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Results for acids and bases

322 results
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Valentine's Day Science Demo - Secret Message {Acids and Bases}

This FREE science demo is perfect to use on Valentine's Day because let's face it, who doesn't love a secret message?! This Secret Message demo shows indicators react in the presence of acids or bases. In this case, phenolphthalein is used to reveal “secret messages” that have been written using a basic solution. Demo set-up is easy and quick with long-lasting results! Students do NOT need to have knowledge of indicators to be "wowed" by this demonstration. ________________________________

Acids and Bases

In this activity students use a simple cabbage juice indicator to test a variety of substances for levels of acidity. Appropriate for grades 4-7. Feedback is always appreciated! If you like this download, you might also like these products: Photosynthesis Atomic Structure States of Matter Properties of Matter Physical and Chemical Changes Matter-Bundled Matter Centers Heredity and Traits Air and Air Pressure Centers Integrated Weather Mini Unit Space Thematic Unit Animal Adaptat

Interactive Notebook: Acids and Bases pH Scale

Created by
Michael Riley
Students learn about the pH scale by discovering common examples of substances with different pH values. Students use the Internet to search substances with specific pH values, then draw and label those substances in the worksheet. Students then color the given pH scale reflected in pH indicator paper.

Acids and Bases Fun Activity

Acid and base reactions are one of my favorite reactions in chemistry. This activity makes learning about acids and bases really fun! Students have the opportunity to use soda to test the concentration of acid in each soda. This activity has been adapted to meet the different chemistry course levels. Your students will love to find out how much acid is in the soda they drink. Make chemistry fun! Happy Teaching Scigirl153's Science ToolBox

Acids & Bases PowerPoint and Worksheet

Created by
This file includes a 7 page PowerPoint presentation, student worksheet and worksheet solution page. It goes through the definition of pH, common indicators, the properties of acids and bases and common examples of acids and bases.

Acids and Bases Test Tube Lab

Created by
Megan Escobar
Grade 8 Acids and Bases This lesson includes a lab sheet, and two worksheets that are meant to be glued into a science journal. I do this in groups of 3-4 students. Answers & photos included! Enjoy!

Using Litmus Indicator to Identify Acids and Bases (Alkalis)

Created by
This worksheet guides students through a simple activity to practice using litmus indicator to identify liquids as acidic or basic (alkaline). It begins with an introduction to pH (including a pH scale) and indicators, and then guides students to test common household liquids using red and blue litmus paper. If desired, the activity can be modified to test other indicators. Through completion of the activity, students will demonstrate their ability to identify liquids as acid or alkali usi

Strong and Weak Acids and Bases Activity Worksheet Doodle Notes

In this activity worksheet, on strong acids, weak acids, strong bases and weak bases, students give an example of complete dissociation and partial dissociation. They identify the five major properties of strong acids and strong bases and how acid strength of oxoacids and polyprotic ions changes across and down the periodic table.

Acids Bases and the pH Scale Choice Board FREE

Created by
Teaching Muse
Teach your unit on acids and bases using this choice homework assignment which will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of your teaching and lessons into various assignments. Activities are varied to help tap into different learning styles and interests. Students can choose which assignments they will complete and a rubric is included for you to use to grade. Like this resource? Check out the engaging, hands-on unit and save 20%: check it out here This resource includes: → Choice

Acids and Bases Graphic Organizer

This organizer covers the following eight topics - a list of 18 common acids, a list of 18 common bases, identification & properties of acids, identification & properties of bases, neutralization reactions, neutralization reaction examples, a review of solubility rules, and a review of naming common ions. This document is a template for the teacher who can then instruct his or her students on how to mimic the organizer on their own sheet of paper. Once completed, the organizer makes a g

Acids, Bases and Neutralization Reactions

Created by
STEM Boot Camp
**Please don't forget to rate my free document! I would love to hear your feedback!** This lab is meant as a supplemental activity for middle school physical science students learning about acids, bases, pH and neutralization. It is great for homeschooled students, as all of the chemicals used in the experiment are common household chemicals. It requires basic knowledge of lab equipment, lab safety, and measurement techniques. This package includes: 1. A concept review of acids, bases, neutra

Acid and Base Article with Answer Key

Created by
Team 21
Team 21 has provided basic questions and answers for this article. These are ready to go worksheets for a rainy day, sub day, use as supplemental work, independent work, anticipatory set, and developing article readings for language arts.This packet includes article readings, questions, and the answer key for 3 different levels. Level 1 is recommended for EL, RSP, and below-grade level readers and includes depth of knowledge (DOK) questions ranging from 1 to 2.

pH Acids and Bases Worksheet

Key Concepts for Acids and Bases, pH scale and worksheet

Lesson: Acids and Bases

Created by
This lesson introduces the concepts of Acids and Bases in a way that's easy to understand for Physical Science students. It also covers indicators, buffers, neutralization, and the uses of acids and bases.

