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air resistance worksheet

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air resistance worksheet

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Reviews the basic ideas and concepts with gravitational forces, air resistance, and projectile motion
7th - 12th
A 4-page worksheet that covers the nature of gravity and the difference between weight and massthrough a 2-page reading and 7 review questions. Pages 1-2 features a reading exercise on gravity, mass, and weight, including the following topics: Content: - What is gravity - The law of universal g
This PowerPoint and accompanying student note sheets were made for an 8th grade physical science class, but would also work with 7th or 9th grade. Newton's 2nd Law is introduced, F = ma problems are introduced, types of friction (rolling, sliding, static), air resistance, and terminal velocity. Th
This unit in the form of pdf file and covers basics about forces, its types, and Newton's laws of motions with examples along with vocabulary.It also includes numerous worksheets and activities to hands on practice and review of knowledge for the students. Please view the preview to get an idea of w
A 4-page worksheet that covers the nature of forces through a 2-page reading and 12 review questions. Topics include: what are forces, types of forces, contact vs. non-contact forces, vectors, spring scales, newtons (N), free body diagrams, net force, balanced and unbalanced forces, and the effect
A 3-page worksheet that covers the nature of friction through a 1-page reading and 6 review questions. Page 1 features a short reading exercise on friction, including the following topics:Content:- What is friction?- How friction affects the motion of an object- How does friction develop, even betw
This STEM Lessons and Challenges unit focuses on forces that affect movement. Students are challenged to design and create a paper airplane that goes a long distance with accuracy. This unit includes a teacher support page, science concept and visual literacy pages, a challenge page, a suggested mat
This is a fun way to demonstrate and understand "air resistance". All ages enjoy this experiment! It can be conducted inside or outside. Included is a 2 page student experiment worksheet with the Steps of the Scientific Method and a helicopter template. Scissors, paper and paper clips are all t
Forces, Gravity, Push and Pull, Newton WorksheetsThis is a fun 2 page worksheet for teaching children about forces, gravity, push and pull, air resistance and Isaac Newton. There are some colored pictures but works just as well when printed black and whiteThanks so much for stopping by!The Ginger T
This fully resourced lesson included an animated PowerPoint which:makes understanding air resistance as collisions between the front of an object and air particles very easy to understand:demonstrates why streamlined bodies reduce air resistance to travel faster;provides a visual explanation of th
In this activity, students explore how gravity and friction (air resistance) affect the speed of a following object.Students will work in groups of 2-3. The activity takes one class period (~45 minutes), including intro, lab, post-discussion.The materials needed are: one sheet of paper per group (
6th - 12th
This Google Slides, digital AND printable science lesson includes two warm-ups (Slide 1), Cornell notes (Slide 2), a lab activity with directions (Slide 3 and 4), a slide presentation to follow along with the notes, an evaluation sheet for students and/or teachers to use (Slide 5) and answer key (Sl
General InformationA bundle of two worksheets on the mathematics of energy conservationWorksheet focusing on gravitational potential energy and kinetic energyWorksheet that includes interactions between gravitational potential, elastic potential, and kinetic energiesSolutions for all problems and wo
11th - 12th
This bundle places five of our Science Hands On Investigation Packs together for the first time. Science Areas included within each of the five resources include:Light and the sources of LightForcesMaterials: Chemical and Physical Changes in materialsSoundMaterials: Separating MaterialsWhen you purc
This self-grading assignment is simple- if the answer is correct, the box will turn green, if it isn't correct, the box will stay red! These self-grading assignments will save you HOURS of grading and it provides students with instant feedback. Use the drop-down arrows to identify the 7 most common
Not Grade Specific
When you purchase and download this resource, you will receive an 18 page booklet. It includes all you need to achieve success in exploring FORCES within your classroom with everyday classroom and home objects.This project is aimed at developing both skills in STEM/SCIENCE learning alongside team wo
This is an action-packed distance learning or home school explanation of the cause and effects of air resistance. What’s CoveredUnderstanding air resistance as collisions between the front of an object and air particles very easy to understand.Demonstration of why streamlined bodies reduce air resis
We have created a great practical and fun course for Elementary / Primary Students. It is a 9 Level Course with two different levels within each Main Level.First part of the lesson is mental math.BOOK 1Science Course.Block 1:20 Lesson Plans40 Worksheets (beautifully illustrated)ReviewResource ListRe
The two packs in this resource allow the same lesson to be taught to students whether they are in a classroom or distance learning at home. It facilitates hybrid learning and provides equality of opportunity for vulnerable students who are unable to attend school due to Covid-19. The classroom resou
This FREE bonus resource includes extension activity worksheets from our Hands-On - Physical Science Gr. 1-5 title. Enjoy 6 BONUS worksheets from Hands-On - Physical Science Gr. 1-5. These worksheets can be used on their own, or paired with the individual resources as extension activities at the c
Front load your lesson by having students create this vocabulary foldable of basic motion terms. Fold a loose leaf sheet of paper across into four columns and fold down to create rows. This vocabulary tool requires students to define the word, use it in a sentence or give an example of it, and final
6th - 8th
An editable Word / PowerPoint / Excel version and a PDF version of each of the following for each lesson:- a lesson plan- a page of prompts for children with relevant scientific vocabulary and the variables in the experiment- a lower ability investigation writing frame - a middle ability investigati
This worksheet is used to go step by step through the bbc.co.uk school science clips activities on Friction and Forces. I used both with my students in class during an observation. The objectives of the lesson are for students to understand friction, including air resistance and that friction is a
This is a listing for a force worksheet for drawing free body diagrams and identifying the types of forces acting on a dinosaur. For example, the normal force, friction, air resistance, gravitational, applied, tension, and spring forces are used.Includes:2 student pagesFully hand-worked answer keyT
9th - 12th

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