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Ancient Egyptian Mummy Reenactment Activity
Teach students about ancient Egyptian mummification with this fun and interactive reenactment activity. Students will role-play while they learn how to “mummify” one of their classmates, who will play the part of the deceased pharaoh. The rest of the class will pretend to be embalmers, priests, pri
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Social Skills Unit based on My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook
This mini-unit is designed to teach and review with students the importance of being polite, respectful friends by not interrupting. Taking turns is an important life skill that students need to practice and learn. The unit can be used to teach and/or review with students in pre-K through 5 grade
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Maya, Aztec, and Inca Cross-Curricular Unit
This unit has everything you will need to teach about the Maya, Aztecs, and Incas by incorporating the study of these cultures into social studies, reading, writing, ELD, and through a simulation. This unit includes the following products: Reading Passages, Questions, and Activities for the Maya,
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Inquiry Unit Plan Andrew Jackson and the American Indians A Mock Trial C3
This inquiry focuses on Andrew Jackson and the actions he took as president to remove the Indians from their territorial lands. The compelling question the students will seek to answer is: Did Andrew Jackson violate the laws of the United States or the Constitution when he had the Indians removed
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Roosevelt's Four Freedoms Speech: A Presidential Press Conference
A great way to engage kinesthetic learners in reading nonfiction by having them get out of their desks and act out portions of what they have read. In this student-directed activity, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Speech through role pl
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Roaring Twenties Newscast!
This is an exciting simulation project where students can write, create, and act out a news show from the Roaring Twenties. If you have the technology available, I highly recommend filming the show. My students LOVE to watch it multiple times! We have sold copies of the DVD as a fundraiser as wel
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Art Court: The Case of the Monkey Selfie
Turn your CLASSroom into a COURTroom with this engaging mock trial. This based-on-true-events trial makes students analyze, argue, and determine the fate of a controversial art issue. In 2011, professional nature photographer David Slater traveled to Indonesia and captured photos of crested black m
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4th/5th STEAM Activity:Money, Decimals Percentage, Interest Rate, Stock Market!
This activity is AMAZING!!! We used this in conjunction with our math unit on fractions and decimals and our literacy unit on Using Money and The Stock Exchange. It incorporates literally every discipline! **Editable! ----->Students are given a weekly budgeting scenario, where they must manage t
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showing 1-8 of 8 results

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