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*UPDATE*: I've decided to put this in Word format so you can edit the categories to fit the issues you are dealing with. This behavior checklist would best suit a child who has already been diagnosed with ADHD or has the same symptoms as ADHD. It isn't a screener to identify possible ADHD. I have personally used it for my 8 year-old son for a few months now, and it has helped him to be more conscientious of his actions throughout the day. I designed this daily behavior checklist to help enf
K - 6th
This is a 31 question tool to HELP determine if SENSORY is the function of behavior. This tool helps to guide WHAT is the function of behavior or WHY is the behavior occurring? Each question is broken down to why things are being asked and with a specific emphasis on explaining each sensory question. You can print and write in your data OR type in your data by filling in the PDF.This should be only one tool that you use to explore sensory processing and behavior. This is an informal tool that is
Looking for all of the attention/organization-focused products in my store in one place? Look no further! Instead of individually having to sort through products and add them to your cart, just purchase this single bundle (and at a discount!) You’ll also receive several items that you can’t get anywhere else!This bundle contains several different activities you can use to help teach school success, executive functioning, and organization skills to students who many be diagnosed with ADHD or have
Are you looking for PROBLEM SOLVING SOLUTIONS AND DATA COLLECTION for MTSS / RTI or accommodations for common student issues? This has over 100 STRATEGIES THAT YOU CAN USE RIGHT NOW! This packet is PERFECT for multiple things:For teachers to trial strategies as a pre-referral before referring students to evaluations. Get the data you need before you get the referrals! To explore and track accommodations for current students on your caseload. This has over 100 strategies related to fine motor,
This {USEFUL TEACHER TOOL} is a checklist of 38 ADHD accommodations to help students feel and be successful in your classroom or learning environment! I have compiled a list of accommodations that I have been able to implement on my own in my general education classroom to help those students with ADHD and/or ADHD tendencies be more successful! Every child is different, so I have included a variety of accommodations to try! This list has been a life-saver in my classroom, year after year! *Y
This product is meant to be used to help students with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and Specific Learning Disabilities on improving their Organization Skills / Behavioral Management which is a common struggle for students with ADHD, ADD, and Learning Disabilities. This product requires the student to evaluate themselves on a Yes/Needs Improvement/No scale on common classroom procedure of a neat backpack, completed homework, attitude, organiza
The simple CheckList is not so simple any more! This program allows you to write and store up to 50 four-step CheckLists. (In my experience, young children become overwhelmed with too many steps. If a project requires more than four steps, make more than one CheckList! Each time a list is completed, kids feel they are progressing. Accomplishment feels good!) Students with ADHD, students with Autism/Aspergers, students who struggle with organization, students who struggle to work independently, s
Many students (ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, etc.) struggle with their executive functioning skills, failing to keep track of each “to do” that is required in middle school, high school, and college classes. This digital Google Sheet is a time-saving template meant to help students organize their whole to do list, keep track of important links & contact info, and more! Students can use the weekly view, daily view or class view. They simply type what they have to do, and then check it
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Not Grade Specific
Are you looking for the ultimate SCHOOL BASED FUNCTIONAL tool for evaluation or screeners? This tool covers FOURTEEN domain areas with easy to follow checklist so teachers, therapist, and staff can easily fill this out. Many tasks are broken down by components so that you can easily figure out where the student is having difficulty with the task. This is great for special education teachers and occupational therapists for evaluations, screenings, to record baseline data and keep track of progres
Students use this document to check off routines and tasks as they complete them. I have included one version with the tasks filled out and a version that can be filled in with your own desired tasks. This is a helpful tool to encourage students to be organized. I have used this checklist for students with learning disabilities, anxiety, autism, and ADHD. This tool has been very beneficial for each learner. This document was also helpful for me. I was better able to keep track of their off-t
1st - 8th
This behavior checklist would best suit a child who has already been diagnosed with ADHD or has the same symptoms as ADHD. It isn't a screener to identify possible ADHD. I have personally used it for my 8 year-old son for a few months now, and it has helped him to be more conscientious of his actions throughout the day. I designed this daily behavior checklist to help enforce independence and responsibility to the child. The student has the duty of filling the sheet out, then the teacher sim
