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The perfect addition to your math instruction! Teaching students how to add and subtract can be really, really hard! These math strategies reference posters are the perfect solution to help your kindergarten and first-grade students remember their addition and subtraction strategies. Help your students develop a strong number sense with these math posters.  BUNDLE & SAVE Find these math strategies posters PLUS more addition and subtraction activities when you buy the Addition and Subtractio
Commutative Properties of Addition Worksheets!This is a fantastic set of 22 worksheets that help teach student the commutative property of addition. All worksheets are black and white, no prep printable, so print and you are ready to teach. The worksheets are varied to help the differentiated needs within a classroom, find the worksheets that suit your style of teaching or use the whole lot :)!Worksheet details listed below.Commutative addition using pictures only x 2Commutative addition using p
You are receiving 9 Math Posters for kindergarten and first grade to help with addition problem solving. Great for mini lessons for Math Workshop/Stations or your Math Word Wall. Good support for Common Core instruction. All of these problem solving strategies (posters) are complied on one page as a math tool sheet to be used in math folders, centers or small group.Posters are "I can" statements and are printed 2 to a page.Posters include:How can I solve a Math Problem? (header)"I can use my fin
K - 1st
These printables are designed for math centers, independent practice, homework, or for use in small groups. These worksheets will help students with basic addition and subtraction facts, counting on, fact families, subitizing, and speed/automaticity with math facts. Using manipulatives and Part-Part-Whole mats will reinforce students’ understanding of number bonds and parts of a whole. The answer key provides an instant self-check for students, or you may elect to collect and grade students' wor
I use these addition facts worksheets to help my students memorize their double math facts. These worksheets work well for timed test! There are 15 worksheets total and 2 signs that I use in my classroom. The ZIP file contains PDF files. See my TPT store for more addition and subtraction practice!
1st - 3rd
Use these two-digit and 3 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping strategies, centers, activities, printables, and games for teaching 2-3 digit addition and subtraction strategies. Students will learn to use open number lines, base ten blocks, expanded form (composing and decomposing numbers), and more!The 2-digit addition and subtraction strategies and 3-digit addition and subtraction strategies activities, posters, and centers do not teach using the traditional algorithm! Common Core st
This file includes all of the mental math strategy units in the Complete Addition Collection and the Complete Subtraction Collection. The units in the addition collection include:- Counting On- Doubles- Doubles Plus One- Make a Ten- Making Multiples of Ten- Left to Right Addition- Break ApartThe units in the subtraction collection include:- Counting Up and Counting Back- Using Addition to Subtract- Using Doubles and Near Doubles- Get to Ten and Subtract the Rest- Compensation- Break Apart for Su
Ready for your students to FINALLY stop counting on their fingers? This pack focuses on learning and utilizing addition strategies. There are posters, crafts, activities, flap-books, pocket-books, sorts, word problems, and more! Strategy Cards for:Counting OnDouble UpRelated FactsMake TenFlip-FlopMake a ModelMaking Doubles Craft: Double Dude (all templates included) Plus a template to make a Making Tens Man! Students display their facts on craftRelated Facts House Craft- students make a fact f
Counting on is one of the first strategies that most students use for addition. When we count on, we begin with the largest number and count up by ones. For example, to solve 5+3, start with 5 and count up: “6, 7, 8.”This resource includes a variety of materials for teaching the counting on strategy and is separated into three sections to make differentiation seamless: 0-10, 0-20, and 0-100.This unit includes:Counting On Strategy Reference PosterThinking About Math strategy reflectionClassroom M
This is a set of 20 worksheets to help students solve addition problems by counting on from the larger number. All worksheets are black and white printables, so should be easy to use!16 sheets the drawing is done for the students4 sheets the students can draw the objects to help them count onEnjoy! Customer Tips: *** How to get TPT credits to use on future purchases ***Go to your My Purchases page. Beside each purchase you'll see a Provide Feedback button, click it and you will be taken to a pag
Doubles occur all around us in real life. Think about fingers and toes (5+5), egg cartons (6+6) or the wheels on a car (2+2). For this reason, most students find it easy to remember the doubles facts.When students know the doubles facts, they can use them to figure out other nearby facts. For example, if a student knows 6+6, then 6+7 can easily be figured out by adding one more.Knowing the doubles facts makes many other addition strategies easier, so in this strategy unit we will focus on learni
This unit was created to cover understanding numbers. There are activities to introduce and review addition strategies up to a sum of 20 and subtraction strategies with a difference from 20. It includes 15 days worth of lesson plans to be used as a guide. These plans follow a guided math format that include a warm up, mini whole group lesson, independent practice, and small group ideas for you to use in your classroom. All activities come in color and black and white. Center direction and record
Wondering how to help your students build true addition fluency this year? Too often math fact fluency is viewed as only speed and accuracy. But it also incorporates flexibility and appropriate strategy use. It's no secret that there is a big gap in many students' math fact understanding. To help bridge this gap, we need to focus on conceptual understanding when it comes to math facts. This addition strategy bundle is designed to teach math facts in a conceptual, flexible way. We don't want stud
Guided Math Lessons for Second Grade Unit 3 Addition and Subtraction Strategies***Spanish Supplement File now Included****Recently UPDATED! This packet is detailed and differentiated lesson plans, activities, games, and cards for your guided math whole group and small group lessons! From the first minute of your math block to the last, your plans are done! These are detailed, fun, hands-on, lessons and activities for you to teach every day! This is unit 3 of 9 total units in the second grade g
A near double is a fact that is close to a doubles fact. This is best illustrated with manipulatives such as ten frames (see the preview file). Near doubles can include the double plus one more, double plus two more, or the double minus one or two. This unit includes:Near Doubles Reference Poster to post in your classroom for easy reference Thinking About Math strategy reflectionClassroom Math Talk: Use these prompts for Number Talks or to get a conversation started about strategies and flexible
Do your students still rely heavily on their fingers when solving addition equations? These addition mental strategies activities have been a game changer in my classroom! I am amazed at the range of strategies my kids are now using!This resource includes a huge range of posters, games, activities and worksheets to teach your students to use addition mental strategies. The strategies that are covered are:• Counting On• Tens Facts (also known as Tens Partners, Friends of Ten or Rainbow Facts)• Do
Help your kiddos master three-digit addition using this "Add Across, Then Down" Expanded Form strategy for adding based on place value. Supports Common Core standards 2.NBT.5 and 3.NBT.2, addition within 1000 based on place value strategies. This strategy requires students to first expand the numbers in a 3-digit addition problem into place value charts, then asks them to add across the rows of the charts to arrive at the total number of hundreds, tens, and ones in the equation. Students then
Make an engaging addition center for learning the counting-on strategy with our fun Snake Activity Cards! Students will model the count-on process and solve addition to 10.45 activity cards to help your students learn to count-on and also find missing addends for additioneach card features an addition problem and a count-on number line snake for each student to use to solve the problem. You will need to laminate these cards and use them with dry-erase (whiteboard) markers, counters, buttons or P
This Bundle contains the following three units! If you already own these units, please do not purchase again! Learning Our Addition StrategiesLearning Our Subtraction StrategiesAddition and Subtraction Math Stations Math Station Description: 3-8: Add and Match- Students match the addition sentence to the sum. (sums up to 18) 9-14: Subtract and Match- Students match the subtraction sentence to the difference. (subtracting from 12 and below) 15-17: Spin and Add- Students spin both spinners to
Fun resources to help students practice the make a ten strategy of addition!Sheets included:4 sheets: solve for the missing addend or sum (practice numbers that make ten)3 sheets: roll a dice (or spin a spinner with #'s 3-8) and add that number of stickers or draw circles to the tens frames. Write equations to match.4 sheets: practice the make a ten strategy with ten frames2 sheets: Cut and paste- cut out the ten equation that will help you solve the given equation3 sheets: center activity-- wri
K - 2nd

