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This Smart Board lesson uses the children's book A Remainder of One to show the mathematical concept of division with remainders. Students use manipulatives on the Smart Board to create the formation, but one is always left over. They also write a division sentence to model the problems in the story. The student sheet is included in the download. Also included in the download are 5 division story problem cards. Students will work in small groups to draw a picture on poster paper to solve the div
A math packet using the book, "A Remainder of One", by Elinor J. Pinczes. Students create various arrays as the story progresses! This is a great way to teach students about arrays and how they can be used when working on multiplication facts. This book is a great read aloud that connects math and literature! Enjoy!
3rd - 5th
Are you looking for an easy-to-use resource to help your students practice 3 Digit by 1 Digit Long Division with no remainders?  Maybe you need both printable and digital options to reach all your students.  This worksheet is perfect for practicing Long Division.  There is lots of room for students to show their work and there is a detailed answer key showing all the steps for easy grading.  With this purchase you will have access to both a printable and digital version.You might also be interes
This is a handout to accompany the children's book A Remainder of One. It is a basic introduction of division with remainders.
3rd - 4th
I always introduce long division with the book "A Remainder of One" by Elinor J. Pinczes.These worksheets are a great way to start long division by circling groups to find the remainder.Included: Classwork (2 pages) and Homework (1 page)
3rd - 4th
This edition of 1 2 3 Math focuses on basic division concepts including division with remainders. It includes a great game for helping students build their conceptual understanding of division as "sharing", FIVE division printable practice pages, and TWO versions of a quick division assessment to see how they are doing—and to recheck if needed!In addition to the division game, the FIVE practice pages and TWO assessments give opportunities to show understanding of division in different ways. Make
Engage your students with these fun First Grade Math Number Sense Activities with Addition and Subtraction Strategies Worksheets and DIGITAL activities and help them master these important foundational skills.These first-grade math number sense activities and strategies worksheets are perfect for morning work, homework, math centers, distance or hybrid learning, or homeschool.The No Prep printable worksheets and ready-to-use digital activities give you lots of options when assigning to your stud
The focus of these differentiated worksheets is the long division of 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers with and without remainders using the standard algorithm. These grids and graph paper worksheets are great for visual learners. All problems have 4-digit dividends and 1-digit divisors.You receive a total of 12 worksheets - 6 traditional long division worksheets and the same 6 worksheets with additional accommodations to guide students toward success. Students have space to show their work, an
This purchase contains 5 products which cover the common core standard: 4.OA3 - Solve multistep word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four operations, including problems in which remainders must be interpreted.***THESE PRODUCTS SELL IN MY STORE INDIVIDUALLY FOR $3.00. BY PURCHASING THE BUNDLE, YOU ARE SAVING $3.00!****This bundle includes:INTERPRETING REMAINDERS TASK CARDS:This common core aligned product contains 16 cards for interpreting remainders. I
4th - 6th
This set contains 15 kid-friendly, real-life division story problems with visual, tangible remainders.UPDATE April 2020: This product has been updated to help you teach your kids through remote teaching and learning. It now includes a link to a video lesson, examples you can use in your own video lesson, and two Google forms assignments containing the task cards that you can use with your students. The problems teach students that there is a "mathematically correct" answer to a problem and a "re
3rd - 6th
Updated July 2016 to include color and black and white and some new graphics. Objective H22 is also updated. This bundle is a collection of the ABLLS-R aligned intraverbal products that can be found in my TPT store for individual purchase. It contains the first 25 intraverbal objectives with a big discount for purchasing them together. 661 pages A second bundle with the remainder of the intraverbal objectives will be coming soon. Some of the skills addressed include: filling in words and phr
I use Scavenger Hunts to review a lot of different subjects in my classes. This one reviews finding all the zeros (roots) of a polynomial function. There are 14 questions. Each is a polynomial of degree 3 or 4. The answers include rational, irrational, and complex roots. Some can be factored, buy many require them to used synthetic division to find their first zero. Students have fun with Scavenger Hunts. They try hard to find the correct answer so their team can finish first! It includes
10th - 12th
This product contains 10 scavenger hunt cards for interpreting remainders. I used this activity as one of our last review lessons before our quiz. I simply hang the cards around the room and with a buddy, the students go around and solved each card. These cards could also be used as task cards for math rotations . Recording sheet and answer key included! Interpretations include: focus on it, change it to a fraction or decimal, use it to round, and drop/ignore it.Looking for interpreting remainde
These are set of Long Division by 1-Digit Divisors Anchor Charts. These anchor charts are perfect to post in your classroom, print as individual student anchor charts or to use an interactive journal entry.What's Included?3 Total Anchor Charts1 Long Division –Standard Algorithm Anchor Chart (No Remainders) - This anchor chart list the steps for long division by a 1-Digit Divisor and shows an example of a long division problem. 1 Long Division – Box Method Anchor Chart - This anchor chart shows t
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for 4 digit by 1 digit division with remainders? Well look no further as 4 Digit by 1 Digit Division Game Puzzles, for CCSS 4.NBT.6, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for 4th Grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great resource to incorporate into your measurement unit as a guided math center rotation, review game exercise, small group work, morning work, remediation, intervention or rti. It can also be used as a quiz, drill, test, or asses
Starting out or looking for fresh inspiration as a fourth grade teacher? This back to school bundle of printable 4th grade math activities (with some digital activities, too) includes everything I wish I'd had when I was beginning my years as a 4th grade teacher. This product will save you time, help you engage students in daily math practice, and start your year with confidence! It includes end of year review 4th grade math, back to school math review of 3rd grade math, 4th grade math spiral re
This is an end of year review game for an Algebra 1 class. Students will work in groups (or individually) to complete "missions" based on certain topics in the Algebra 1 curriculum. See list of topics below and be sure to look at the preview to make sure that this activity is right for your students. Each mission is separate from the others, so if needed, you can omit any mission that isn't right for your students. A group answer sheet is included as well as teacher directions, and answer key.T
9th - 12th

