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"Jump! Hop! Step!" Open number line strategy for adding three-digit numbers. Supports Common Core standards 2.NBT.5 and 3.NBT.2, addition within 1000 based on place value strategies. ***Check out the PREVIEW and thumbnails for a detailed view of the strategy!*** This strategy requires students to
Are you teaching your kiddos how to add and subtract 3 digit numbers using more than just the standard algorithm?! This bundle includes 3 Journal Entries that can be used in your Interactive Journal for Math Class!Students will practice computation AND word problems while adding and subtracting usin
2nd - 4th
This pack includes practice pages for adding three digit numbers using four different common core strategies: -Base Ten Blocks -Expanded Form (Decomposing) -Open Number Line -Composing (Regrouping) Each worksheet lists the steps for using the strategy and has a section for guided practice with the
Learning how to use various addition strategies to solve addition problems within 1000 is simply more fun when you can simultaneously doodle. It's also more effective (see why below). Designed with characters and themes from Numberock's Addition With Regrouping Animation, Number Notes connect with
Addition is little cumbersome when it comes with three digit numbers i.e hundreds, to encounter the difficulties there are many strategies followed by teachers. Three among them was explained with examples and was given practice sheets to get trained easily.what should be done with the product:Even
This lesson shows students strategies to add three-digit numbers. This lesson displays nicely on a whiteboard for whole group instruction or iPads and tablets for small group instruction. This resource contains 45 full color slides that focus on strategies for adding three-digit numbers. This less
Students will learn how to solve 3 digit addition equations using the expanded form method.
2nd - 3rd
This graphic organizer will help students organize visualize the break apart or split apart strategy for adding 3 digit numbers.
Use these printable or digital Seesaw & Google Classroom resources for teaching students various two digit subtraction strategies and three-digit subtraction strategies including open number lines, base ten blocks, expanded form (composing and decomposing numbers), and more. The 2-digit subtract
Help your kiddos master three-digit addition using this "Add Across, Then Down" Expanded Form strategy for adding based on place value. Supports Common Core standards 2.NBT.5 and 3.NBT.2, addition within 1000 based on place value strategies. This strategy requires students to first expand the numb
These Roll and Spin Math Games focus on developing number sense for two-digit and three-digit addition. The activities help students develop competencies with using a number line and other place value strategies when adding two-digit and three-digit numbers. #DistanceLearningTpT Components Include
BOOST your little learners in their Mental Problem Solving Strategies when working with Numbers Beyond 3 Digits. This is FLEXIBLE TO 1000 AND BEYOND STRATEGIES MATHS BOOSTER PACK! My whole Maths Booster Pack is designed to support all the levels in the classroom.This Pack focuses on the following sk
Not Grade Specific

Also included in: MATHS BOOSTER PACK!

Three-Digit Addition Number Puzzles are a set of four-piece puzzles that develop students' fluency and mental math strategies for three-digit addition. The puzzles are built with four models and strategies: The expression, a number line, base-10 blocks, and breaking apart the addends by place value
These Three-Digit Addition Worksheets includes practice activities to help your students solidify their understanding of how to add three-digit numbers using a variety of strategies, including a number line, base-10 blocks, breaking apart (or ungrouping) the addends, and place value strategies.Also
Three digit addition and subtraction can be complicated for students who do not have good number sense. The worksheets and activities in this unit focus on developing number sense while adding and subtracting three-digit numbers. These Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction Worksheets include practic
This is a 12 day unit to teach 3rd Grade Common Core Math Standard 3.NBT.2- Addition and Subtraction Strategies. This unit includes almost everything you need to teach this standard. You only need to add dice and base 10 blocks. This unit focuses on using base 10 blocks, expanded form and using an
Mental Math Strategy Anchor Charts + A6 Flip Cards (Addition and Subtraction)A set of 27 A4 highly appealing anchor charts, with examples, to use as a teaching tool to support modelling and for display in your class.This set includes the strategies to assist students in basic fact recall as well as
** DISCOUNTED TO $1.00 FOR SEPTEMBER 7 & 8 FOR THE #EhBTSsale **These are my daily math pages that I use in my classroom as the basis for my daily math practice and open ended math lesson. These can be used as bell ringers, or homework, or daily practice. There are 30+ double sided daily math s
This is a great way to practice adding and subtracting using base ten blocks. Included in this 25 page set is 12 triple digit addition problems (with sums up to 999) and 12 triple digit subtraction problems (with the largest number being 999). This set does include REGROUPING. It also includes a
This bundle includes all you need to teach 2 Digit and 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction with the Open Number Line Strategy. This big bundle includes practice with and without regrouping for numbers within 1000! These no-prep practice pages and posters guide students as they practice jumping by hundr
This 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction Open Number Line Strategy bundle is an easy way to teach Addition and Subtraction with and without regrouping! Practice jumping by hundreds, tens and ones, demonstrating an understanding of place value with these posters and no-prep practice pages. Open Number L
This bundle includes the following: 2-Digit Subtraction Strategy Posters and Booklet 2-Digit Addition Strategy Posters and Booklet Do not buy this bundle if you have purchased either of these products separately. Four posters and explanations for the following 2-digit Addition strategies: Use a
This NO PREP Maths Bundle is programmed for the Australian National Curriculum based on the Maths Plus and Go Maths programs. However, it can be tailored to suit other nations curriculum outcomes.AN ENTIRE 11 WEEK MATHS PROGRAM FOR YEARS 3 AND 4!!!!Choose to use the program slides either in Smart No
2nd Grade 3-Digit Addition Strategies (with regrouping) This product includes posters for the following addition strategies, with examples that show REGROUPING: * Decomposing/Composing (2 posters) * Base 10 Blocks * Open Number Line * Friendly Number * Algorithm (2 posters - regrouping ones &

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