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Work on basic verb conjugation skills with this activity. Students work to conjugate the verbs avoir, aller, être and avoir in the present tense within a set period of time. This is a great activity to use as a bell ringer, exit ticket, or as a quick informal assessment. 3 different versions are
Save 20% on this bundle! This bundle includes grammar notes and activities to introduce 4 irregular verbs to your beginning French class: aller, avoir, être, and faire.Avoir PackIncludes:*Avoir conjugation notes*Fill in the blanks - conjugation activity (with answer key)*Avoir au negatif notes*Chang
Teach your students the verbs être, avoir, aller and faire in CONTEXT with these fun French Partner Conversations from RLRA. This bundle includes four separate lessons that can be taught together as a unit. Elements include:- four fun partner conversations that will get your students speaking right
Use these picture cues to get students practising these 4 frequently used verbs. On each card, there is a pronoun image and a verb image. Students then conjugate the verb in whichever tense you are studying. There is even an option for the use of the negative. Reference pages are provided to r
Here's a PRESENT TENSE version of my dice game. This game includes regular -ER, -IR and -RE verbs as well as DEVOIR, VOULOIR, POUVOIR, BOIRE, ÊTRE, ALLER, AVOIR and FAIRE. ☞Just click here to follow my store! Merci! ❤️☜ This resource is part of my French 1 grammar, vocabulary, games and activiti
This is a bundle of 7 common verbs used in the French language in the present tense with 71 pages! This bundle is great for both Core French learners and French Immersion learners. It helps beginning French speakers (Core French) learn the verbs with English guidelines and support. This bundle is a
Coucou my French Colleagues (or Learners),« I am not confident to conjugate a verb in French especially irregular verbs. »« I want clarity and to be able to conjugate properly »These are my students’ struggles and I’m sure it’s the same for you. That's why I created "The Fishy Present Tense in Frenc
Coucou my French Colleagues (or Learners),« I am not confident to conjugate a verb in French especially irregular verbs. »« I want clarity and to be able to conjugate properly »These are my students’ struggles and I’m sure it’s the same for you. That's why I created "The Fishy Present Tense in Frenc
Use this comprehensive presentation and corresponding note packet to teach or review the 4 essential French verbs in the present tense. Compete with exercises that align with Bien Dit - Level 1 textbook, and a link to my Quizlet set on the 4 essential French verbs.
In order to reinforce the importance of les grands 4 verbes (être, avoir, aller, and faire), here is a version of "Frozen" ("La reine des neiges" in French) written in the present tense. Included within the text are vocabulary word banks for unfamiliar words as well as reading comprehension question
This is a French verbs conjugation chart in present tense.Uses: 1) Print on color paper and distribute to your students this regular (-er, -ir, -re) and 4 common irregular (avoir, aller, faire, être) verbs conjugation chart. Have your students put it under the plastic cover of their French binder fo
A review of the imperative using regular er, ir, re verbs in addition to avoir, être, faire, aller and venir.
A review activity or game for the whole for the present tense form of the imperative. Includes regular, ir, re, er verbs plus ger verbs and cer verbs, in addition to être, avoir, faire, aller and venir. Great for Unit 1 lesson 4 of Discovering French Nouveau Blanc.
Need worksheets to practice irregular verbs être, aller, avoir, faire in the present tense? This set of 2 worksheets can be used in #distancelearning since it is a fully editable Word document, and I've also included a forced copy link for Google Docs. I created this set of 15 fill in the blank ques
This flip book allows your French students to create a booklet including regular -er, -ir, and -re verbs as well as the formation of avoir, être, faire, and aller. This 8 page flip book can be used as a stand alone booklet or it can be attached with glue to any interactive notebook students keep fo
Need help reinforcing common irregular French verbs? Do your students know them all, but sometimes use the wrong verb? You need this FREE activity! Appropriate for beginners or as a review for French 2, this worksheet has three parts: 1. Write the meaning of each verb 2. Create a verb chart fo
This French 1 Irregular Verbs SUPER BUNDLE includes 550+ pages (13 individual resources) worth of presentations, activities, worksheets, speaking activities, games, SCOOT activities, exit tickets, quizzes, speaking assessments, and much more! Featured in this super bundle are the four most importan
A black and white version for those of you hoping to print a class set without using all of your colour ink! This booklet is fun and useful way for kids to practice and learn 26 common verbs in French. Print a class set or a few to place in a writing centre so that students can use it as a refer
Digital files for 9 classroom reference posters that display the present-tense conjugations for être, avoir, aller, faire, mettre, savoir, prendre, and vouloir and one poster that lists the subject pronouns in French. Posters can be printed on a large-format printer or in Adobe as a multi-page poste
This is a great worksheet that will allow your beginner students practice both the meaning and the conjugation of the following verbs: être, avoir, faire, aller in present tense. Perfect for French 1 students or for a review for French 2 students. Could be assigned for homework or done in class. A
Form has 30 fill in the blank sentences with the present tense of aller, avoir, être, faire. 2 sentences use et moi and 2 use et toi; easy to edit if you prefer.Share remotely with your students and have it auto-grade.
French verb faire present tense sudoku games - Le verbe faire au temps présentUse these sudoku games to practice the French verb faire in the present tense . 5 versions are included. Students place a verb in each empty box so that each row, column and nine box square contains each of the verbs. Rela
This document includes various handouts to study the French verb present tense conjugation of Avoir, Être, Faire, and Aller.This package includes:1) Handout to list conjugation for each verb2) Test on Avoir and Être3) Test on Avoir, Être and Faire4) Answer key to Test on Avoir, Être and Faire5) Test
This resource includes review for the verbs Etre, Aller, Avoir, Faire. Included in this ZIP file is a word document if you would like to edit, as well as a PDF for easy printing. This package includes: Completed tables for each verbBlank tables for each verb5 pages of verb review (Choisis le bon mot

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