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This quiz contains 10 multiple choice questions over plant and animal adaptations. An answer key is also included. It correlates to the Georgia Performance Standards for 3rd grade science.
This quiz includes a variety of questions, including higher level thinking and an answer key. This quiz aligns with VA SOLs. Please visit my TPT store where you will find a study guide as well as other adaptation practice worksheets that go along with the material on the quiz. Or, you can purchas
The assessment focuses on physical and behavioral adaptation for survival of animals. Physical adaptations include camouflage and special body features and behavioral include hibernation, mimicry, and migration. Other key vocabulary: carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, producer, consumer. 10 matching
This is a quick quiz for assessing student mastery of animal adaptations. This includes distinguishing between structural and behavioral adaptations. This quiz also includes the terms cells, hibernation, and vertebrate.
Quick quiz to assess vocabulary. Also has students sort various adaptations into "Physical Adaptations" or "Behavioral Adaptations" columns.
This is a fantastic way to assess students on their knowledge of structural and behavioral plant adaptations. Quiz includes matching, fill in the blank, and selection. Enjoy!
This is a good assessment for a student's application of animal and plant adaptations for survival. The questions are mostly higher level critical thinking questions, which can also be used as a summative review, or in preparation for the end of the year test. Answer Key provided
This 10 question quiz or worksheet evaluates students understanding of physical and behavioral adaptations. The quiz contains 10 Fill in the blank questions where students will either write "Physical Adaptation" or "Behavioral Adaptation".
This resource includes over 30 examples of adaptations! The first few slides are a tutorial to teach or review adaptations. The remaining slides include several "quiz" questions so that the students can practice differentiating between physical and behavioral adaptations. Great pictures throughout
This 2-page quiz tests students ability to distinguish between behavioral and structural adaptations. As a bonus, I've also included a chart-reading question related to adaptations. (Students always need practice reading charts; they will see many on their end-of-year state tests!) This quiz was or
This is a quiz I created for my Adaption/Evolution unit. This quiz covers the difference between behavioral and structural adaptions and Darwins theory of natural selection. Includes multiple choice, matching and short answer questions.
This is a quick one page quiz that I use to check my students understanding of basic animal adaptations vocabulary. A simple fill in the blank with a word bank! Perfect to use as a quiz or even as homework or review!
This is an adapted test for the story Stone Soup by Ann McGovern. It is great for early learners, special needs students, and ELL students. It can be used as a whole group activity or printed for individual use.
This is a quiz on animal adaptations. This quiz is aligned with the science Georgia performance standards for third grade. The quiz consists of 15 questions and a bonus. This is a great way to see if the students understand animal adaptations. Hope you enjoy!
Quiz to assess student understanding of basic animal needs, structural and behavioral adaptations, characteristics of living and nonliving things and related vocabulary. Product includes two options for printing and an answer key.
Why spend time creating an ADAPTATIONS QUIZ when you can download this one effortlessly?QUIZ FEATURESThis 20-question quiz assesses student understanding plant and animal adaptations.All 20 questions are multiple-choice with a variety of depths.Printable and easily distributed as a handout.I've incl
Here is a quick way to assess student knowledge of Adaptations with a science digital quiz. This Adaptations Quiz contains 10 multiple choice questions and uses Google Forms to self-grade. The feedback is immediate for the students and for the teacher. All questions are 100% editable so you can cha
Why spend time creating an ADAPTATIONS QUIZ when you can share this one effortlessly and immediately?QUIZ FEATURESThis 20-question quiz assesses student understanding of plant and animal adaptations.All 20 questions are multiple-choice with a variety of depthThe assessment includes several images to
This adapted quiz can be used to assess the material covered in the "Intro" skill in Duolingo's Spanish program. It covers concepts such as:masculine and feminine nounsusing the articles "el", "la", "un", and "una". accent marksthe second person singularpresent tense -ar and -er verb conjugationsvoc
A quick quiz for your students on animal and plant adaptations! Nothing fancy, just a good quality assessment.
Grade 6 - adaptations types quiz - behavioural, physical, migration, hibernation, mimetisme, camouflage.
This is a quiz that covers each of the above topics. It is adapted to support students in theorganization of each problem-solving step. This was used in a life skills classroom at the high school level.
Adapted comprehension quiz for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Includes one set for wh-questions and a second set for yes/no questions.
Adapted quiz for "Are You My Mother?"Includes two versions, one with wh- questions and one with yes/no questions.

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