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Alliteration Activities

This Alliteration mini-unit was created with little learners in mind! It has teaching posters and many interactive activities. My students loved it and would re-use the cards over and over in a work station by choice!! Included in this mini-unit:-Alliteration Poster p.3-Alliteration Annie Poem p.4-Anchor Chart Example p.5-Silly Soup Student Page p.6-Silly Soup Class Book Cover Page p.7-Silly Soup Alliteration Cards p.8-19 (A-Z)-Silly Sentences Activity p.20-22-Alliteration Match Cut-and-Paste

Alliteration, Onomatopoeia & Rhyme Worksheets & Activities

Alliteration, Onomatopoeia & Rhyme Worksheets & Activities 4 Worksheets with Answer Keys to teach Alliteration, Onomatopoeia and Rhyme No PREP... just print and use! Follow ME for {FREEBIES} and other great teaching resources!!

Alliteration with Names Descriptive Writing Activity | Printable and Digital

Your students will have so much fun learning all about alliterations using their NAMES! First, introduce the literary device of alliteration using the included poster. Then, allow students to use the graphic organizer web to brainstorm adjectives and verbs that begin with the same letter of their name.Students will then use the first letter of their name to write and illustrate some alliterative sentences about themselves.Differentiated recording sheets are included.This activity can either be u

Alliteration Sorting Center Activity for Pre-k and Kindergarten

Alliteration is a skill that I have found many students struggle mastering. This alliteration sort is perfect for students who are just learning about alliteration or even beginning sounds and can be used in centers/workstations, small group, RTI, or as a whole group lesson!Before students can match words that begin the same or produce words that begin with the same sound, they need to be able to identify which words have the same initial sound and which don’t! When given too many choices to pic

Similes, Metaphors, & Alliteration Worksheets and Sorting Activity

Created by
Deb Hanson
Keep your students engaged as they practice identifying similes, metaphors, and alliteration within sentences! With this print-and-go worksheet and craftivity packet, your students will read the sentences on 20 superhero "shields". They identify whether the sentence is a simile (belonging to Sammy Simile), a metaphor (belonging to Missy Metaphor), or whether it contains alliteration (belonging to Alex Alliteration). When they finish the worksheets, they will sort the shields into groups and asse

Alliteration Activities: Task Cards, Anchor Charts, and Worksheets

Alliteration Activity Task Cards, Posters and Worksheets for Figurative Language Practice:Alliteration is always amazing! This alliteration activity was created for 3rd-6th grade and will give you everything you need to engage students in fun and meaningful alliteration poems, activities, and worksheet.This file includes the following: Two instructional alliteration sheets20 task cards with varying student requirementsA task card answer sheetAn acrostic poetry exerciseA tongue twister partner a

Poetry Writing Template Activity Haiku, Acrostic, Alliteration Poem Flip Book

Grow your writers with this engaging Poetry Writing Flip Book and Brochure that is perfect for demonstrating mastery. This is perfect for your Poetry Writing Interactive Notebooks. GRAB THE COMPLETE POETRY WRITING BUNDLE HEREINCLUDES:ZIP files with 2 PDFs (flip book and brochure)Print and digital options (see page 3 for Google Slides link).All pages in color and bw optionsNOTE: I teach all these types of poetry prior to completing this interactive notebook. We complete one as soon as we learn it

Alliteration and Onomatopoeia Digital Activities for Google Slides

Go paperless with our Google Slides alliteration and onomatopoeia digital figurative language resource! These activities feature 32 interactive slides for students to work through. Develop your students' ability to understand and use figurative language in their writing. Great for distance learning and at-home learning. These activities are great for your writing program in both a traditional classroom with some access to mobile learning to a full 1:1 digital classroom. They are great for end of

Alliteration Activities and Game (Tongue Twisters)

Alliteration is Alive! This is, without a doubt, my very best seller. Full of activities, suggested open-ended activities, books to read, and more. Fun, fun!This download includes: A fun Tongue Twister game (my students giggle to no end when we play this) A guided activity sheet to complete with your students so they fully understand alliterationSuggested books that contain alliterationOpen-ended, creative activities that my students complete in groups (detailed handout for students and a poetry

Alliteration Center Activity Bundle

Save BIG by buying 8 different alliteration games for 1 low price! I designed the activities in this bundle to not only be fun and hands-on, but also to be differentiated so they meet the needs of all the students in your classroom! This bundle includes:Tier 3 activities are for the students who are new to or really struggling with the concept of rhyming. This activity is perfect for them because they only have to compare 2 pictures at a time and decide if they rhyme or not. ♦ Alliteration Sorti


Created by
Presto Plans
ALLITERATION ACTIVITIES: This alliteration activity packet includes a number of activities that will allow your students to understand and analyze the use of alliteration in writing. It will also give them the opportunity to be creative in their use of the device! ================================================================SAVE BY PURCHASING THIS RESOURCE IN A BUNDLE. CLICK BELOW!FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE RESOURCE BUNDLE================================================================INCLUDED IN

Alliteration/Beginning Sound Activity for Centers

These colorful and fun alliteration puzzles are a great, hands on way for students to practice identifying words that have the same beginning sound, as well as identifying letter sounds. The alliteration puzzles can be used during whole group, small group, RTI, centers/workstations, or independent practice.There are 32 three piece puzzles included in this set!♦ A puzzle for each letter of the alphabet♦ Long and short vowel puzzles♦ Hard and soft G and C puzzlesSAVE BIG BY DOWNLOADING THE ENTIRE

