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algebra distributive property

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This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their skills with simplifying expressions using distributive property and combining like terms. Most of my Escape Rooms can be used for distance learning, this one; however, is not recommended for distance learning. I have recently opened
This bundle includes all of the algebra escape rooms listed below. Important: These 28 topics sell for $140; as a bundle they are 50% off, for $70!Important Note: There are 56 escape rooms included, which cover those 28 different topics. Since this product only charges per topic you actually save $
Students will simplify 16 problems using the Distributive Property. This resource works well as independent practice, homework, extra credit or even as an assignment to leave for the substitute (includes answer key). This coloring activity has 3 levels of difficulty to make differentiating assignmen
6th - 9th

Also included in: Algebra 1 Activities Bundle

Get your students motivated to practice distributive property with this quick and easy BINGO game. Includes 40 different student game cards along with 24 calling cards. Ready to print and play! Perfect for small or large classes. All you need to play except game tokens and prizes. This is way m
6th - 9th
This is a bundle of 16 worksheets combining like terms, distributive, combining like terms with distributive and properties. Note that some products are not offered individually so the entire bundle is attached as one PDF file in the bonus file.Worksheet 1: Combining Like Terms Riddle. Single va
7th - 11th
Classroom Tested - Student Approved { Just Print and Go }TpT purchaser feedback: "Helpful for all students at varying levels""Great resource! Simple but effective. It was a great review!""I really like the idea of using this type of manipulative with older kids. I think it adds a level of engagemen
Included in this zipped file are two sets of 30 distributive property task cards. The first set is a basic version where most problems consist of something similar to this: 2(2x+6). The second set has more difficult problems such as: 3(2x+7)-7(14-8x). This group of cards will give your students mult
6th - 10th
This foldable is designed for interactive math notebooks.This foldable walks students through the following:1. The description of what distributing means: to multiply each term, and to encourage the drawing of arrows to each term. 2. Distributing can be done with polynomials of addition, subtrac
Students will have fun doing the Algebra Distributive Property problems Make math fun with this matching card game. It can be used for reviewing or evaluating specific skills. It can also be used as an activating strategy or simply use it on a game day. The game takes approximately 20 minutes o
6th - 11th, Adult Education
Distributive Property Models PuzzleUse this for a small group activity to help students model distributive property with algebra tiles. There are 16 different puzzle for students to distribute, factor and match the model. The puzzles are 4 per page. There are two versions included, one in color and
6th - 7th

Also included in: Algebra Tile Models BUNDLE

This maze will help students learn to solve more complex equations that include the distributive property and variables on both sides of the equation.Students must be able to work with simple fractions.Answer Key Included.***************************************************************************Do
Students will simplify 20 algebraic expressions in this Google Sheets resource to reveal the mystery pixel art. THREE levels provide easy differentiation:LEVEL 1: Distribute Once (no negatives)LEVEL 2: Distribute Once (integers)LEVEL 3: Distribute and Combine Like Terms(Note: This differentiated res
This is a set of 2 foldables designed for interactive math notebooks!The first foldable is a basic fold for four tabs. Students are shown how to factor the GCF out of binomials, trinomials, and then shown how to factor by grouping.The second foldable is a flipbook in which students will see the pro
This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their skills with distributive property, which includes negative numbers.Most of my Escape Rooms can be used for distance learning, this one; however, is not recommended for distance learning. I have recently opened a new store that sells
This lesson is designed for a math binder.Students will learn to work with the distributive propertywith addition and subtractiondistributing when the multiplier is after the parenthesestranslating from word problems and verbal expressionsrewriting numerical multiplication facts using the distributi
This is a double set of task cards!The first section contains 8 different scenarios in which students need to use the distributive property. Each card contains a different scenario so that students can recognize different ways the Distributive Property can be shown and applied.The second section co
This breakout escape room is a fun way for students to test their skills with distributive property, which does not include negative numbers.Most of my Escape Rooms can be used for distance learning, this one; however, is not recommended for distance learning. I have recently opened a new store tha
Students will enjoy distributive property algebra problems with my I Have, Who Has game cards. PLEASE email me if you would like me to create game sets that are not posted yet. Make math fun with this I Have, Who Has game. It can be used for reviewing specific skills, as an activating strategy o
6th - 10th, Adult Education
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions - Distributive Property & Combining Like Terms.Students will simplify algebraic expressions by Combining Like Terms and using the Distributive Property.Valentine's Day Math Escape Room in Google Slides, PowerPoint.It is a perfect fun Valentine’s Day activity to
This is a set of 12 task cards for students to use the distributive property to factor 1. 4 binomials2. 4 trinomials3. 4 four-term polynomials - factor by grouping!The answer keys are directly on the back of each card.
TEAM CHALLENGES are a great way to get students practicing core skills in a competitive and differentiated environment. Ideal for mixed ability classes, or to review skills at the end of a topic.This product contains:1. Question Cards- three levels of questions (A-easiest, B-medium and C-hardest) to
6th - 8th
This set includes a variety of problems for Algebra, Patterns, Functions, and Distributive Property. Students will have the opportunity to find the rules of patterns, function machines, and input/output tables. They will determine which Algebraic expression goes with specific word problems. Student
4th - 6th
This worksheet allows students to practice using the distributive property. Students will practice this skill with repetition to increase mastery and retention of the skill. The distributive property is a key simplifying strategy that is involved in many other Algebra topics, including solving lin
6th - 8th
A rigorous 60 MINUTE activity. HASSLE-FREE Math Game { Students Self Check Answers } Quotes from TpT purchasers: "Very creative way to practice distributive property skills! Students want to do it more!""So creative and I love the worksheet pages which encourages the students to "show their work." t

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