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AFRICAN ANIMALS PART 1 – POWERPOINT PRESENTATION22 animals are looked at with 357 slides showing ORIGINAL REAL LIFE photos with text. These animals include the: baboon, Cape Buffalo, crocodile, elephant, African foxes, giraffe, hippo, hyena, impala, kudu, lion, monkey, African owls, rhino, snakes, s
This is a lovely set of 36 three part cards about African animals. It includes a selection of mammals, reptiles and birds.Animals included are:elephant, giraffe, zebra, gazelle, cheetah, leopard, hyena, hippopotamus, lion, lioness, aardvark, rhinoceros, buffalo, impala, jackal, okapi, springbok, afr
Montessori three part vocabulary cards featuring photographs. All of our animal three part cards have a black card outline so that they can be mixed with other animal sets to suit your lesson theme. e.g. animals in a story, animals in your local area, etc. Set of 30 vocabulary words: elephant, mo
Montessori African Animal Matching Cards (Parent to Baby) **Match the picture of the parent to the picture of it's baby** Contains 8 Pairs of Matching Cards (16 Cards Total)
This is a Montessori inspired 3 part cards on savanna animals. This learning material is perfect for introducing animals in the grasslands/savanna of Africa, and works well for identification, matching activity and early reading.There are 16 animals in this set, namely: ➤ ostrich ➤ cobra ➤ African
African Animals: Match-up Cards This is a fun activity for younger children in your class to recognize, learn the names, and match these popular African animal cards. This set includes: • 16 picture cards on 4 charts • 16 Animal cards for matching • One card with all the animal names to be used as
African Animals: 3-Part Cards (color borders) - Beautiful photographs that show the animals of Africa. Cards have green borders - which follow the traditional Montessori map colors.Includes:17 pictures with labels17 pictures without labels17 labelstitle cardCards with label are approx. 3½ x 3¼", car
A companion to our African Animals resources, this digital download includes 5 large format lacing cards. Both front and reverse images are included to allow you to create beautiful themed lacing cards for your classroom.Included are:- elephant- giraffe- lion- rhinoceros- zebraCards measure between
This is a great activity for young ones. Based on Montessori ideas and activities, this can be used in conjunction with toy animal figurines. Figurines can be found at any craft or toy store. Print, laminate and cut out cards. Place them in a bin with the figurines, use for center activities, or "I'
Begin the first stages of multi-piece puzzles with these 2 piece animal matching puzzles. Your child/student will work on their visual-spacial reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving, and deductive reasoning as they find the matching heads and tails pieces of these African animal puzzles. Alig
Montessori Nomenclature 3-Part Cards AFRICAN ANIMALS 12 Animals Depicted with Labels and Control Card *Cheetah, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Lion, Crane, Ostrich, Lemur, Gorilla, Hyena, Warthog, Giraffe, Zebra
African Animals: 3-Part Cards - Beautiful photographs of animals that life in Africa.Includes:17 pictures with labels17 pictures without labels17 labelstitle cardCards with label are approx. 3½ x 3¼", cards without label are approx. 1" shorter. You may be interested in:African CultureAfrican FlagsAf
SAMPLE QUESTION Which opportunistic carnivore has the strongest jaw in the animal kingdom? GREAT FOR AFRICA STUDIES! This POWERFUL interactive slide show takes the viewer through a basic study of individual African Animals. Original photos and video snippets enhance the text. Presentations may be
This is a set of twelve photographs of African animals with labels. Where possible, the animals are shown in the wild rather than in a zoo environment. A set of cards with blank labels is included as well, so that the cards can be created with cursive labels or in another language. These cards are d
African foxes include the Bat-Eared fox, the Cape fox and the Fennec fox.A FUN, MOTIVATING WAY FOR LEARNERS OF ALL AGES TO ENGAGE!GREAT FOR AFRICA STUDIES! READING LESSONS! LIFE SCIENCE LESSONS! RESEARCH PAPERSI have found that presenting students with materials that allow them to discover knowledge
A COMPLETE MINI-LESSON ON AFRICA’S CATS! THE CHEETAH - Interactive PowerPoint Presentation. INDIVIDUAL AFRICAN CAT PRESENTATIONS, contain further information, more photos and possible video snippets.AFRICAN PREDATORS includes the following cats: lion, leopard, cheetah, serval and caracalThis POWERFU
A COMPLETE MINI-LESSON ON AFRICA’S CATS! THE CARACAL - PowerPoint Presentation INDIVIDUAL ANIMAL PRESENTATIONSContain further information, more photos and possible video snippets AFRICAN PREDATORS includes the following cats:- lion, leopard, cheetah, serval, caracal GREAT FOR AFRICA STUDIES! READ
During the presentation:-Learners may record their answers to posed questions or simply give a verbal response.Learners may take notes by recording keyword/phrases from the slides.Learners may write a report/summary/speech at the end of the presentation. I have found that presenting learners with ma
The set of Animals of Africa montessori three part nomenclature cards. Take a look at the preview for details, please.The three-part cards help your kids to form their vocabulary and improve the language. The cards can be used as the foundation of reading, writing, classification, culture, geography
Use these cards as part of your study of the African savanna. When using the Montessori three part cards, children are given the card with the label and then must match the separate picture and label. This set includes the top 11 savanna animals including:-lion-elephant-giraffe-leopard-rhinoceros-
This set includes 24 different NOMENCLATURE CARDS (Three-Part Cards) of the following AFRICAN / SAFARI / JUNGLE ANIMALS:• African Wild Dog• Baboon• Black Crowned Crane• Black Mamba• Cheetah• Elephant• Flamingo• Giraffe• Gorilla• Hippopotamus• Hyena• Impala• Lemur• Leopard• Lion• Meerkat• Nile Crocod
Series: African Animals How many cards? 12 Vocabulary: Antelope, buffalo, cheetah, hippopotamus, hyena, crocodile, giraffe, zebra, gorilla, lion, rhinoceros, and elephant. Our nomenclature cards can be printed out in beautiful full color or black and white. What are nomenclature cards? Montessori
Montessori 3 part matching cards with a selection of African animals. Animal names are in a D'nealian style font.
Montessori 3 part matching cards featuring a selection of African animals. Animal names are written cursive.

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