Also included in: Make a Ten Strategy Bundle

"Jump! Hop! Step!" Open number line strategy for adding three-digit numbers. Supports Common Core standards 2.NBT.5 and 3.NBT.2, addition within 1000 based on place value strategies. ***Check out the PREVIEW and thumbnails for a detailed view of the strategy!*** This strategy requires students to first draw an open number line beginning in the first number of the equation, then expand the second number into hundreds, tens, and ones to determine the number of jumps (hundreds), hops (tens) and
Make a Ten is a mental math strategy where students use the number combinations that make ten to form connections and relationships to other facts.First, students must learn the number combinations that make 10. Then, they can confidently use those combinations. For example, to solve 8+5, a student might think, “I can take two from the 5 and give it to the 8 to make a ten, and then add the leftover 3 to make 13.” See the free preview for a representation of that thinking using ten frames. This u
Addition games are perfect for helping your students practice their mental math skills.These interactive and engaging addition games will develop your student's skills in using a variety of mental math addition strategies such as counting on, doubles, doubles plus 1 and 2, making ten, adding nine and adding ten. Also included in the pack is an addition strategies sheet to help you teach each strategy and a small answer card for each game so even your struggling students can join in with your mor
K - 2nd
Help your students develop and practice different strategies for solving two-digit addition with this mega-pack of practice sheets! The practice sheets (20 pages plus 20 answer keys) are designed to address a portion of the first grade Common Core standard 1.NBT.4 and give you a quick and easy framework for teaching the types of addition problems specifically called for in this standard. Problem types include 2-digit plus 1-digit without regrouping, 2-digit plus 1-digit with regrouping (composi

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