This is a Visual Supports Checklist of visual supports that are helpful for students in special education, students struggling with behavior, and/or students with ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism. As a school social worker, every time I received a new referral, I would try to mentally recall my visual "bag of tricks" that has helped me help kids for the last 15 years. I finally decided to create a checklist so I could just pull one out for each student, and so I wouldn't forget all the tools that have
PreK - 12th, Staff
Hi! As a neurodivergent human myself, I know that quick, easy, accessible tools are absolutely the best for students with these needs (and the ones they're most likely to use themselves.I created this for a student who struggled with using a traditional planner. I included a column for teacher initials to add a layer of accountability, a quick checklist that will help with organization, and two formats for the days of the week.*Columns can be added to address specific concerns! I used this for a
Not Grade Specific
How to UseGive each student a laminated copy of this checklist to go over every morning when they arrive at school. Going through this checklist helps ground students and supports them in feeling prepared, grounded, and regulated for learning. This checklist is also appropriate for trauma-sensitive classrooms.Who Should UseThis support tool is ideal for teachers and parents of children with executive function difficulties, or for classroom use with all kids. While all students can most assuredly
This product is developed for Special Education teachers to use to communicate the accommodations that work best for a particular student who has ADHD. The list is extremely thorough and suggests accommodations that may not have been considered by the SPED teacher. Accommodations are listed for the following categories:Discussion/ QuestioningIndependent WorksheetsAssessmentsCentersProjectsReportsReadingWritingDrawingGroupsNote-takingPresentationsOrganizational SkillsComputersThere are a number o
Not Grade Specific
These is a resource that will hopefully help those students who are not as organized or focused. Students who are ADD, ADHD or lack ability to stay focused might benefit from these resources. Includes: -Organized Table, Desk, Toolbox Checklists. (For those who don't' have traditional desk or toolbox.) There is a blank one so that it can be personalized. It is not editable but you may message me for editable version. The font may change if it is emailed. There is a spot for photo of an organized
Editable desk strips to assist students with setting themselves up in the morning, and/or organising their belongings. These have proven to be helpful for students with autism, ADHD/ADD, poor organisational skills. Fully EDITABLE, you can adapt these to suit your needs.
1st - 12th
This is an editable checklist for students who may struggle significantly with organization in the school setting. This has been utilized with students who have ADHD, or Autism Spectrum Disorders, but can be used with any student who struggles to get and stay organized at school.
I use this checklist for my students who struggle to remember our "beginning of class" routines and benefit from a visual aid to keep them on track. This has proven particularly effective with my students with autism and/or ADHD. This is an editable document, so feel free to adapt it to your needs!
This is a student-centered guide intended to be laminated. It is designed to support students with ADHD through developing their skills towards social-emotional learning and self-regulation. This guide lists several states of mind with hand-drawn graphics and appropriate text translated in child-friendly language. Additionally, a light pastel colour palette was chosen to help facilitate a mental state of tranquility and healing.The guide also has a checklist and a small area for doodling, which
2nd - 6th
This is a great checklist to include in a student's report card! If you have students that require adaptations due to ADD or ADHD, this is a great checklist to use so that parents can easily see the extra support that their child is getting. The checklist is very quick to fill out. All you have to do is put a check mark beside every adaptation that applies to that student in your classroom. This page was created for intermediate students, but could also be used for upper primary and middle schoo
**********this is one of the most requested forms*************Teacher’s Checklist for Attention ConcernsThis for is titled: Teacher’s Checklist for Attention ConcernsThis is a wonderful form for classroom teachers to document student attention concerns and behavior.This form Mirrors the characteristics found on diagnostic checklists. It lists the characteristics of ADHD in easy to understand language. This form has proven to ease parent conferences and gives the parent a concrete understandin
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a two page "Checklist" for teachers looking for practical ADHD accommodations that they can try before pursuing other levels of intervention. This is an easy way to for teachers to review accommodations that can be made in their classrooms, as well as document what has been tried, and what may or may not work. Every student is unique! This sheet has eleven sections, under two categories, Inattention, and Hyperactivity. Each section reviews simple accommodations to address these two fa
Kids and students can learn to stay focused and on task when given a visual checklist when working on tasks. Great resource for kids with Autism, ADHD, learning disability, and developmental delays.Follow my new
1st - 12th, Staff

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