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absolute value and number line

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About This Resource:This is a Google Forms Quiz on plotting absolute values on the number line. The instructions are easy to follow for you to make a copy of the quiz to your Google Drive. Then you can assign to your students using Google Classroom or some other method.Questions on this assessment w
Integers on a number line Absolute Value and Opposites of Integers Ordering Integers According to Value **************************************************** Express Foldable and Task Cards. The foldable is very easy to set up. Copy the template on the copier. Fold one time (hotdog style) and cu
An interactive instructional material that tackles about number line (horizontal and vertical); opposite numbers, and absolute value.The slides includes:-Review of previous knowledge.-Slide 8-17 Number line and plotting-Slide 18-20 Opposite Numbers-Slide 21-25 Absolute Value-Slide 26-49 Practice wit
6th - 7th
This is a 13 question test that covers compare and ordering integers, absolute value and opposites, and placing integers on a number line. Use as a test or use as more practice. I hope you like my product.
About This Resource:You will receive 15 tasks that all focus on absolute values and the placement of absolute values on the number line. If you are looking to gain data on whether your students fully understand the concept of an absolute value, then this product is perfect for you.What's Included:Yo
This resource is a board game designed to be used as review of the concepts of positive and negative integers, rational numbers, value, absolute value, and opposites. It works beautifully as a workshop, station, math center, or a game for test prep, fun Friday, or indoor recess even! Kids won't want
5th - 8th
A fun and engaging activity for practicing operations with absolute values! Students will cut out the problems and place them in the correct location on the number line. Product is viewable in the preview file. Please follow my store and thank you for your support!
5th - 8th
Students will represent integers on a number line and compare values by listing rational numbers (including numbers written in absolute value form) from least to greatest. In addition, Students will find and position integers on a vertical number line and will have to describe integers in a real wor
This worksheet contains 24 practice questions about solving absolute value equations. The students must examine each absolute value equation given, solve the absolute value equation and then draw it on a number line. The questions are quite easy to begin with, and become more challenging as studen
10th - 12th
Numbers from -10 to 10, one number on each page. Tape the pages together to create a large number line on the floor. Discuss absolute value and opposites (integers) as students move themselves walking between the numbers.
4th - 8th
This smartboard presentation teaches the content from Algebra 1 Concepts and Skills by Larson, Boswell, Kanold, and Stiff for section 2.1 and 2.2 in the book.
6th - 9th
This is a 4 question "quick assessment Ticket" of absolute value with number lines. This complements my first lesson (1-1) in my Unit 1 that supports VA SOL 7.1e. If this quick assessment on absolute value works well for you, check out all the other lessons and quizzes from my Unit 1 on Rational Nu
Can be used as a Test and/or Quiz for Integers, Fractions & Decimals on a Number Line and Absolute Value
This large number line is essential for teaching integer operations, comparing numbers, and absolute value! Every math classroom should have a vertical number line. Students who struggle with moving left and right on a horizontal number line often find success with the vertical arrangement. I have
No prep necessary for these integer lessons! Print and use. This is a detailed set of notes and practice for integer concepts. All are designed to work in an interactive student notebook, and for color to be added so that concepts jump out. Included: -Instructions -Integer basics notes -Absolute
5th - 7th
*Includes printable color, black & white and interactive digital in Google Slides.This vertical number line looks like a thermometer and is perfect to hang in a classroom where students are learning about integers. Students can relate negative numbers to negative temperatures. This helps when di
This absolute value cut and paste is such a fun, hands-on activity! Students can work individually or in a partners to find the opposite and a numbers absolute value. Students will be given multiple answers, so some cards will not be used. Perfect for a center, tutoring, or to practice the concep
Make sure your students are mastering the grade-level standards at a rigorous high-stakes testing level. These TEKS & STAAR Aligned 10 Question Assessments are easy to incorporate as quick checks, review, practice, progress monitoring, guided math, intervention, and test prep! These STAAR Practi
Integers and Absolute Value Interactive Math Notebook Activites, CCS: 6.NS.6 Included in this product: Introduction to Integers Notes (2 per page) Using Integers to Describe Real Life Situations Foldables (2 different versions) Comparing and Ordering Integers Mini Book Absolute Value Notes (2 per p
For this practice sheet, students will answer a total of 29 questions that involve comparing and ordering integers with absolute value. This practice sheet can be used during whole-group instruction, small-group instruction, rotations, and more. More details about the 29 questions: -9 questions c
6th - 7th
This Google Slides Activity includes 17 slides with various activities relating to negative numbers and exploring absolute value when given real-world scenarios.Students are asked to sort numbers depending upon whether they are integers or not, plot positive and negative numbers on a number line, co
Erika discovers integers in the most fun real life situations - watch her as she snorkels by primordial creatures, borrows some money to buy a ticket to go skydiving, and put’s on her coat in sub-zero temperatures for a snowball fight! After all the fun, she flies through the land of integers as she
5th - 7th
A tall vertical number line is an essential visual for helping students understand, compare, and operate with rational numbers. This set includes 12 options for large vertical number lines. Once assembled, the numbers lines are 5.5 feet tall or 8.5 feet tall (depending on the option you choose). So
Get students up out of their seats and collaborating with their peers in this number line activity! Students will have their own card and must find their place in the number line you will create as a class. Cards contain positive and negative numbers, fractions, absolute value, and decimals.

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