Alliteration Hands-On Activity to Bring Alliteration to Life for Young Children

This 101 page, huge file is packed with picture cards to make building sentences with alliteration a blast! My kids always love when we do alliteration in class. These cards make it so much fun to write silly sentences using alliteration. I like to spread the letters out amongst the kids and make an alliteration alphabet book. Then, we add it to our classroom library!Included in the pack:*poster to help get started*color-coded poster to help the kids know what to do *sample alliteration sentence

Alliteration Activities with Figurative Language Worksheets A-Z Class Booklet

Alliteration A-Z Booklet: perfect to teach your students about this skill of Figurative Language! Complete Set of Letters A-Z for your students to complete their Alliteration letter, picture and phrase! We used these every year and would keep them in my library for my students to learn about Alliteration! You will LOVE this activity!!! We used the book Animalia by: Graeme Base to complete information is in packet. Alliteration Booklet Includes: âš«Alliteration Booklet for Letters A-Z âš«Allitera

Figurative Language Activities, Alliteration Poems with Poetry Comprehension

Created by
LMB Literacy
These eight figurative language poems are a great way to teach your class personification. Each original poem includes examples of alliteration by repeating different initial sounds in the eight different poems to help guide comprehension, as well as four follow up comprehension questions. Also includes fun visuals on each poetry page! In this set you will find:~Table of contents~Teacher tips~8 alliteration poems for the sounds /ch/, /sh/, /p/, /r/, /t/, hard /c/, /f/, and /b/.~8 follow up compr

Beginning sound and alliteration center activity

This colorful and fun beginning sound activity is a hands-on way for students to practice identifying words that have the same beginning sound, as well as identifying letter sounds. This activity can be used during whole group, small group, RTI, centers/workstations, morning work, or independent practice. It is a perfect activity for the spring or when learning about plants!This set includes:♦ 12 Letter Flower stems (B, C, D, F, G, H, M, N, P, S, T, and W)♦ 60 picture petals (5 Petals for each f

Tongue Twisters Awesome, Amazing Alliteration Activity | Alliteration Worksheet

Alliteration Writing Activity: Students love to write their own Tongue Twisters with this Awesome Alliteration Activity. Students learn about alliteration and then write their own Tongue Twister on a pink tongue that is twisting out of their mouth. This activity makes a Totally Terrific Tongue Twister bulletin board display.This Tongue Twister activity includes:- Teacher Notes & Ideas- Tongue Twister: Alliteration Worksheet- Boy & Girl Picture Page- Tongue template to copy on pink paperS

Amazing Alliteration Activities

Writing with alliteration can be a fun exercise to learn about rhythm and sound within words. In this Alliteration unit your students will be participating in two different writing activities. 1.First up is A superhero inspired alliteration book. In this lesson they will be using the book titled Superhero ABC written by Bob McLeod to learn how you use alliteration to describe a superhero that they have created. 2. The second activity will have your students creating their own tongue twisters!

Tongue Twisters and Alliteration Activities Figurative Language

Looking for fun and engaging activities to make your students laugh on April Fool's Day or any day? These print and digital alliteration and tongue twister writing activities are a guaranteed hit!Try making tongue twisters with your students for a lesson they will never forget!This tongue twister freebie is a simple, yet engaging way to bring humor into your classroom! Included is everything you need to tie together alliteration and tongue twisters for your young writers!This set is part of this

Free: Poetry Ice Cream Alliteration Activities

Created by
Leslie Varghese
Perfect to add to your April poetry month activities, or End of the Year into summer activities! After reading the poem Bleezer's Ice Cream choose from 5 different fun activities for students to practice recognizing and creating alliteration patterns. -Students can read the poem individually, in pairs, or groups, or project for shared reading -highlight, or identify where the author has used alliteration -sort some of the crazy flavors based on whether or not the author used alliteration to desc

Figurative Language Fun- Monster Menu Alliteration Activity

Created by
Create a Monster Menu for the Creepy Creature Café! Your students will enjoy learning about alliteration with this unique activity. In groups, as a center activity, or independently have students use alliteration to create monster menu items for the creepy creature café. This product includes: Alliteration Poster Teacher Directions Menu Planning Sheet Menu Cover Sheet Final Copy of Menu Monster Templates to add to menu 2 Rubric Options

Beginning Sound/Alliteration Snowball Fight Activity

Looking for a fun, hands-on way to practice beginning sounds or alliteration that your students are sure to love? This low prep, high engagement activity is the perfect way for your class to practice identifying, matching, and producing beginning sounds as well as words that begin with the same sound, all while getting some of those winter wiggles out!To prep this activity, print the beginning sound/alliteration cards out and cut each paper in half down the line. Ball up each half sheet of paper

Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Similes, and Metaphors Activity

Are you looking to make reviewing alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, and metaphors fun? Do your students struggle to create descriptive figurative language? Then download this no prep Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Similes, and Metaphors Activity! Kids will be engaged and motivated to play this individual or team-building dice game. Well suited for the Language Arts or ELL classroom, your students will be having so much fun they will forget they are learning! In this no prep activity, students wi

Alliteration Activity Pack

Tongue twisters take time to teach! Alliteration can be difficult for students to master, and this pack will help. This alliteration activity pack includes...* Posters to teach alliteration* Worksheet to identify the alliterative sound* Worksheet to create own alliteration words* Poems to identify alliterations* Class alliteration book
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