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This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.Counting on is one of the first strategies that most students use for addition. When we count on, we begin with the largest number and count up by ones. For example, to solve 5+3, start with 5 and count up: “6, 7, 8.”This resource includes a
This file includes all of the mental math strategy units in the Complete Addition Collection and the Complete Subtraction Collection. The units in the addition collection include:- Counting On- Doubles- Doubles Plus One- Make a Ten- Making Multiples of Ten- Left to Right Addition- Break ApartThe uni
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy CollectionDoubles occur all around us in real life. Think about fingers and toes (5+5), egg cartons (6+6) or the wheels on a car (2+2). For this reason, most students find it easy to remember the doubles facts.When students know the doubles facts, they c
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.Make a Ten is a mental math strategy where students use the number combinations that make ten to form connections and relationships to other facts.First, students must learn the number combinations that make 10. Then, they can confidently use
Making 10 to Add is an important skill for our primary learners. 10 becomes a benchmark number which makes addition and subtraction a mental process. Initially, though, Making 10 to Add can be a tough skill. As we are guiding students to 10, it must be a hands-on process. Students must be given hand
Wondering how to help your students build true addition fluency this year? Too often math fact fluency is viewed as only speed and accuracy. But it also incorporates flexibility and appropriate strategy use. It's no secret that there is a big gap in many students' math fact understanding. To help br
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy CollectionA near double is a fact that is close to a doubles fact. This is best illustrated with manipulatives such as ten frames (see the preview file). Near doubles can include the double plus one more, double plus two more, or the double minus one or
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.Left-to-right addition is a powerful mental math strategy for adding numbers with two or more digits. Place value understanding is key, as students will be grouping the tens and then the ones. For example, to solve 24+53, we will first add 20+
These Hands-on and Mental Math Addition Strategies Posters serve as a colorful visual of important math strategies. Simply print and laminate each poster, then display as you introduce each strategy. The following Hands-On Strategies are included: Draw a Picture Count Objects Join Cubes Using Coun
This unit is part of the subtraction portion of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.This subtraction strategy unit provides practice with the use addition strategy.Sometimes when we subtract, we don’t really subtract at all – we add! Think of this expression: 50-25. You might have thought to yoursel
Help your students increase their math fact fluency by teaching them mental math strategies. Addition Mental Math Strategy Posters are the perfect resource to teach and reinforce the mental math strategies. They are great on your math wall for students to use as a reference to refresh their learn
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.To make multiples of ten, we can use the number combinations that make ten (6+4, 7+3, etc.). This helps us recognize that expressions such as 26+4 will make a multiple of ten. Ten frames are an excellent way to model the thinking process. For
These Mental Math - Addition Strategy and Subtraction Strategy Posters serve as a colorful, bright, and important tool to your math lesson. Addition posters are included in my Addition Practice. Subtraction posters are included in my Subtraction Practice. Addition strategy posters ~I can count obj
K - 1st
Mental Math Strategy Anchor Charts + A6 Flip Cards (Addition and Subtraction)A set of 27 A4 highly appealing anchor charts, with examples, to use as a teaching tool to support modelling and for display in your class.This set includes the strategies to assist students in basic fact recall as well as
This second grade math standards-based place value unit focuses on the Common Core math standards 2.NBT.8. This asks students to mentally add 10 or 100 or mentally subtract 10 or 100 from a given number. There are daily lesson plans, whole group activities, partner practice activities, MATH group ce
Mental math is one of the most popular math focuses but many teachers struggle with building these skills. This package contains 14 lessons, each focusing on a different mental math addition or subtraction strategy! Strategies include counting on/back, multiples of ten, friendly numbers and expand
1st - 4th, Higher Education
(3 versions) Mental Math Addition Strategies Include: Counting On Doubles Doubles +1 Making 10 In Between 1. Reference sheets for students! 2. Posters for Classroom! 3. Coloring Pages! (Mental Math Addition Strategy Book) **Updated Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with my classroom
Planning high quality, engaging lessons for mental math strategies does not have to be stressful or take a lot of time. With this fun, digital and printable unit, you will have EVERYTHING you need to teach and assess your students as they learn to use mental math for addition and subtraction of 10
This 56 page unit is filled with posters, games, worksheets, printables and more to make teaching Envision Topic 6 Using Mental Math easier for you. I used Envision 2010 Version to write this unit. See Table of Contents below: Math Flashcards Math Words Graphic Organizer Math Strategies Posters (3)
This is a perfect mini unit to use when teaching students how to mentally add tens and hundreds! It includes games, activities, checks for understanding, and a unit test. The packet contains: -Skip Counting Sheet (2.NBT.A.2) -Action at the Arcade: real world application worksheet -More or Less Ac
Help your students master their basic addition math facts with these research-based, brain-friendly mini lessons, math mats & anchor posters.These mini lessons and math mats are designed to lead your students through the Concrete - Representational - Abstract (CRA) instructional sequence. This
Each deck contains 26 cards that give your students practice adding within 20 using 10 mental math strategies to increase their addition fluency.The cards are in a fun detective theme with 4 different game-like formats: word problems, fill in the blank, true or false, and movable pieces. The cards a
1st - 3rd
This packet includes 10 mental math strategy posters and other resources IN SPANISH that help students build mental math fluency (0-20). This product helps students acquire strategies to help solve basic addition and subtraction problems flexibly and fluently. The strategies included in this packet
Looking for a fun way to practice addition facts to 20? You've found it! Looking for a number recognition game for young learners? You've found it! This product can be used with kindergarten students as a number recognition game. It can also be used with 1st and 2nd graders who are practicing additi
K - 2nd

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