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I don't know about you, but I'm ready for my kiddos to use other strategies when adding other than counting on their fingers!!! This math unit includes: *Strategy Cards for: Counting On Double Up Related Facts Make Ten Flip-Flop Make a Model *smaller sizes for student journals added 9/9/14* *Maki
7 Addition Strategies to help students become successful math students in Second Grade. Includes: Cheat Sheet for Students and Parents 7 Posters/ Anchor Charts to help describe the strategies for addition
Help your students develop and practice different strategies for solving two-digit addition with this mega-pack of practice sheets! The practice sheets (20 pages plus 20 answer keys) are designed to address a portion of the first grade Common Core standard 1.NBT.4 and give you a quick and easy frame
Teaching your students how to add and subtract can be really, really hard! I am always trying to find concrete ways to help the concepts stick, and one strategy never works for every single student in my class. We use many, many strategies throughout the year and I found myself always drawing the ne
These addition task cards are a great way to help your students practice adding with different addition strategies. With these cards your students can practice adding numbers to 10 using manipulatives, drawings, or mental math. These make a great math center activity, morning work center, or fast fi
This is a student book that can be used to practice addition strategies as they are introduced. Included Strategies: -Draw a picture -Use your fingers -Count objects -Make tally marks -Use a ten's frame -Use a number line -Counting on -Write an equation Enjoy! Team Fannin http://itrunsinthefamily2
Wondering how to help your students build true addition fluency this year? Too often math fact fluency is viewed as only speed and accuracy. But it also incorporates flexibility and appropriate strategy use. It's no secret that there is a big gap in many students' math fact understanding. To help br
This math strategies resource is packed with everything you need to teach addition strategies up to 20! Addition strategies are one of my favorite things to teach. With this resource, they will be your favorite too! Looking for subtraction strategies? Click HERE!The strategies:Plus 0 Plus 1Count upS
Do your students still rely heavily on their fingers when solving addition equations? These addition mental strategies activities have been a game changer in my classroom! I am amazed at the range of strategies my kids are now using!This resource includes a huge range of posters, games, activities a
Addition fact fluency – we all want our young learners to confidently answer their addition facts with no hesitating or counting on fingers. To be able to fluently add within twenty using mental math strategies and know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers is math standard for all second gr
Addition Strategy Posters:Matching SUBTRACTION STRATEGY Posters HERE:Teaching addition strategies to your students is essential for building up their mental computation and problem solving skills. These addition posters will provide a clear, bright and engaging visual reminder for you to display in
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.Counting on is one of the first strategies that most students use for addition. When we count on, we begin with the largest number and count up by ones. For example, to solve 5+3, start with 5 and count up: “6, 7, 8.”This resource includes a
This is a set of 20 worksheets to help students solve addition problems by counting on from the larger number. All worksheets are black and white printables, so should be easy to use!16 sheets the drawing is done for the students4 sheets the students can draw the objects to help them count onThe pac
This growing bundle contains activities and resources that align with the Australian Numeracy Progressions in the area of Additive Strategies. There are resources available across ALL progression levels. AdS1, AdS2, AdS3, AdS4, AdS5, AdS6, AdS7, AdS8I will continue to add games and resources to this
This FIRST GRADE product was created as a companion to the GoMath Curriculum. This resource is an UNOFFICIAL companion and is NOT endorsed by Houghton Mifflin. I have used Chapter 3 – Addition Strategies, as a guide in creating these math centers. Lesson numbers are included in the centers to help g
This lesson plan unit focuses on adding and subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers within 1000 in the guided math workshop model using strategies based on place value. Strengthen your students' addition strategies and subtraction strategies with the lessons in this unit. It includes an array of strategi
Addition games are perfect for helping your students practice their mental math skills.These interactive and engaging addition games will develop your student's skills in using a variety of mental math addition strategies such as counting on, doubles, doubles plus 1 and 2, making ten, adding nine an
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy Collection.Make a Ten is a mental math strategy where students use the number combinations that make ten to form connections and relationships to other facts.First, students must learn the number combinations that make 10. Then, they can confidently use
This unit is part of the Mental Math Strategy CollectionDoubles occur all around us in real life. Think about fingers and toes (5+5), egg cartons (6+6) or the wheels on a car (2+2). For this reason, most students find it easy to remember the doubles facts.When students know the doubles facts, they c
This is the sixth unit in my 1st Grade Guided Math curriculum. This resource consists 21 lessons for working with Addition Strategies to 20. This unit is aligned to the CCSS and TEKS.The 21 lessons in this unit focus on:* Addition review* Turn around facts* Adding Zero (introducing mental math)*
Addition strategies can be difficult for young students to apply independently- especially when they haven’t had enough practice with the format of questions we use on our assessments. This resource can be used in a variety of ways to give your kids the exposure they need to be successful! *This res
These Hands-on and Mental Math Addition Strategies Posters serve as a colorful visual of important math strategies. Simply print and laminate each poster, then display as you introduce each strategy. The following Hands-On Strategies are included: Draw a Picture Count Objects Join Cubes Using Coun
Addition Strategies Anchor Chart Looking for an anchor chart to support your student's understanding of addition strategies? Check out this product. Included you will find 6 different strategies and 1 quick reference guide for parents and/or students. *******************************************
This is a simple game using a six sided dice, 2 colors of counters, and a clear spinner or pencil and paperclip. It's a great way for pairs of students to review four different addition strategies: doubles, +1, +2, and +3. Happy playing!

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