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Are you looking for media literacy activities that will engage your students? This bundle includes 6 different resources and includes activities such as poetry, writing, discussion topics, ad technique, student social media survey and more! My students have always enjoyed working on a Media Unit and
Media Literacy & Advertising - Looking for a fun way to engage and hook students into a Media Awareness Unit? These activities involve using advertising slogans and icons to create poems, as a writing prompt, as a classroom activity, and more! Includes all instructions, templates, and workshee
Advertising / Media Literacy - Students pick an ad from a magazine or a print ad they have found online and then analyze the advertising techniques used to present the product. This is a fun and engaging way to review the strategies advertisers use to persuade people to buy their products. This wo
We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by advertisements. Whether you're watching TV, listening the radio, or even playing with an app on your phone-- ads are everywhere! Educate your students on the types, techniques, and mediums used in advertisements. Shake up some creativity with
Shark Tank/Dragon's Den Project Based Learning - Advertising ActivityLoosely based on the popular TV shows Shark Tank, and Dragon's Den, students are challenged to identify a need and invent a solution. They must must also create a advertising plan and poster to sell their product idea. In my class
Fun and novel way to assess your student's knowledge of persuasion: a maze!! Directions: Students begin at the box under the large "start here" arrow. They decide the type of persuasion shown and follow their choice to the next box and continue through the maze until the “END” box. Every box inc
Students enjoy studying media literacy. This food analysis activity has lesson plans, worksheets, and other tools to teach marketing and advertising in food products. This unit does not have students create their own advertisements. Rather, students analyze and evaluate real marketing campaigns help
A bundle of lessons, activities, powerpoints, quizzes, assessments and printables on the theme of advertising.Bright, colourful, aligned to Australian National Curriculum Standards (but will easily meet other Curriculum outcomes). Adaptable and usable across different grades. Included: PDF - 3 Adve
With this activity students will use their knowledge of the Jamestown colony to create a persuasive help-wanted ad. They should consider what jobs may have been underrepresented in the young colony, and create an advertisement that persuades new settlers from England that can perform those jobs.Pur
A fun fill-in-the-blanks assignment to use during an advertisement or even a persuasive unit. It asks students to recall catchy slogans, jingles and mascots. It also asks for students to design a new slogan for a popular pizza place following the given set of slogan creating tips.I have students rac
Whether you're driving down the road, watching TV, or playing with your phone, advertisements are sure to make an appearance. In this activity business or marketing students will research the types of advertising and complete a graphic organizer defining each type of advertising, describing the purp
In this scenario, students will use advertising techniques to create a print advertisement fit for a magazine! Assignment task, details, and rubric assessment are provided. Just print and hand out to students. They really enjoy being able to use their creativity to create an effective ad! I gene
This activity should be used to accompany the Media Literacy presentation/mini-unit available in my store. Use this activity to teach about the persuasion techniques used in advertising. The file contains a worksheet and examples of print ads that exemplify different persuasion techniques. Place
I used this activity sheet to teach about supply and demand and store competition. I went to two different grocery stores and got enough of each store advertisement for each student. The students searched for the products and prices and decided where they would purchase each item and why. They loved
This is a great online-learning resource for high school ELA students to complete digitally while schools are closed due to the Covid-19 virus. You can share the slideshow and digital lessons with your students via Google Classroom or by posting it on your platform of choice. This is a creative eth
My students never thought of Snapchat as a marketing tool...even though they were in a marketing class! So I created this activity so that they could unveil the history of "their favorite app"....EXPLORE how brands can market on Snapchat....and INVESTIGATE several Snapchat marketing success storie
Students from different countries often have trouble navigating the simple things that we take for granted. Reading a supermarket advertizement or circular teaches real life skills ( which are so important with CCS!), while also practicing key vocabulary. This activity has students plan a meal for
Students will read the following examples of advertisements from actual Everest guide companies. While reading, circle or highlight words, phrases, or features that persuade you to select their tour. Afterwards, students will write a paragraph explaining which company you would choose and why you
In Sarah, Plain and Tall, Papa puts an advertisement in the newspaper for a wife. This activity is FUN and helps the kids to really learn and remember what the word advertisement means. They will read two funny newspaper advertisements, then plan and design their own ad to sell a toy they own. Th
Make Your Own Advertisement: This activity is designed as a pre-writing/writing activity for students studying persuasion and persuasive writing.
These are three engaging worksheets for students to use to guide their thinking. Use to teach persuasive writing, advertising, descriptive words & adjectives, or as a simple entrepreneurial activity! There is one blank advertising sheet, then one to advertise cereal and another to advertise a
Use this activity as a way to hep your students brainstorm ideas for an advertising project in which they create their own product. Worksheet contains everything your students need (after an introduction to propaganda) to begin creating their own product to market to the rest of the class.
Media Literacy and Advertising – Students will love this 14 day comprehensive media unit! A very detailed Unit Overview provides the teacher with ready-to-use lessons, activities, and discussion talking points. Creating a cereal and designing the box will get students excited about ELA! Unit Inclu
Generate brand awareness in your students by exposing them to the process of rebranding. Students will love to learn about marketing and advertising strategies and a specific rebranding of a candy bar they see regularly at the gas station. They will become aware of brands that have successfully re

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