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You've taught your students the seven most common types of figurative language... now what? Next comes lots of practice! These no-prep figurative language worksheets are ready to go for you. Just print and go! A worksheet that focuses on each of the following literary devices is included: similes, metaphors, onomatopoeias, alliteration, personification, hyperboles, and idioms. These worksheets consist of both reading exercises and writing exercises. Students will have an opportunity to identify
Alliteration, Onomatopoeia & Rhyme Worksheets & Activities 4 Worksheets with Answer Keys to teach Alliteration, Onomatopoeia and Rhyme No PREP... just print and use! Follow ME for {FREEBIES} and other great teaching resources!!
Your students will love this Alliteration PowerPoint and Worksheets set; This is a highly visual and interactive PPT that consists of 56 slides, jam-packed with animation, sound effects, and interactive activities. Five printable sheets, including worksheets and a mini poster, are included to reinforce and consolidate new figurative language concepts. Tim and Tony love telling terrific tall tales - listen to their stories and learn all about alliteration! Students learn to identify alliteration
Alliteration Activity Task Cards, Posters and Worksheets for Figurative Language Practice:Alliteration is always amazing! This alliteration activity was created for 3rd-6th grade and will give you everything you need to engage students in fun and meaningful alliteration poems, activities, and worksheet.This file includes the following: Two instructional alliteration sheets20 task cards with varying student requirementsA task card answer sheetAn acrostic poetry exerciseA tongue twister partner a
This worksheet can be used for reteaching, practice, homework, or as an assessment.Follow me for new product notifications. Like and check us out on Facebook at so you can have a chance at winning Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificates (monthly drawings).
2nd - 5th
Keep your students engaged as they practice identifying similes, metaphors, and alliteration within sentences! With this print-and-go worksheet and craftivity packet, your students will read the sentences on 20 superhero "shields". They identify whether the sentence is a simile (belonging to Sammy Simile), a metaphor (belonging to Missy Metaphor), or whether it contains alliteration (belonging to Alex Alliteration). When they finish the worksheets, they will sort the shields into groups and asse
Alliteration A-Z Booklet: perfect to teach your students about this skill of Figurative Language! Complete Set of Letters A-Z for your students to complete their Alliteration letter, picture and phrase! We used these every year and would keep them in my library for my students to learn about Alliteration! You will LOVE this activity!!! We used the book Animalia by: Graeme Base to complete information is in packet. Alliteration Booklet Includes: ⚫Alliteration Booklet for Letters A-Z ⚫Allitera
1st - 3rd
Alliteration Poster Sentences and WorksheetsUse these posters to introduce alliteration! Each poster has an example alliteration sentence. Also included are worksheets to help practice this skill!Contents:Alliteration poster sentences for each letter. (in color and black and white)9 differentiated printablesGreat for any literacy center, homework, test prep, and group work.Please see the preview file to know what you'll be purchasing.The Kinder
This page supports alliteration lessons. Students need to find the picture in each box that does not have the same beginning sound as the other pictures. Some boxes include rhyming pictures to challenge students to pay attention to the beginning sound in each picture name. Great for morning work, homework, assessment, partner/teamwork activity or even in a literacy center. **Also available as part of my Worksheet Mega Pack:
Alliteration Writing Activity: Students love to write their own Tongue Twisters with this Awesome Alliteration Activity. Students learn about alliteration and then write their own Tongue Twister on a pink tongue that is twisting out of their mouth. This activity makes a Totally Terrific Tongue Twister bulletin board display.This Tongue Twister activity includes:- Teacher Notes & Ideas- Tongue Twister: Alliteration Worksheet- Boy & Girl Picture Page- Tongue template to copy on pink paperS
These kindergartner alliteration worksheets are perfect for distance or in-person learning! Perfect for building phonological awareness skills no matter what learning looks like!Included are 5 paper/pencil versions in black and white. There are tasks such as cutting and gluing pictures with same sounds, matching pictures with the same sound, drawing pictures with the same sound, and finding words that don't start with the same sounds.The Google Slides versions includes the same worksheets, wit
Phonological Awareness Alliteration Spring WorksheetsThese worksheets help children practice with comparing beginning sounds and alliteration in words with fun spring themed vocabulary words and sentences! Identifying and coming up with words that begin with the same sound is an important skill in phonological awareness. The ability to identify these words helps children in the future with beginning sounds in words and writing. Alliteration also teaches patterns and sounds of language. The words
This is a free worksheet for students who are learning about alliteration. The worksheet contains two parts. In Part 1, students will identify alliterative phrases in sentences. In Part 2, students will write sentences that contain alliteration.********This resource is available in two formats:1. Traditional Printable- Print the PDF and distribute paper copies to your students to complete.2. TPT EASEL ACTIVITY- This paperless version contains the same content over the course of four slides. Sl
Let your students have fun practicing alliteration with this fun activity page. It even includes a challenge question for them to write their own alliteration sentence. Your students will be able to identify alliteration in poems and sentences after completing this activity. Use this activity page for formative assessment to see what your students know, or for a quiz at the end of your lesson. Enjoy!
