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Preferential seating is a common accommodation for students with hearing loss. For middle school and high school students, an important self-advocacy skill is being able to choose an appropriate seat, based on their individual hearing loss and the classroom acoustics. It is important to teach studen
Looking for a way to introduce or review pitch and acoustics in your classroom? Check out this internet scavenger hunt! Students will use the scaffolded notes to guide their research throughout the website! Includes: - 3 page internet scavenger hunt - answer key This internet scavenger hunt covers
3rd - 6th

Also included in: Sound Unit Bundle

This sound PDF file consists of 77 pages. This file has a variety of information page, activities, and questions. It includes over 20 Sound Multiple choice question cards(with answers) that can be laminated and cut out for years and years of use for your Sound science unit. Included are:a) What is s
3rd - 6th
ACOUSTIC GUITAR Anatomy Diagram POSTER + QUIZ *Color & B+W* (Grades 3-12)This Acoustic Guitar Anatomy Diagram Poster and Quiz resource includes a POSTER naming all parts of the acoustic guitar and a version with all parts numbered for assessment (there are versions of both posters with either a
Turn your students into acoustical engineers as they participate in these three lessons about sound communication. In the first lesson, as an introduction, students list sounds they hear in a moment of silence, then list and discuss sounds that are linked with emotions. In lesson 2, students partic
This unit was used in 6th grade, in conjunction with their study of acoustics. Iintroduce the Hornbostel–Sachs classification system, as well. The Plan includes how I taught the course, my lesson plan, materials used, and a seven day outline.There is one Powerpoint. I use it as an intro for the unit
This product contains: Acoustic Rooster Virtual Room & Activities - Jazz and Jazz Musicians from Acoustic Rooster ~ Interactive Listening GameExplore "Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band" in this Virtual Room. Students can learn about the composer, visit Acoustic Rooster, play in the Chicken
This is a Prezi presentation that covers the different types of guitars (steel string, classical, archtop, telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, stratocaster) some history and background on each, lots of good images and famous players for each. I even added in some music to play during the presentation! Pr
This can be used as a part of a comprehensive evaluation of vocal quality and function. All measurements can be taken by using PRAAT and a stopwatch (you can download for free). You can use this for adults or children who are able to follow the instructions. Norms are included.
Not Grade Specific
World History Imperialism Acoustic Poem Project Rubric and 3 student examples that is fully editable.Please email me with any questions at ReadySetLearnSocialScience@yahoo.comIf you would like to get updates on NEW and CURRENT resources...►FOLLOW Me on Teachers Pay Teachers►FOLLOW Me on Pinterest►FO
The science of sound is so much a part of our world. After all, there is no sound in outer space. This quiz has 20 t/f statements, and one extra credit fill-in worth 10 points. The extra credit fill-in is timely. It concerns the speed of sound on Mars! An answer key is provided. Use it for a take
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Explore "Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band" in this Virtual Room. Students can learn about the composer, visit Acoustic Rooster, play in the Chicken Coup with the animals or read along with the book. In the Chicken Coup, students will hear music and see some videos about the animals from Acoust
PreK - 5th

Also included in: Acoustic Rooster Jazz Bundle

Jazz Musicians from Acoustic Rooster is an interactive Google slide that shares information about famous jazz musicians from the book "Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band" with students. The slides contain information about each musician as well as links to YouTube to see a short video of the mus
Understanding Acoustics These lectures and supporting classroom resources are a two-part lesson on basic acoustics and provide an excellent resource to understanding basic acoustics and the physical properties of sound. Understanding Acoustics - Part One - Part Two In this package:- Lectures Parts
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
FOLLOW ME SO YOU CAN CHECK OUT MY OTHER FREE PRODUCTS AS THEY ARE RELEASED!!! This no-prep Interactive Drag and Drop Activity for GOOGLE Drive and GOOGLE Classroom DISTANCE LEARNING involves matching the following vocabulary of Sound (Vibration, Medium, Acoustics, Pitch, Doppler Effect, Sound Wave)
Arts & Pix has created a great music themed Clipart Stock Photo for your classroom music room graphics projects.This large, high resolution stock photography PNG image of a 4-string Ukulele acoustic guitar is perfect for use as a Clipart layer image. You'll be able to overlay, size and rotate th
Students who have experienced trauma frequently also suffer from sensory impairments that make it difficult for them to process and act upon information received through the senses. A student's ability to hear and understand what is being said in the classroom by the teacher is vital for learning. U
Introductory lesson to acoustics, providing definitions and examples

Also included in: Acoustics and Music

Here's a font that I created with my handwriting.
Not Grade Specific
Here is a font I created based on my whiteboard handwriting.
Not Grade Specific
WH- Questions with picture and visual cues to accompany "Acoustic Rooster and His Barnyard Band" by Kwame Alexander. This is a super fun book including vocabulary related to farm animals and musical instruments. Use the pictures included to target wh- questions or to expand vocabulary.
About this Product• This download includes G Suite designed resources needed for one 45-minute science lesson.• The resources in the download are re-bundled and re-formatted from my Waves and Sound Unit Bundle.• Purchase the materials for the topic(s) pertinent to your classroom - not an entire unit
Sheet Music For DARIA’s popular “Beautiful Rainbow World” song. Here’s a bit more about the song. This popular song is from DARIA Parent’s Choice Award-winning multicultural cd: Beautiful Rainbow World. It has been used in South Africa as part of a Teaching Tolerance curriculum and also in Australi
K - 4th, Staff
This popular song is from DARIA Parent’s Choice Award-winning multicultural cd: Beautiful Rainbow World. It has been used in South Africa as part of a Teaching Tolerance curriculum and also in Australia as part of a “Respecting Others” program for preschoolers. Although the lyrics are simple, the

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