half-past, and whole hour. ALIGNED WITH SAXON MATH
Here's a throw-back to the fortune tellers we all grew up with. Now known as Cootie Catchers, teachers can now use them for educational purposes while still having fun! Just follow the directions on the last page to make the Cootie Catcher. This catcher has the students practicing telling time on
Telling time is such a challenging subject for children, especially when you add in the concepts of quarter after, half past, and quarter to. Make learning fun with this traditional version of "I Have, Who Has". Students read the time from an analog clock and then use the vocabulary to find the ne
There are 18 puzzles with 4 pieces. Digital Form: 4:15 Word Form: Four Fifteen Analog form with hands drawn on Another way to say it: Quarter After Four There is also a worksheet where students can copy their pieces. How I used this in my classroom: I printed 6 puzzles, laminated, and cut them ou

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