Alliteration can be tricky for many students. Before students have to produce first sounds, they need to be able to identify words that have the same initial sound and different initial sound. How to Use:Students sort the cards into columns “Different First Sound” and “Same First Sound.” You can use the worksheets as a follow up after the sort or as an assessment. There’s three different worksheets:Color the pictures that have the same first sound.Circle yes or no if the pictures have the same b
This ALLITERATION packet includes 25 worksheets (one for each letter of the alphabet, except the letter X). Students will have a lot of fun playing around with words and building sentences. (some funny tongue twister sentences)Each worksheet showcases a different letter of the alphabet. Students must complete a sentence that is already started and then invent a second sentence of their choice. They can also draw pictures of their sentences. FUN! FUN!*I’ve included an Alliteration definition po
Searching for an independent activity where your students focus on beginning sounds? These color by code worksheets are perfect to help your students independently practice alliteration. These are focused on phonological awareness, so there are no letter included, just sounds!Included are 5 different color by code sheets that ask students to look at an image, and then color pictures that start with the same sound. X is not included because of the limited amount of words beginning with that so
This activity has students practice alliteration by underling the examples of alliteration in Christmas-themed sentences. Great for practice and reinforcement!For more Christmas items check out the Christmas section of my store for a variety of activities and discounted packs for different grades.Discounted packs include:Christmas Language Arts - $5.001st Grade Christmas Math - $5.002nd Grade Christmas Math - $5.003rd Grade Christmas Math - $5.00
Worksheet focuses on student knowledge of Alliteration, Assonance, Rhyme, and Consonance. There are examples and definitions given of the three terms and then ten sample sentences for students to independently work on.
7th - 12th
This set of eight different alliteration activities has students practice alliteration in several ways. First, students match words with alliteration. Two options - draw a line to match and color the words that create a group of words with alliteration (two options with different word sets). Next, they identify and underline (or color) examples of alliteration in sentences. Then students can practice determining if a set of words is rhyme or alliteration. Students also get to create their own s
2nd - 5th
This product includes 25 worksheets, 26 A-Z alliteration pages to be illustrated and compiled as a class book and 26 initial sound / alliteration puzzles (in colour and black and white).26 x A-Z Alliteration puzzles (colour and black and white options included)26 x A-Z Alliteration sentence posters - draw a picture to match the alliteration sentence for each letter of the alphabet.1 x My Amazing Alliteration – Choose a letter and write a sentence using alliteration. Draw a picture to match.1 x A
The Reading Files contain fun ways to practice basic reading skills - perfect for test prep! Alliteration is a skill often used in poetry and other writing to catch a reader's attention. Examples of alliteration can be fun for students to catch and create themselves. This set contains a total of 30 task cards that can be used for seat work, small groups, centers, and games. Also included are 3 bonus practice pages to let students write their own examples of alliteration. Ideas for using these
4th - 6th
A 2nd version, by popular demand! This page supports alliteration lessons. Students need to find the picture in each box that does not have the same beginning sound as the other pictures. Some boxes include rhyming pictures or similar ending sounds to challenge students to pay attention to the beginning sound in each picture name. Great for morning work, homework, assessment, partner/teamwork activity or even in a literacy center. **This is a follow up to my original Alliteration Worksheet: ht
My Handwriting Book! Australian NSW Fontnsw foundation handwriting worksheetsBy using this handwriting book your students will develop:- letter formation for both upper and lowercase letters- an understanding of the sound each letter makes - initial sound practice - an introduction to alliteration poems 26 worksheets - one for each sound!PRINT and GO!*********************************************************************Stay in touch with Miss Kay Gets Carried Away!Click here to follow my store!Yo
PreK - 2nd
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