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Get your kids engaged in their learning with this card game set, geared for small groups, that practices identifying concrete and abstract nouns. This pack includes: 1) Matching & Old Dog (p 2): card game rules & directions page. 2) Card Game Set (p 3-9) – 53 card set (in B/W) contains 26
RHYMING PICTURES MATCHING GAME (PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS) A fun rhyming game where children look at the picture, name it and click the picture that rhymes with it. This game can be played on interactive whiteboards, computers and tablets. An internet connection is required. 40 slides are incl
These are task cards or a Scoot game based on concrete and abstract nouns for grammar review. This set includes a description of the grammar skill, answer sheet, answer key, 20 task cards, and NOW INCLUDES 2 copies of 2 different Exit Slips and a page to make them self-correcting.**PDF files can be
This exciting Jeopardy game is the perfect way to engage your students with learning and practicing their skills with both concrete and abstract nouns. This is in Powerpoint Presentation form and is easy to utilize. All you have to do is set to slide show and PLAY!!There is a variety of rigor with t
PostersFacial expressions using abstract nounsCut/paste words in the correct columnCopy the definitions and draw a pictureDraw a picture about the abstract noun and then write about itColor the nouns the correct colorLook through a book and find abstract nounsWriting about abstract nounsQuizPut the
Engage your students with this fun game designed to help students learn the difference between abstract & concrete nouns. Directions: Students drag the word to the the correct popcorn box to indicate either an abstract or concrete noun. Correct responses get sucked in; incorrect pop back out!
I made and used this to allow students to practice identifying abstract and concrete nouns. It can be used in one-on-one and small groups settings or as a literacy center. This game includes the "board," concrete and abstract noun cards, and directions. I hope you enjoy this activity.
Concrete or Abstract Noun? ………………………………………..TIC-TAC-TOE This is such an exciting game to place whole group, small group, or one on one. To Use: Print off the following playing cards (4 total). I have played this game who group, by projecting it on my board. I have also had student play together i
In this no-equipment-required game, students will demonstrate their ability to distinguish between abstract and concrete nouns. They’ll also get to be creative with words, and most importantly, they’ll have some fun!
Motivate your students with our NO-PREP grammar games! Included are 13 engaging games, which are perfect for practicing different types of nouns. These games are perfect to use in literacy centers or as extension activities when students complete their work!This pack includes 13 print-and-play games
Task cards are the perfect way for students to review and practice their understanding of abstract and concrete nouns. This printable set includes 2 abstract and concrete noun anchor charts, 24 task cards, a student answer sheet, answer key and a bonus game board template. The task cards can be
Need to review for “THE TEST”, but want to do it in a way your students will enjoy? Use these six Jeopardy-style PowerPoint games and four practice worksheets to do just that! Included in this zip file are the following Word documents and PowerPoint games. All of the worksheets include an answer
Nouns Nouns are covered in this 2-3 day nouns lesson. It starts with a Power Point presentation that goes over: -Identifying nouns -Common and proper nouns -Concrete and abstract nouns, -Singular and plural nouns The Power Point includes many examples, guided practice and clip art. Next their a
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up language arts! Based off my popular CSI projects, I have created Whodunnits? The Whodunnits plan to focus on single content t
These noun games are designed to supplement your classroom instruction on abstract nouns. This packet includes three different games and a quiz. The games do require some teacher preparation (printing, cutting, and organizing). However, they can be laminated and played year after year. The games are
Engage your students with 12 super fun Smartboard games. These games address grade 3 common core language standards. 12 Games included: Apple a Day Conjunctions (3.L.1h) Candy Jar Sentences (3.L.1i) Double Features Abstract & Concrete Nouns (3.L.1c) Monster Capitals (3.L.2a) The Fuzzy Game fo
This adorable pack- Winter Warmth and Wonder- is aligned to the 3rd grade CCSS ELA standard L.3.1.- form and use abstract nouns. This would be a great review for 4th and 5th graders too, as this is a difficult concept! In this mini-pack you will receive: *concrete and abstract noun definition post
Nouns - This a jeopardy-style review game that goes over identifying nouns, common + proper nouns, concrete + abstract nouns, and singular + plural nouns. It includes hyperlinks from the board to each question and is a fun way to review the material. Get the full lesson bundle for this PowerPoint
This 20 slide Powerpoint Slideshow offers 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students a fun activity to practice identifying abstract and concrete nouns. In this slideshow, students decide if the underlined word on each slide shows an abstract noun or a concrete noun. Students are prompted to sit or stand ac
Save money with this 3 bingo bundle with a bonus 25 guided reading comprehension passages! Each game has a set of unique cards (you provide the markers). Students can make up new clues for exit tickets, anchor activities or homework or use worksheets, websites or workbooks for additional clues. Pu
Concrete and Abstract Nouns Students will have fun with this cooperative learning activity - Quiz, Quiz, Trade - concrete and abstract nouns. There are 30 quiz, quiz, trade cards to fit any class size. This is a great activity to help practice identifying concrete and abstract nouns. It can be pl
OVER 20 RESOURCES!!!This "All About Nouns" bundle is perfect for your Noun Unit. I have included appealing and scaffolded questions through Task Cards, super cute and easy to follow Anchor Charts, Handout Practice, Games which include: Jeopardy, Tic-Tac-Toe, BINGO, Coloring Sheets, etc. to exclusive
Working with your students on concrete and abstract nouns? This set of CONCRETE and ABSTRACT NOUN TASK CARDS contains 1 set of paper task cards... plus a digital Boom Card version of the set! Using task cards is fun for students and so teacher-friendly! The possibilities for task cards are endless-
As the new school year approaches, I am looking forward to teaching younger learners for the first time in many years. In anticipation of working with younger students, I have been working on building a variety of grammar and vocabulary games that I can use in a variety of circumstances: as bell rin

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