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You are receiving 9 Math Posters for kindergarten and first grade to help with addition problem solving. Great for mini lessons for Math Workshop/Stations or your Math Word Wall. Good support for Common Core instruction. All problem solving strategies are complied on one page as a math tool sheet to
K - 1st
Teaching your students how to add and subtract can be really, really hard! I am always trying to find concrete ways to help the concepts stick, and one strategy never works for every single student in my class. We use many, many strategies throughout the year and I found myself always drawing the ne
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.Counting on is one of the first strategies that most students use for addition. When we count on, we begin with the largest number and count up by ones. For example, to solve 5+3, start with 5 and count up: “6, 7, 8.”This resource includes a
This file includes all of the mental math strategy units in the Complete Addition Collection and the Complete Subtraction Collection. The units in the addition collection include:- Counting On- Doubles- Doubles Plus One- Make a Ten- Making Multiples of Ten- Left to Right Addition- Break ApartThe uni
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy CollectionDoubles occur all around us in real life. Think about fingers and toes (5+5), egg cartons (6+6) or the wheels on a car (2+2). For this reason, most students find it easy to remember the doubles facts.When students know the doubles facts, they c
Math Strategies Posters for Addition, Subtraction, and Counting! Helps students to remember strategies. Helps foster a culture of independent learnersBright and colorful reminders with pictures that help assist students when they need visual cues. Use during small groups whileteacher is busy with a
K - 2nd
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.Make a Ten is a mental math strategy where students use the number combinations that make ten to form connections and relationships to other facts.First, students must learn the number combinations that make 10. Then, they can confidently use
Make learning the counting-on strategy for addition fun and delightfully engaging for your students with our Snake Addition Activity Cards!This printable pdf file will allow you to print and make 39 activity cards to help your students learn to count-on and also find missing addends for addition.Eac
Wondering how to help your students build true addition fluency this year? Too often math fact fluency is viewed as only speed and accuracy. But it also incorporates flexibility and appropriate strategy use. It's no secret that there is a big gap in many students' math fact understanding. To help br
Are you looking to incorporate a little bit of technology into your math block? These Power Point slides can be used in Power Point or by saving them to Google Slides. Display the slides through your projector, or print the questions out to use as an activity. In each Power Point there are 15 sli
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy CollectionA near double is a fact that is close to a doubles fact. This is best illustrated with manipulatives such as ten frames (see the preview file). Near doubles can include the double plus one more, double plus two more, or the double minus one or
***Discounted Bundle Available***WHAT IS IT? A digital math e-learning tool for home or school used by parent/guardian/adult or teacher to teach and reinforce standards in a non-standard setting. ONE-CLICK ReadyGoogle Classroom/SlidesSeesawINCLUDED:8 eLessons with 5 digital activities per elessonSta
Will you be teaching math centers and stations in the classroom, using distance learning, hybrid learning or homeschool learning this year? Now, Addition and Subtraction Strategies Mega Math Practice 1.OA.6 is adaptable to whatever learning situation in which you find yourself. Now DIGITAL for use w
You'll LOVE this step-by-step approach to solving multi-step addition and subtraction story problems promoting independence and confidence. Choose from the CUBES or CUBED story problem strategy. Students interact with the word problems as they are guided through the steps of the strategy. Leading qu
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.Left-to-right addition is a powerful mental math strategy for adding numbers with two or more digits. Place value understanding is key, as students will be grouping the tens and then the ones. For example, to solve 24+53, we will first add 20+
Addition strategies can be difficult for young students to apply independently- especially when they haven’t had enough practice with the format of questions we use on our assessments. This resource can be used in a variety of ways to give your kids the exposure they need to be successful! *This res
These Hands-on and Mental Math Addition Strategies Posters serve as a colorful visual of important math strategies. Simply print and laminate each poster, then display as you introduce each strategy. The following Hands-On Strategies are included: Draw a Picture Count Objects Join Cubes Using Coun
This lesson plan unit focuses on adding and subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers within 1000 in the guided math workshop model using strategies based on place value. Strengthen your students' addition strategies and subtraction strategies with the lessons in this unit. It includes an array of strategi
This unit is part of the subtraction portion of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.This subtraction strategy unit provides practice with the use addition strategy.Sometimes when we subtract, we don’t really subtract at all – we add! Think of this expression: 50-25. You might have thought to yoursel
Help your students increase their math fact fluency by teaching them mental math strategies. Addition Mental Math Strategy Posters are the perfect resource to teach and reinforce the mental math strategies. They are great on your math wall for students to use as a reference to refresh their learn
enVision Math® compatible - Print and Go PackThis is a resource pack to supplement to Topic 3 of Grade 1 enVision Math®, Version 2.0: Addition Facts to 20: Use StrategiesIf you are looking for something to use along with enVision Math®, here it is! This contains everything you need to provide reinfo
This is the sixth unit in my 1st Grade Guided Math curriculum. This resource consists 21 lessons for working with Addition Strategies to 20. This unit is aligned to the CCSS and TEKS.The 21 lessons in this unit focus on:* Addition review* Turn around facts* Adding Zero (introducing mental math)*
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.To make multiples of ten, we can use the number combinations that make ten (6+4, 7+3, etc.). This helps us recognize that expressions such as 26+4 will make a multiple of ten. Ten frames are an excellent way to model the thinking process. For
Guided Math Mats These are PERFECT as distance learning "math take home kits". Students can place these into a sheet protector, and use a dry erase marker. They can also be used in the classroom for Guided Math. I have also provided all the guided math mats PNG so you can drop them into any digital

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