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Use this fun and engaging Words Their Way file folder game to reinforce and practice consonant doubling and e drop when adding –ing to verbs. This game was adapted using directions from Words Their Way. Just print, glue on a folder, laminate, gather the game pieces and store all extra materials in a
The "ING" Game This game teaches children that adding "ing" to words changes the word and the meaning. Preparation: You will need to do the following to prepare to play the game: Copy page 2 (one per student) Cut word cards (pages 3-8) Cut demonstration signs (pages 9-12) Demonstrate: To demonst
Cloze Word Hunts are part of the program Words their Way, but the actual word hunts were not provided. They are a great way to help teach spelling patterns and give children a follow up activity to accompany any spelling pattern taught in class. This cloze word hunt focuses on Adding -ing to words
Students read picture word cards and add the ending ing. Then they record the base word and the new word on the recording sheet. My students need this practice to help them during writers workshop. This is excellent for your word work center.
Note this unit is included in the Section 5 bundle I Can Spell 2.7c - Adding ING to words ending with Y (Age 5-7 years, Year 2/Grade 1) (Download the preview file to see a complete index of all available units) Challenges and activities for enhancing children’s spelling and writing skills. A stim
Note this unit is included in the Section 6 bundle I Can Spell 2.8d - Adding ING to words ending consonant-e (Age 5-7 years, Year 2/Grade 1) (Download the preview file to see a complete index of all available units) Challenges and activities for enhancing children’s spelling and writing skills.
Note this unit is included in the Section 7 bundle I Can Spell 2.9d - Adding ING to words ending consonant-vowel (Age 5-7 years, Year 2/Grade 1) (Download the preview file to see a complete index of all available units) Challenges and activities for enhancing children’s spelling and writing skill
These 4 worksheets are great for help with reinforcing the adding of -ing to words. Can be used as follow up work, center work or for reteaching purposes. Quick and easy and make for an easy teach week.
Students will be introduced to the four "ing" word ending rules: Double (VC), Drop (VCe), No Change (VCC) , and No Change (VVC).
Spelling Feature: Adding -ing to Words With VC and VCC PatternsWords Their Way is a program designed to teach students phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. Each set of slides covers one sort, or set of spelling features, in the Words Their Way curriculum. These slides are easy to assign virtually, and
The focus of this packet is to help students understand how and when to double the final consonant of a word when adding the suffixes -ing, -ed, -er, and -est. This can be a tricky spelling rule for some students, so I hope you find these posters and worksheets to be beneficial! What's Included: •
This packet is a great way to help young learners learn how to add -ed and -ing to the end of words! It contains an anchor chart and three LEVELED activities to use during small group instruction or centers. The games and activities are engaging, fun, and effective! The packet includes:*Anchor char
What are the Homework Learning Mats?Thanks so much for viewing my Homework Learning Mats: First Grade Edition. This packet is designed to offer a fun and engaging way to practice learning skills throughout the school year at home. The packet includes 40 weeks of learning mats and a parent note. The
Let's get extreme with suffixes! Adding the suffixes -ing and -ed is confusing for students. They need lots of practice to learn how to add the suffixes -ing and -ed to words. They'll love completing these fun activities with the extreme sports theme as they learn about the suffixes -ing and -ed.
Here is a quick hands-on sorting activity for adding the suffix -ing to words ending in -e. This activity would be great for either a mini-lesson or a center activity. It includes a bright, easy-to-read spelling rule poster, a sorting activity, and an answer key.
Suffixes: Language Arts - This is a fun way to learn about "ed" and "ing" added to words. In this activity I've included: - ing and ed puzzles - Sentence completion with ed and ing (fill in the blank) - Website resources with activities and rules for adding ed and ing - Chart with adding ed and ing
Verb Endings Past and Present TenseInflectional Endings This set of Past and Present Tense Verb endings in ed and ing are sure to be a hit in your class. Provide extra practice with adding ing and ed to different verbs. Rule posters are included and cover just adding the ending, double the final con
This Roll, Read and Write Games and Worksheets Bundle is designed to help students become confident adding -ing, -ed, -er and -ing endings. This bundle includes:★ Words with a short vowel and one consonant after the vowel (CVC).★ Words with a short vowel and two or more consonants after the vowel (s
This word sort will provide your students a fun hands-on activity while giving them concentrated practice on the skill of adding ing to words. It will be a perfect addition to your literacy centers.In this activity there are 30 cards with printed verbs. Students will read the words and then place
Students who are entering the Syllable Juncture/Syllables and Affixes Stage are beginning to study what happens to the endings of single syllable words when an inflected ending is added. This engaging game focuses on adding –ing or –ed to regular, single-syllable words. This game can be done as p
This pack is a great resource when teaching students short vowel word families! It can be used to introduce, review, centers, homework, morning work and/or time fillers. The practice sheets have varying skill levels, so you may choose what skill level a student needs (differentiated instruction stra
This packet includes 4 games/activities to help students learn how to add ing and ed to words ending in CVC! Games/Activities Include: Sort Capture My Word Board Game Unscramble My Word All activities are PRINT AND GO! NO PREP!!! For more activities like this check out my store at: https://www.t
UPDATE: We have added a new "blank" page to this 5-page mini book, making it a 6-page mini book. The new blank page allows you to add verbs that your king can do such as playing, eating, and sleeping. Students can brainstorm ideas, the teacher writes them on a white board or a slip of paper, and
Using “ing” to teach suffixes to early primary is an easy way to practice syllable counting and learning “word work” rules! In this unit you will find: *3 mini posters with adding “ing” rules *3 sets of word lists *6 worksheets for word work including learning the rules for adding “ing” and separa

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