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absurd sentences

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This activity has been created by Kristine Lamb @ www.livelovespeech.com Do you have students working on listening skills, inferences, and identifying context clues?! If you answered YES, this activity is 100% for you and your students!! This activity targets listening for absurdities and explai
Hi! This Fabulous FREEBIE is a two-for-one activity. Included are 20 pairs (40 cards) of semantically absurd compound sentence clauses with a fun frozen treat theme (perfect for summer)! There are no "match" sets in this activity, simply make two piles: one with the beginning clauses, and one with t
Students must use expressive language, reasoning skills, and logic in order to solve absurdities. Absurd sentences and scenarios that students must determine why a sentence doesn't make sense. They then must write a letter to the person doing the absurd action explaining what is wrong and what t
Use this simple activity to teach correct word order in sentences. Have fun making simple sentences and then changing those sentences to absurd sentences.
Features34 sentence cards (some people call them sentence strips)2 blank cards/strips for your own sentence creation3 cards/strips per pageCards/strips begin with simple, three-word sentences (The boy ran.) and progress in difficulty.9 parts of speechExample sentences for each pageEach sentence card
This 12-page, graphic-novel-type zine booklet teaches the four sentence types: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. For each sentence type, there is a funny cartoon explanation page and a short worksheet page in which the student practices writing the sentence type. On each wor
This Word a Day unit for grade 4/week 18 presents a definition, part of speech, sample sentence, and discussion prompt for each of four words (elated, deceive, absurd, vanquish), plus two review pages on oral and written assessment.
These 100 cards cover the language skill of identifying absurd statements from true statements. Students are asked to click on either yes or no. For extended work, have your students expressively state what makes the statement absurd and have them change the absurd word to a word that would make the
•Get your speech and language therapy students talking with these absurd, silly sentences targeting expressive & receptive language, verbal reasoning, and making inferences.•This resource includes 42 different picture task cards with absurd sentences that student's have to fix.•Answer key includ
Do your students have difficulty identifying and/or correcting silly sentences? Zany Zebra Absurdities offers a fun way to practice correcting silly sentences as well as explaining what makes them absurd in the first place. Being able to identify, explain, and correct silly sentences targets reaso
This puzzle helps students practice their context clues skills. Each sentence has a bolded word that's a word students may not know. Students use context clues to match the bolded word with a word that could replace it in the sentence. This puzzle also exposes students to terms popularly used on s
This quiz is in the form of a story with each new sentence being one problem on the quiz, with a total of 10 sentences. Not every sentence requires changes, and other sentences require multiple changes. We all know students who stress over quizzes and tests, so if you have students who either like
Like the Comma Rules Notes, this practice handout includes a ton of wacky, absurd sentences. I find that students are way more engaged with practice sheets when they can laugh at its content as opposed to more sterile examples like "The boy hit the ball" etc.
Target logic, reasoning, syntax, listening skills, and articulation carryover with this activity that includes 30 absurd cards!! To prepare: Print, laminate, and cut out all spring time absurdities cards. To use: Students take turns drawing a card, identifying what is incorrect about the card, and
2 games in 1 document! Examples lists included! 6 vocabulary words-aggressive, luxurious, courteous, frigid, absurd, gigantic. Words are at the 3rd -8th grade depending if you are teaching regular ed or special ed. Need: 2 Fly Swatters Print two copies of Adjective posters. Teach given 3 vocabulary
Context Clue Printables (Cut & Paste and Coloring!) This packet is common core aligned to: L.2.4.A - Use sentence-level context as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase. It can be used for grades 3-4 too! Contents: Anchor Sheet 4 cut paste printables 4 coloring printables Answer Keys ***
Capture the interest of eager learners and reluctant learners alike with these humor-filled activities. More than 350 silly sentences provide opportunities to work with verbs, nouns, adjectives, antonyms, synonyms, punctuation, run-on sentences, fragments, and more! These skill-based activities rev
Students often attempt to identify parts of speech based on the word alone as opposed to how it functions in the sentence. Using absurd words (or nonsense words) is the perfect way to encourage students to identify parts of speech the correct way.This activity livens up the typically boring parts of
7th - 12th
Preschool AbsurditiesA simple visual representation of absurdities that can be easily understood by preschoolers.36 printable cards with pictures and sentences depicting something that could happen and something that could not happen, i.e., “The rabbit is driving a car.” “The clown is driving a car
64 interactive Google Slides featuring captivating stories guaranteed to hold student attention and improve essential reading & writing skills. These fascinating, absurd and funny non-fiction stories are followed by step-by-step activities designed to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary,
This document includes 80 Tier 2 Vocabulary Words - 3rd Grade Level, 2 per page. The activity asks students to write a sentence using the word and then draw a picture of it. These are great for early finishers, students who need a little extra practice, and support activities for speech pathology/sp
A 16-page novel study pack to help students navigate Albert Camus's existentialist novella, The Stranger (L'Etranger). Reading questions encourage complete sentence responses to not only "Right There" (comprehension/understanding-level of Bloom's Taxonomy) types of questions, but also thematic/criti
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Consistently used in pairs, parentheses, allow a writer to provide additional information. This might include a fragment, a single word, or multiple complete sentences. The material inside the parentheses does not need to be grammatically integral to the surrounding sentence.  If the material is cha
10th - 12th, Higher Education
Semantic Absurdities - Logical Reasoning: That’s Absurd! is a fun way to increase metacognitive language skills. The activity design focuses on the ability to analyze sentences, determine what is absurd or silly and correct it! The sentences can be either read by the students or presented verbally.
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