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State Research Report - Fun 50 States Project and State Report PLUS Web Links
This state research project puts students in charge as they become the tourism director and convince others to visit their state. At the “Passport to the USA” celebration event, students collect state stamps and glue them into their passports. Tourism directors will share knowledge with parents and
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Industrial Revolution Unit: 9 lessons to teach United States Industrialization!
Industrial Revolution Unit: 9 lessons to teach United States Industrialization!The United States and Industrialization Unit is included in the much larger American History Super Unit: Version 2/4, located here:The American History Super Unit: Version 2/4!Buy Super Unit Version 2 and receive and addi

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 2/6: (1788-1850) 5 Unit Bundle! Save 20%!

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Thirteen Colonies and American Colonization
{UPDATED - 20+ ADDITIONAL pages for the SAME price; see below for updates!} This comprehensive unit is everything you need to teach and assess your students on the 13 colonies and the colonization of America! It is over 80 pages (and approximately 4 weeks worth of curriculum) with detailed teach

Also included in: Early America - United States History Bundle (Intermediate Grades)

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4th Grade Reading Enrichment, Weekly Research Projects For the Entire Year!
4th Grade Reading Enrichment Research Projects for the Entire Year! Thirty-two weekly non-fiction reading enrichment projects in which students research topics and then answer the follow-up questions. The questions, not only check for comprehension of the topic researched, but review common reading

Also included in: 4th Grade Enrichment Project Bundle! Reading, Science, Math Projects All Year!

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U.S. Government Resources - Power Points, Guided Notes, HW, Tests, & Projects
This is a great deal of the materials that I use for my U.S. Government and U.S. Government Honors classes. This probably will not carry you for an entire school year, but it's close. Some of the things that I do in my class I do not have rights to (textbook worksheets, etc.) and I’m in no position
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World and American History Research Brochure Projects, Easy Review BUNDLE!
Save over $50 on this HUGE bundle that includes ALL 48 World and American History mini projects in the series. Each individual project goes for $1.50. These are perfect if you need to cover these time periods, but are looking for condensed lesson units!FIND THIS RESOURCE IN THE MEGA HISTORY BUNDLE A
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Westward Expansion Complete Unit (PPT, Notes, Hmk, Tests, Classwork, Projects)
This is for a WHOLE unit on Westward Expansion I sell the items individually (see my store to see examples of the assignment and Power Point that you would be purchasing), however, this is a highly discounted price since it is a large bundle. Make sure you do not purchase my Power Point separately b
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U.S. History Unit Tests
Created for a course based on The Georgia Performance Standards: U.S. History. There are 25 standards which are organized into ten units. While the units may not match your particular curriculum map, individual questions can be easily copy-and-pasted to suite your needs. All questions are multiple
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American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)
This interactive notebook bundle includes everything you need to teach about American history from the Gilded Age through World War II. The organizers in this resource can be used on their own, or as a supplement to student notes. Interactive notebooks are a great tool to keep students organized an
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Growth of the Republic: Events & Industrial Revolution {TN 4th Grade SS}
The United States was growing in land and population. People traveled for months just to get to California. Wars broke out over boundaries, and gold was found in California. So much was going on at the turn of the 19th century. However, not only was the United States trying to catch up to Great Brit

Also included in: Blaire's Bundle

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America at Work History Bundle: Industrialization to The New Deal
A month's worth of incredible lessons and projects! The America at Work History bundle includes 12 engaging and challenging lessons along with the week long Muckraking Online Newspaper Project to assess your students' mastery of important historical concepts and writing skills. With an emphasis on r
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Students research an inventor and his or her invention. Generic worksheets include: biographical information about the inventor, questions about how the invention works, its purpose and level of user difficulty, A chart to record the effect the invention has on society, industry, the world, manufact
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11 Virginia Studies SOL Writing Projects
This packet contains 11 Virginia Studies SOL Writing Projects. These cross curriculum lessons cover Virginia Writing SOLs 4.7 - 4.8 as well as many topics from Virginia Studies 4th grade SOLs 4.1-4.10. Do your students groan when you say that it's time for Writing? Well, this packet is your sol
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History MEGA BUNDLE, Interactive Notebook Activities and Projects
Save 50% on all the resources in this MEGA HISTORY BUNDLE! This HUGE collection includes 55 resources including my top selling USA Capitals and Abbreviations Interactive Notebook, World and American History Brochure Projects, 252 Historical Figure Research Brochure Projects, Major War Posters, Build
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Industrial Leaders Sensory Figure Project Industrial Revolution Print or Digital
Your U.S. History students will be challenged with this fun and creative activity. Students will work with a partner and create a sensory figure of one of the following American industrial leaders; John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, or. Cornelius Vanderbilt. They will then complete a gallery wal
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American Colonies: Passages (Vol. 3)
American Colonies Differentiated Reading Passages (Vol. 3)Printable + Digital Paperless Versions IncludedWith this resource, students will learn about the American Colonies through reading engaging passages on differentiated reading levels. There are 7 original reading passages included on 5 reading

Also included in: Ancient Civilizations - Present Day Social Studies Differentiated Passage Bundle

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CALIFORNIA History Project, Differentiated State Research Journal {EDITABLE}
California State History Research Project. You'll find 39 differentiated activities PLUS 50+ discussion questions AND a pacing guide in this resource. This complete notebook unit is the perfect companion to your annual state studies. Your students will use the internet to research a variety of topic
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Progressive Leaders X-Ray Poster Industrial Revolution Print & Digit
This is a FUN, creative, student-centered, cooperative activity. Students will learn about 9 significant Progressive Reformers of the American Industrial Revolution by creating an X-Ray poster and a Gallery Walk. The Progressive Reformers include: Hiram Johnson Ida Tarbell

Also included in: Immigration & Industrial Revolution BUNDLE (U.S. History) PRINT AND DIGITAL

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Project based learning: Send in the Clones (PBL and mystery activity)
Professor Walter Patterson has a brilliant mind, short temper and limitless ambition to be the leader in stem cell and cloning research. He also has at least one deadly enemy. Less than 24 hours after his patent for a secret process is approved, Professor Walter is found dead in his laboratory next
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Civil Rights Movement Collaborative Newspaper Activity or Project UPDATED
Extra! Extra! Students become investigative reports into the Civil Rights Movement in this engaging, inquiry-based newspaper activity. Can your students make the deadline? Working in groups, students investigate specific topics and create a newspaper in a 90-minute class. Skip the lecture! This

Also included in: Civil Rights Movement Bundle

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Mexican American War
Mexican American War. Key words include: Annex Bear Flag Republic Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo Manifest Destiny Chapultepec John C. Fremont Niños Heroes Gadsden Purchase This presentation examines: - The refusal of the United States Congress to admit Texas as a state - How Sam Houston convince (tr
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Industrial America 1865-1920,Unit Plan: US History
New and updated with video, audio, and song links to improve the quality and content of this remarkable time in American History that has a tremendous impact on current events. One stop shopping. Ten lessons, over thirty primary and secondary source documents, a project, a union negotiation simulati
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32 Famous Figures from the Industrial Revolution: Trading Cards to Complete
Looking for a way for your students to discover facts about some of the famous figures from the American Industrial Revolution? Here is a way your students can discover these inventors in industry that allows them to find out some basic facts, but also allows them to identify what they think is imp
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Immigration & Industrial Revolution - Create Your Own History for Common Core
Aligns with anchor writing strands of Common Core for multiple grade levels! This is a fun, interesting, and educational week long project for students who have studied immigration and the American Industrial Revolution. Taking after the well known and well loved Choose Your Own Adventure© book ser
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