Acids, Bases, and Salts Word Search

Use this word search to introduce students to new words, to keep them busy after a quiz or other work, or make it a competition! Currently, I have not created an answer key. However, I guarantee that ALL of the words are in the word search! The answer key will eventually be a purchasable item on my TPT page. Please rate & review this item!Terms of Use: This document is for personal use only and may only be used by the original purchaser. Copying for more than one teacher, classroom, departme

Solutions, Acids, and Bases Game - "I Have, Who Has?"

This is a whole class fluency and vocabulary game. Every students gets a card that contains a question and an answer to another cards question. To begin the game, start with any question (the cards come full circle no matter where you begin). Whoever has the correct answer, reads it saying "I have ____", then that student reads their question, "Who has ___?" The game continues until all cards are shared. My classes love friendly competition so I time how long it takes to complete the circle. T

Acids and Bases (pH, Indicator, Hydronium) Sort & Match STATIONS Activity

FOLLOW ME TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER FREE PRODUCTS AS THEY ARE RELEASED!!! This no-prep activity involves matching the following Acids and Bases vocabulary (Acid, Base, Indicator, Hydronium Ion, pH, Measuring pH) to descriptions and images. It can be used as a hands-on sort and match or cut apart and glued into an interactive notebook. Two sizes of templates are available in this download. Instructions and suggestions are included in this product as well as a numbered answer key.Please remember t

Acid and Base (pH and pOH) Calculations

Created by
Mrs Unfrazzled
This acid and base practice worksheet assesses students on their ability to calculate for pH, pOH, [H]+, and [OH]-. There are 6 parts to this worksheet, each consisting of 5 calculation questions for a total of 30 questions. In this product you will find the following:pH and pOH Practice WorksheetAnswer KeyYou can use this product in multiple ways:In class assignmentHomeworkReviewExtra CreditPartner WorkQuizWarm Up or Exit TicketSubstitute WorkI found this resource to be helpful in assessing my

Acids and Bases Powerpoint

Powerpoint presentation on Acids, bases, neutralization reactions, pH and indicators including litmus paper, pH paper, phenolphthalein, and natural indicators for the middle school or high school level. Acids and Bases presentation by Jessica Iseman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Acids & Bases - pH & pOH - Tarsia Puzzle - Distance Learning

Created by
Allison Soult
Great way to get students engaged in the classroom! Students arrange the 24 small triangles to make a hexagon whose sides correctly pair information about acids and bases including conjugate acid-base pairs, pH and [H+], pOH and [OH-], and more. There are a couple of answers that can be form multiple pairs which makes it more of a challenge to students.Copy to cardstock and cut out so you can reuse these sets multiple times. I used a variety of colors of paper so if I found a lost card, it would

Acid Base Case Study Anatomy and Biology

This case study gives students the opportunity to see how the pH scale is directly tied to the respiratory system and how imbalances affect a person’s health. This assignment would apply to biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and health science classes. •An answer key is included. •Students will read a narrative about acids and bases and the respiratory system then look at three short cases about hyperventilation, diabetics and oil of wintergreen overdoes. •Students will then answer qu

Intro to Acids and Bases - High Interest Science Reading!

Created by
Great for Elementary and Middle School. Did you know that some of the foods you eat everyday are actually acids and bases? A litmus test helps us to determine how acidic or basic something is and we can use the pH scale to compare how acidic different things are. Vocab words covered in this article: acid, base, pH scale, litmus test Check out 300+ articles just like this, written at 7 reading levels here!

Acid and Bases Bingo Game

Created by
Goddess of 7s
40 different bingo cards and the vocabulary sheet for acids and bases. 22 terms for acids and bases are covered and each bingo card is randomized. I'm offering this for free as a sample with a plan to bundle my science bingo games and math bingo games.

Acids and Bases - Cabbage Experiment

Classroom Chemistry! Compatible with Alberta - Grade 5 Classroom Chemistry. Do you like doing experiments with your class? This one is classroom safe, and is safe enough for all students to do and enjoy! *There is some prior preparation involved - please see the first page for details!** Have fun!
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