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ads fallacies

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Ten page, 45f advertising images handout for students to evaluate for use of logical fallacies and the same images in presentation format as a pdf. Most of the ads are real, some are parodies I found, and some I created. Students really enjoy analyzing the ads--and trying to figure out which ones
10th - 12th, Higher Education
Want students to apply their understanding of logical fallacies to advertisements?Want students to analyze methods of persuasion in a real-world context? This interactive Nearpod presentation features 6 advertisements that use a variety of logical fallacies. Popular advertisements will get students
Looking for simple, easy to comprehend notes rhetorical fallacies? Look no more. This handout on ad hominem attacks is simple to follow and includes an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding. See my accompanying CLOZE notes to facilitate the note-taking process. Vanessa Free
This is a great primer for introducing logical fallacies to your Debate, English or Civics class. This lesson uses advertisements which are familiar and approachable to students to help them not only comprehend what logical fallacies are but to be critical of what the intended goal is of the ads. Sp
Context: This assignment is given before types of fallacies are taught, as a way for students to be able to recognize agendas in commercials and fallacious reasoning. Assignment Procedures : 1.) Choose 5 relevant commercials on YouTube to show to your class for this analysis. This will take som
Looking for simple, easy to comprehend, scaffoled notes rhetorical fallacies? Look no more. This CLOZE activity accompanies my handout on ad hominem attacks. It is simple to follow and includes an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding. See my accompanying handout entitled A
Teach your students about the different fallacies used in advertising. Lesson plan includes an outline, assignment, and assessment rubric. Students learn about a few different fallacies used in ads and then go and find ads of their own that match the fallacies.
This project is a brain-challenging assignment after a study on rhetorical fallacies. Students are asked to create a piece of advertising of a logical fallacy chosen from a list. Projects are collected and each student (or you) may present each project to test if the class can guess the fallacy. Thi
10th - 12th, Higher Education
kids use logical fallacies to make an ad rubric
7th - 9th
This worksheet explains the fallacies and has students write their own examples.
7th - 10th
This assignment is a great one to use in conjunction with a logical fallacy unit. Students can see the ways in which they are manipulated through media while also identifying the fallacies being used. Handout and teacher's notes about suggested commercials included.
9th - 12th
This is a comprehensive list for students new to logical fallacies. The definitions given are in student-friendly language and are appropriate for ages 12 and up.
7th - 12th
Help students identify logical fallacies with this 40-slide introductory lecture featuring definitions and modern examples relevant to their lives. Slides download as both Prezi Next and Google Slides versions.Use the optional guided notesheet to help students who need note-taking structure or assis
This easy-prep complete teaching pack for propaganda and logical fallacies will get your students ready to analyze persuasive texts with a fundamental understanding of the techniques used in persuasion. Student Experience: Students will learn, practice, and review the key terms that fall under the
Logical fallacies are a critical component to any argument analysis unit! Teach your students this essential life skill through engaging, real-life examples, videos, commercials, print advertisements, and literature examples. You will be able to help your students become critical consumers of inform
This fun and colorful lesson includes a 43-slide powerpoint and maze activity in color and black & white. Each slide is bright and concise with kid-friendly language and many slides include clipart. There are also 16 embedded youtube videos and 3 youtube links (video settings wouldn't allo
Want to help your students critically analyze and evaluate speeches and/or commercials? Ready to teach what makes a speech “sound good”, or why some arguments flop?This dense flipbook of nine mini-lessons will elicit stronger analytical skills from your writers to get visible growth, AND they get a
Fun and novel way to assess your student's knowledge of persuasion: a maze!! Directions: Students begin at the box under the large "start here" arrow. They decide the type of persuasion shown and follow their choice to the next box and continue through the maze until the “END” box. Every box inc
Your students will get a fun and engaging introductory lesson to 10 of the most common logical / rhetorical fallacies using memes and the included handout.The interactive slide show allows students to play along and try to determine which fallacy is represented by each meme. The included handout has
6th - 12th
For a persuasive unit, one of the most challenging components (for students and teachers) is the rhetorical or logical fallacy. Identifying and analyzing them within a text or persuasive speech is difficult. This interactive notebook activity is intended to help with that. This packet includes: * Cu
Trying to put together a high-interest lesson series for propaganda/persuasive devices and logical fallacy? Look no more! This bundle includes lesson plans and materials for teaching students persuasive devices and logical fallacies using images, commercials, and text examples. What's inside?
This file includes 24 posters designed to colorfully decorate your room with knowledge of logical fallacies. Each poster includes the term, the definition, and an example. Words included are: Inductive Reasoning Deductive Reasoning Claim Argument Conclusion Premises Logical Fallacy Appeals to Emoti
This set includes 24 colorful, illustrated word wall posters with relevant definitions and examples written in kid-friendly language. Vocabulary included: Ad Hominem Appeal to Emotion Appeal to Reason Argument by Cause and Effect Bait and Switch Bandwagon Bias Counter-Argument Exaggeration
Common Core Aligned. Critical analysis of texts is a strong focus of the CCSS. This lesson is designed with PPT lectures, student notes, and engaging activities to help you instruct your students to better understand and evaluate the fundamentals of arguments and persuasive techniques. This lesson

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