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3rd grade Math Expressions Common Core: Unit 4 Multidigit Addition and Subtraction Help your students develop study skills using this 10 page student review packet. This packet mirrors both forms A and B unit assessments provided by Expressions Common Core. It is a great resource/activity to reinf
Spiral review is a great way to ensure that students maintain information throughout the year. In this pack you will find 9 weeks of weekly spiral review. Use one sheet front to back each week to ensure that students are constantly practicing skills. You could also separate and spread the sheets out
Thanksgiving Subtraction Word Problems This is a set of 6 different Thanksgiving subtraction word problems. Students will use 4 different strategies, to solve the problem. These strategies are illustrations, a ten frame, a number line, and finger count. Using fingers is a strategy t
Students practice reading number words while solving subtraction problems. This game is safari themed with subtration to 20. This addresses Common Core Math Standard in Operations and Algebraic Thinking (1.OA.6) Add and Subtract within 20.
Marigold Math is designed to engage students in productive visual and tactile thinking. We have combined traditional Montessori Materials and the Common Core State Standards, to support visual processing and deeper mathematical understanding. Drawings, materials, and motion guide students through mu
12 math review stations Themed after the 12 months of the year* Covering Topics: January: Facts up to 12x12 February: Addition and Subtration (whole numbers and decimals) word problems March: Multiple Step Word Problems April: Comparing and Ordering decimals (to the hundredths place) May: Patterns i
This flipchart is designed to be a companion to the Everyday Math series for 2nd grade. Mental Math, Math Message, Part1, and Part 2 are included. It also has a page for differentiated instruction groups. In this lesson: addition and subtration number stories, place value review and practice, The Di
NO PREP REQUIRED - PRINT & GO!Save $15 when you buy our Math & Literacy Fun Packs! │ BIG BUNDLEThat's 8 engaging packs for your whole teaching year!This secular Happy Holidays booklet is perfect for your morning work, literacy centres, homework, early finishers and sub plans - packed with 2x
These numberless addition and subtraction word problems by problem type help students understand the relationship of the numbers in story problems. Numbers can easily be differentiated to meet the needs of your kindergarten, first, second or third grade students. Help students understand the proces
Addition and Subtraction Themed Word Problems (within 20) You asked for it and I aim to please! This is an ALL NEW set of 200 themed addition and subtraction word problem practice sheets within 20! A lot of you have seen my Kindergarten set which covers sums and differences to 10. So, this is se
This is a set of 30 math worksheets for first grade. They will give your students structured practice in solving addition and subtraction word problems. This is a tricky skill because it involves both math and reading comprehension skills. Each problem in this pack involves addition or subtraction w
It's decodable text. . . It's a word problem. . . It's reading comprehension. . . These activities are ideal for use in distance learning, for math journal pages, for morning work, for RtI, for direct instruction, and/or as homework. Including both reading and math, they are designed to help get the
This resource features 40 Addition, Subtraction, and Comparison Word Problems. These activities are ideal for use in remote learning packets, as journal pages, for morning work, during group instruction, and/or as homework. Each page is presented both in color and in an ink saving black and white
Use these 32 task cards to help your students gain fluency in solving two-digit addition and subtraction word problems. There is a mix of one and two-step problems, and almost all of these problems require regrouping to solve. A few of the addition cards include up to four addends. Addition and subt
This Math Word Problem digital center is a hands-on and interactive way to master simple word problems! This Google Classroom resource includes both addition and subtraction story problems. Your students will be able to represent the equation with the movable pieces. This resource has an added audio
This Addition and Subtraction Word Problem Bundle features 64 printable worksheets which cover word problems up to 20. Aligned with Common Core, the pack includes both my Kindergarten and First Grade word problem worksheets. It is particularly useful for classes which are quite diverse as it include
Common Core Addition & Subtraction Word Problems Sums to 20 1.OA.1 This packet includes 20 brand new addition and subtraction word problems. These are designed to follow CCSS 1.0A.1 covering sums to 20. Students represent their answers in 4 ways: number line, part-part-whole, equation, and nu
Math Word Problems - Addition and Subtraction within 10 THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:These activities/printables will allow students to see how to solve a word problem in more than one way and help develop their understanding of adding and subtracting better.Students solve 4 different types of word proble
Numberless word problems are designed to provide scaffolding that allows students the opportunity to develop a better understanding of word problems.  Word problems can be a tough concept for students to understand. Often times, students will see a word problem, pull the two numbers from the word pr
Addition and Subtraction Themed Word Problems (within 10)You asked for it and I aim to please! This is an ALL NEW set of 200 themed addition and subtraction word problem practice sheets within 10! Tell me more, please! This packet currently contains fun and engaging practice sheets! Each sheet is
Solving addition and subtraction word problems using part-part-whole bar models is the focus of these task cards. Each task card has a word problem requiring single- or double-digit addition or subtraction to find the missing addend, sum, or difference.Many students have difficulty determining which
Story problems are a great way to help your students understand how to integrate math facts into real world problems. With spring themed, hands-on manipualtives, your little learners will have the opportunity to "act out" each problem before solving it. You can find this resource as part of my Story
Practice word problem strategies with this product that allows students to practice using multiple strategies to solve an addition within 20 word problem or subtraction within 20 word problem. Students will use number lines, a model, a tens frame and a number sentence to solve 20 addition and subtr
Addition & Subtraction Word Problems SUPER PACKCommon Core way of thinking! Students must show their answer in 4 ways {picture, number line, equation, and written}. K.OA.230 addition and 30 subtraction problems, 60 practice sheets total. All sheets are unique and not reproduced from any other

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