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adverbs time

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This file is a set of 16 flashcards for the most common adverbs of time. They can be used in many ways to practice using adverbs in sentences, games following instruction or simply as a review. You can get students to write sentences using each card and share them as a whole class. The pictures with
Need a creative and competitive way to practice and improve understanding and responding to Wh-questions: How often ,What time, Who and How? This fantastic question card game use Simple Present Tense to practice answering questions and understanding question meaning. Students are encouraged to use
"Time clauses give me a headache," an ESL student of mine once moaned. I created this grammar guide with that student in mind to simplify and clarify adverb clauses of time, and all of my students since then have understood them better. Each has sentence examples with explanations to help student
10th - 12th, Adult Education
This product relates to adverbs of time/frequency. Ideal if you want to review adverbs of time.It introduces students to adverbs of time vocabulary and a guide to word order. It outlines where the adverb is usually positioned in a sentence when using the verb 'to be', main verb and auxiliary verbs
Spanish Preterit Irregulars with Adverbs of Time 20 Sentence Translations - Students translate 20 English to Spanish preterit sentences with irregular verbs estar, hacer, poder, poner, querer, tener, and venir. Also included are time adverbs such as yesterday, last month, last weekend, and last nig
"Nunca, nunca, nunca" is the Spanish version of Taylor Swift's "We are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together," performed by the fabulous Kevin, Karla & la Banda. I use this song *twice* in Spanish I, first to introduce frequency words like "nunca," "muchas veces" and "siempre," and then later t
7th - 10th
Students translate 25 sentences with reflexive verbs and adverbs of time such as a menudo, tarde, nunca, temprano, todos los dias and todas las noches. Verbs included are ducharse, afeitarse, banarse, despertarse, levantarse, maquillarse, cepillarse, peinarse and irse. Students are also instructed
Students translate 20 sentences with food vocabulary and adverbs such as a menudo, nunca, siempre, de vez en cuando. They are also instructed to write a Spanish word under each of the 8 clip art images. A sample sentence is "You never cook dinner." Verbs used are comer, beber, comprar, cocinar and
In this worksheet adverbs of time and frequency are explained to the learners.For the first activity of the worksheet learners need to say what adverbs of time and frequency are in their own words.For the second activity learners need to rewrite the sentences by filling in the adverbs in the correc
3rd - 4th
This is a set of flash cards that can be used in pocket charts to teach adverbs that tell when an action happens. Young learners can take turns reading the word, then using it in a complete sentence and writing the sentence on chart paper then circle the word. An activity sheet is also included.
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together in Spanish: Class Activities to Practice Adverbs of Time (Adverbios de tiempo)Today's song is the Spanish version of a Taylor Swift hit and it was suggested by Anne G. Your students will enjoy this version and practice adverbs of time such as nunca, siempre, a
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This resource includes three different game boards. It is great for identifying when to use the adverbs of time, place and manner in a sentence.Students must choose the correct adverb to complete the sentence and drag it to the banner. Each correct answer reveals a word from the mystery sentence. On
3rd - 6th
Students love these cooperative learning, hands on vocabulary puzzles! With this activity, students match Spanish / English adverbs of time and frequency. There are 27 different words included in the puzzle. Sample words are a menudo, ahora, anoche, anteayer, de vez en cuando, hoy, mañana, nunca, r
5th - 12th
Students translate 10 English to Spanish sentences containing the Spanish verb ir in the preterit with possessive adjectives, adverbs of time, family, and city vocabulary. A sample sentence is, "My aunt and I went to the lake with our grandmother last Sunday."Students must also provide the preterit
7th - 12th, Higher Education
This is a matching activity on time adverbs in English and French. I designed it for my French EFL students but it can also be used in an ESL classroom with French students or in a French as a foreign language class with English native speakers to work on time adverbs and expressions.In this exe
Not Grade Specific
JW Adverbs of Time-Free Time Hobbies Classroom-Distance-Homeschool-Google Drive BundleJunior's World Study Bundle for the Classroom, Distance Learning, or Homeschooling Google Drive Folder LinkThis “Junior's World” unit has a grammar & phonics folder & a vocabulary folder for a complete set
1st - 6th
Students replace the underlined direct object from the first sentence with a direct object pronoun in the second sentence and then supply the English for both sentences. There are 13 sets of 2 sentences. The sentences contain common verbs in the preterit tense and many also contain adverbs of time o
8th - 12th
Students replace the underlined direct object from the first sentence with a direct object pronoun in the second sentence and then supply the English for both sentences. There are 13 sets of 2 sentences. The sentences contain common verbs in the preterit tense and many also contain adverbs of time o
8th - 12th
This resource contains:Reference with 15 adverbs of time used with the preterit, ir conjugated in the preterit, and 6 English / Spanish sentences using both.Same as above, but students write the translations of the 6 English sentences.Same as above, but students supply the Spanish adverb for the Spa
Spanish Preterit Sentence Translations With Adverbs of Time - This activity can either be used as a practice worksheet or a quiz to test understanding of the preterit. It contains 10 short English to Spanish preterit sentence translations with time adverbs such as yesterday and last night. The
This is a comprehensive resource on adverbs of time, aligned with ACARA and NAPLAN requirements. It includes clear power-point slides and a worksheet with answers. This is also useful as a relief lesson! How good is that? When you are away, your kids are still getting ready for NAPLAN!! Grab this
A slideshow to introduce the the most common adverbs of frequency used with the imperfect tense in Spanish and a couple activities to practice!After the 'notes' section, there are 20 slides set up like flashcards that each have one of the phrases. There are 2 different "directions" slides you can c
This is a powerpoint to teach Adverbs of Time. Useful for English grammar, language arts, or ESL/EFL.The powerpoint has an introduction, guided practice and indepedent exercises with answers.Perfect for Adverbs of Time lesson
Not Grade Specific
Gateway Express Frequency Adverbs-Prepositions of Time & Hobbies Study Bundle for Classroom, Distance Learning, or Homeschooling Google Drive Folder LinkThe Gateway Express Course has 4 levels with 10 grammar and vocabulary class study units and 10 music/reinforcement units. Zoom in on the phot
Not Grade Specific

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