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alliteration examples

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alliteration examples

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Kid friendly definition, examples and practice activity for alliteration.
4th - 7th
A fun handout to get students familiar with what alliteration is and how it is used in writing. Handout gives examples of alliterations in tongue twisters, poems and advertising.
2nd - 6th
This resource defines alliteration and gives an example of an alliterative line from Hamlet. It then asks students to find examples of alliteration within the first two acts of Hamlet, as well as creating their own alliterative phrases to describe three of the main characters.
Poetry Terms Presentation with Song Lyrics Examples: Song lyrics are one of the easiest ways to teach poetry terms/devices such as alliteration, metaphor, simile, personification, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, irony, and rhyme. This IS included in my mega bundle: ALL of my POETRY RESOURCES GROWING BUND
7th - 12th, Higher Education
Here are some fun alliteration end of the year awards. I included 3 male and 3 female with various skin tones for each end of year award to give you lots of choices. Updated - by request to include a full set without the word "teacher" for the signature - second set says simply "signed" Updated **Pr
Grow your writers with this engaging Print & Digital Poetry Writing Flip Book, that is perfect for demonstrating mastery! This is a great culminating Interactive Activity! Perfect for your Poetry Writing Interactive Notebooks! TAKE A PEEK AT THE COMPLETE BUNDLE HERE: POETRY WRITING BUNDLEKindly
Identify Literary Terms from Real World Examples: A Task Cards Set, 1st Edition. This is an excellent modern and engaging activity to have students take ownership of their learning and make connections to the world around them. Included: - 48 task cards with answers for cutting and printing, pdf
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This worksheet packet and test are all about helping students quickly and effectively nail the art of understanding/using figurative language!- Page 1: Simple clear definitions of Simile, Metaphor, Alliteration, and Personification are paired with easy to understand examples. Students are tasked wit
This 101 page, huge file is packed with picture cards to make building sentences with alliteration a blast! My kids always love when we do alliteration in class. These cards make it so much fun to write silly sentences using alliteration. I like to spread the letters out amongst the kids and make an
These are nine posters on figurative language. Each poster has a clear definition and a set of examples. It is helpful for students to practice each one through discovery and practice. In the past, I have typically introduced them in the order of: onomatopoeia, alliteration, simile, and personi
This 25 slide power point presentation has 16 funny poems that teach students 10 different poetry skills. The skills include:RhymeRhythm Repetition Formula Alliteration
If your students struggle with sound devices such as alliteration, assonance, and consonance, you are not alone. Correctly identifying these poses a real barrier to my 9th graders and using them in their poetry (using them well!) is even harder. I designed this lesson to address the skill directly
This is a mini-lesson pack to teach alliteration poems to students in K-3. Included are teacher instructions for a lesson and student work (planning and final copy). There is 1 long mentor poem plus 4 shorter mentor poems (color and black line masters). Students have access to a planning sheet (plus
When children choose the way they want to learn they become more accountable, more engaged and more invested in the material. In this resource, students choose the way they want to learn about figurative language. When students open the Google Form, they are presented three ways in which they can le
40 SLIDES!!! The Sounds of Writing: Alliteration, Consonance, Assonance. These writing techniques are mostly found in poetry, but they also are a part of our everyday lives, including commercials, newspapers and famous speeches. These examples are used and highlighted in this fantastic PowerPoint.
These figurative language posters are perfect to display in any classroom as a reference tool for your students! Each poster contains the term, its definition, as well as an example. There are 2 sets of the posters. One set with a black and white header and the other with a multi-color header. Ea
With this 54-page Poetry Book Set, students learn how to write 9 different poems using original examples, explanations, and templates. Pages are colorful, fun, and decorative. Once students have created their poetry, they can use the About the Author, Table of Contents, and Cover pages to make
Just like the classic game show, Family Feud, this classroom powerpoint is sure to bring the fun and competition into your class!! I was thorough and included all the bells and whistles of the original game, including: - theme song - bells for correct answers - buzzers/disappointed audience for inc
Figurative Language Power Point. This power point is a great tool to help you teach figurative language. Metaphor, simile, hyperbole, alliteration, metonymy, onomatopoeia, euphemism, allusion, oxymoron and personification each have a definition slide with example sentences, followed by a slide with
For a challenging Beowulf assignment, have students write a boast poem similar to the one that Beowulf delivers before he fights Grendel! It's a great way to help students prepare for writing college admissions essays. This resource scaffolds the writing process so students are set up for success. T
I have bundled twelve figurative language lessons with activities, writing projects and examples for 4th and 5th graders.Lessons include: Idioms, Hyperbole, Similes & Metaphors,Cliché’s, Personification, Onomatopoeia, Irony, Alliteration, Imagery, Adages & Proverbs. With each lesson you will
Two different themes; color on black backgrounds and color on white shiplap! Students will be able to define and identify figurative language using these posters. They include kid-friendly definitions and examples from well-known pop songs. Figurative language terms include: Simile Metaphor Alli
3rd - 6th
Bleezer’s Ice Cream is a fun poem that students will laugh at and think it is gross all at the same time. I have developed this activity to go with the poem and give the students an understanding of what alliteration is. Included in this packet: - Sample Lesson Plan - Alliteration poster -
Identify Literary Terms from Real World Examples: A Task Cards Set, 2nd Edition This is an excellent modern and engaging activity to have students take ownership of their learning and make connections to the world around them. Included: - 32 task cards with answers for cutting and printing, pdf -
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education

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