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This set of scientific method unit is full of activities that will get your kids excited about following the steps of the scientific method! This resource includes experiment ideas, worksheets, printables, activities, lab note sheets, vocabulary and word wall cards. This interdisciplinary unit in
Linear Equations & Slope-Intercept Form - Fun Practice / Review Activity:If students graph all the lines correctly, the page folds up into a paper airplane!This activity is a fun way for your class to practice using slope of a line and graphing using Slope-Intercept Form. One version also inclu
If you are ready for a highly engaging STEM activity, this Airplane Challenge is for you! You know kids love to throw paper airplanes so take advantage of that energy with this STEM project! Students will experiment and use test results to design the ultimate paper plane.Please note: This Activity p
A 4 page hands-on lab that gives students to learn about prepositions (words that indicate locations) by using paper airplanes. Wherever the plane lands, students must write a prepositional phrase to describe the location. Great way to integrate writing and science. Includes a chart of prepositio
3rd - 5th
Plotting Points (Ordered Pairs) on the Coordinate Plane - Fun Activity: If the students plot points correctly and connect the lines as directed, the page folds up into a paper airplane! This activity is a fun way for your class to practice graphing ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. Two versi
5th - 7th
Helicopters, Airplanes, and Hoop FLyers, Oh My! These STEM Challenges are all about flight and using variables to design! These Multi-Day activities will engage students through experimenting and then designing by using their data.This is a terrific money-saving bundle of three fabulous STEM Challen
Articulation Airplanes: Up, up, and away! Your students will love these paper airplanes for speech therapy! Students fold their articulation papers into airplanes after practicing each word on the planes a designated number of times. I also have students pick a word before flying the planes. Student
K - 5th
17 piece transportation clip art set. Includes different modes of transportation plus clouds and banner. The set includes 8 PNG color illustrations, and 9 PNG black line versions. These are high resolution (300 dpi) transparent background graphics. No watermarks will appear on the files that you
This 30 piece transportation set includes: hot air balloon jet plane 1 jet plane 2 propeller plane sea plane helicopter glider plane jet ski sailboat speed boat rescue boat inflatable raft canoe fishing boat ship Image are in color and line art. 300 dpi transparent png format. Available for commer
Students will learn about the science of flight and Bernoulli's Principle while building and testing hot air balloons and White Wings Airplanes. White Wings Airplanes can be purchased on the Pitsco website: https://www.pitsco.com/Whitewings-30-Plane-Competition-Kit. You can find the glue you'll need
This 38-image set is full of high flying planes! Included are 28 vibrant, colored images and 10 black and white versions. **This set was previously included in my USA Graphics Trip. If you were a member of that club, please do not purchase this set- you already own it!** Included images are the f
Takes straw sounds for easy voicing to bring research into your speech therapy sessions. Help treat nodules, polyps with semi-occluded vocal tract exercises.WHAT?Use Straw Phonation, a "Semi-occluded vocal tract exercise" to create back pressure in the voice box (inertive reactance) prior to making
What a fun way to incorporate math and science! Students first make a paper airplane (I googled step-by-step instructions and had all of my students create the same airplane). Then students fly their airplane 8 times. Next, they make some sort of modification to their plane (they may add weight t
Paper Airplane Clip Art Glide into the Back to School season with this playful pack of planes clipart. Design posters to support growth mindset initiatives in meeting objectives and targeting goals with this pack of paper airplane clipart. Make a "Soar Into A New School Year" bulletin board display
Crafty Speech - Paper Airplanes Let's have fun making paper airplanes! Who can fly it the longest? The farthest? This packet include: 1-History of paper airplanes with 2 formats: one article with comprehension questions (print front/back) or mini-book/slideshow with question cards 2-Paper airpl
Not Grade Specific
I LOVE this lab! My students LOVE this lab! When I am introducing the scientific method, few labs are easier to complete than this one and the materials couldn't be easier to prepare. This investigation helps students to understand how the independent and dependent variables affect the distance t
This bundle provides engaging aviation themed Math, Science, and ELA activities to keep students learning and having fun at the end of the year! Begin with having students learn about 1 of 27 famous aviators and complete a Mini-Biography Poster and do a Gallery Walk. Then introduce the science beh
3rd - 5th
In this lesson students learn about the motion and design of paper airplanes. They learn about the following science topics: force, aerodynamics, drag, thrust, gravity, and lift. As an introduction to flight students learn about the Wright Brothers and discuss how airplanes have changed over time an
This is a 1-2 day experiment that introduces students to the 4 forces that act on any flying object (Lift, Thrust, Drag, Gravity) via a hands on project. It provides step by step directions for the students along with questions that promote students to analyze flight patterns. Super Easy & Che
Do your students speak "Airplane"? Do they know about Sir Isaac Newton and Daniel Bernoulli?They will after they complete this lesson!This package of STEM lesson materials includes a PDF slideshow featuring photographs and basic line drawings of a small high-wing- and a small low-wing- airplane, as
This is a set of paper airplane themed clipart.The images included in this set are:card in various stages of being folded to create airplane structure (images are labeled to show them in the correct order)airplanes and paths (dotted lines)children playing with airplanes48 images (24 in color and the
Great Project for Distance Learning and Remote Learning! Do your students start the year struggling with the scientific method, metric measurements, International System of Units (SI) data analysis and graphing? Do they need a STEM activity to practice measuring in the metric system? Maybe you have
A is for Airplane Tot School Unit is intended for 2-3 year old toddlers. It includes one week of plans including tot trays activities, sensory box ideas, art project activities, book lists, and printables. Please email me with any questions you may have before purchasing this product.Jenna Mayprot
This is part of Reading Through History's unit covering the Roaring Twenties. In this download there are three separate lessons dealing with the rise of the automobile and the airline industry during the 1920s. The first lesson covers the impact of Henry Ford's Model T and the assembly line proces

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