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Lesson Plan Bundle: Acids, Bases, and Solutions
Acids, Bases, Solutions, Concentration, Solubility, Molarity, Titrations, Saturated, Unsaturated, Supersaturated Description: This lesson plan bundle contains everything you need to teach a successful unit on acids, bases, and solutions! Topics of this bundle include: properties of solutions, solut
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Looking for a fun, engaging instructional resource teaching acids and bases? Why not give doodle notes a try? Doodle Notes will aid in student concept retention, focus, creativity, and engagement. Students will use this graphic organizer to identify and define characteristics of acids, bases, and
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Acids and Bases Complete 5E Lesson Plan
Acids and Bases - Everything you need to teach a unit on acids and bases. Each lesson plan follows the 5E model and provides you with the exact tools to teach the concept. All of the guesswork has been removed with this NO PREP lesson. After completing the unit students will be able compare and co

Get this as part of a bundle: Chemistry 5E Lesson Plans Bundle - Complete Lesson Plans

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Acids and Bases, pH Scale Doodle Notes
Doodle notes for teaching acids, bases and the pH scale These doodle notes are a visual learning tool for helping your students understand acids, bases, neutralization and the pH scale . Ideal for middle school or upper elementary science, doodle notes help provide visual triggers that improve focu

Get this as part of a bundle: Doodle Notes Bundle A - 20 Doodles at 20% off!

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Chemistry Acids and Bases Escape Room Activity
In this "Escape Room" type activity, students are started off with a 31 question multiple choice worksheet that they work together to solve. Once done, they use a cryptogram to solve the puzzle and find their next clue. In this activity there are 5 different clues/puzzles they solve, each utilizin
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Solutions, Acids and Bases: Physical Science Interactive Notebook
Science Interactive Notebook – Solutions, Acids and Bases ** Note: This product is part of The Complete Physical Science Interactive Notebook Click here to view. In this physical science chapter – Solutions, Acids and Bases – students will be given the opportunity to show their understanding of th
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Acids and Bases Guided Reading
Acids and Bases guided reading expository text with note taking template, comprehension worksheets that have leveled questions, and Task cards to extend the learning. Perfect for Common Core Literacy Science Standards This will guide students through reading information about acids, bases, and the
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pH Scale Activity to use with your Acids and Bases Unit
This hands-on science sorting lesson is designed to help enhance your acids and bases unit when covering the pH scale.This engaging activity uses everyday objects that students are familiar with such as coffee and bleach and has them sort the pictures into the appropriate pH boxes as the clues are r
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Acids and Bases Unit of Nonfiction Readings and Hands-on Activities
This is a hands-on science unit that I designed and use to teach acids, bases, the pH scale and indicators to my students. This unit includes: • Anchor chart posters that can also be given to students as a study guide • Important vocabulary terms • Nonfiction reading packet about acids and bases wit
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SOLUTIONS, ACIDS AND BASES - Demo, Labs and Science Stations
Working in the lab and being engaged in science experiments is the most exciting part of science. The following Solutions, Acids and Bases Demo, Lab and Science Stations give your students the opportunity to investigate, explore and learn the science topic being studied. ***PLEASE NOTE***This prod
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Acids and Bases (cut & paste) Activity
This is a cut and paste activity. Students color and cut out properties and examples of acids and bases then sort them on a graphic organizer. Follow-up questions on pH and neutralization reactions are included. I use this activity as part of an interactive notebook. Other resources available at
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Acid and Bases Lesson - Chemistry PowerPoint Lesson and Student Notes
Everything you need to introduce or review Acid and Base Chemistry is right here including the lesson (student and teacher versions), a house pH testing activity (fully editable) and a student lesson handout. The Power Point is interactive and engaging with a YouTube video and online simulation hype
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Solutions, Acids and Bases: Physical Science Task Cards
This download includes 32 Solutions, Acids and Bases task cards to use individually with students or in groups for review. **NOTE** This product can also be found in the: • Physical Science ULTIMATE BUNDLE (Both Complete Interactive Notebook AND Task Card Bundle) • Physical Science Task Card Bun
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Acids and Bases Lab - Grocery Store Science Volume 2
This is the second installment of Grocery Store Science, a set of labs that uses items easily obtained at the grocery store. Not all of us have big budgets and fancy equipment, so we need some educational labs that can be done inexpensively! This lab uses cabbage juice as an acid-base indicator to
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Acids, Bases, and the pH Scale Powerpoint
Use this 33-slide Power point to introduce or review acids, bases, and the pH scale. The Ppt includes 9 T/F question-slides for review purposes, and file includes a student worksheet aligned with the power point for students to focus their learning. Also included is a comparison chart (Venn diagra
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Acid Base Project: "Healthy Blood pH"
Make Chemistry come ALIVE as students create a flyer, brochure, or video on Blood pH. This unique project not only teaches higher-level understanding of Acid/Base Chemistry, but is relevant for EVERY student in the classroom. You may find even find yourself changing your eating habits! This produ
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