Also included in: Algebra 1 Activities Bundle

This product contains 12 questions in which students must interpret the remainder of a division problem. Division problems include both one and two digit divisors.After solving each division problem students must decide if they are going to round their answer up, drop the remainder altogether, share the remainder (rewrite as a fraction), or use the remainder only. Once students have solved each question they cut and glue the problems onto the correct column of the sort.A student work space (
4th - 6th
These color coded Boom Cards are perfect for fifth and sixth grade students learning the standard algorithm for long division! The steps are provided for students to reference as they work through the problems, and they are color coded, allowing students to easily organize the problem. There is a mix of cards with remainders and cards with no remainders in this deck, which will allow you to differentiate with ease! Click here to preview this deck.Included in this deck:16 cards with a 3 digit div
5th - 6th
Are you using math centers and stations in the classroom, using distance learning, or hybrid learning this year? Now, Addition and Subtraction Strategies Mega Math Practice 1.OA.6 Thanksgiving Edition is adaptable to whatever learning situation in which you find yourself. Now DIGITAL for use with Google Slides™. First-grade math students need daily number sense practice. These DIGITAL + PRINTABLE, easy-to-use first grade Mega Math Practice activities are the perfect way to practice the standard.
IT'S FALL Y'ALL! Need a LOW PREP, NO FUSS autumn bulletin board? This candy corn craft checks student understanding of division with or without remainders while making a quick and cute academic display. Included are 4 digit dividends by 1 digit divisors of varying rigor for class differentiation. 16 unique options and a DIY template are included within this product. This best-seller was featured in TpT's blog post, Classroom Activities for Fall and Halloween, Fall 2021.PRINTING DIRECTIONS: Black
Captivate students with math themed fun while meeting learning standards! This 202 page packet is packed full of excitement. Meet 1st and 2nd grade core standards with a little extra fun using Trudy Harris' Time-Telling Tale: The Clock Struck One. This companion is split into two parts: literacy work and math centers. What's included in this ORIGINAL Time-Telling Book Companion?... Build background with a heavy dose of story vocabulary that will assist language learners with words such as s
Celebrate Star Wars Day this year on May the Fourth (and Revenge of the Fifth). Star Wars Day is typically celebrated May 4th because of the play on words "May the Fourth Be With You." Have students practice division with and without remainders to AUTO-GENERATE one of 5 pixel art images in Google™ Sheets (or Microsoft Excel™) plus a "secret message."★ Low Prep: Just assign the sheet in Google Classroom. Each sheet includes all 5 images; students click the tabs at the bottom to advance to the nex
“What’s difference mean again?” Never hear this question again after your students work with this set of task cards and resource materials that focus on the vocabulary of computation – sum, difference, product, and quotient. Your students will be challenged to reason about number relationships as the work through the multiple choice and short answer questions on the 32 task cards in this set. Evaluate their understanding (or extend their practice!) with the four included assessment activities.
3rd - 5th

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