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This resource contains six ancient India learning stations that students can rotate through in small groups. Each learning station (or ancient history learning center) is designed to give students engaging and exciting learning experiences to practice, enrich, review, and enhance their learning. Stu
This content-rich activity is student-centered and interactive. The activity has 8 stations detailing the geography, achievements, social classes, leadership, economy and religion of Ancient India. The stations cover key aspects of the Indus River Valley (Harappan Culture), Aryan, Mauryan and Gupta
Ancient Civilizations Reading Comprehension Passages, Worksheets, Questions, and Annotations Bundle! This bundle contains 8 StudentSavvy Reading Passage & Expository Text Resources! It contains a total of 40 Engaging, Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension Passages with Directions for Student Annot
This product contains 4 different activities: 1. an informative reading handout that describes the caste system of Ancient India 2. a worksheet to check your students’ understanding of the caste system 3. a caste pyramid with labels and descriptions to be sorted and glued on (great for interactive
Ancient India & the Gupta Empire: Students analyze 5 major Gupta contributions!This Achievements of the Gupta Empire lesson is included in the large Ancient India Unit, located here:Ancient India Unit!Buy the bundle and save a bundle!-------------------In this highly-engaging Achievements of the
This activity is student-centered and literacy-focused! First, students read a two-page history of the Aryans, Hinduism, and its effect on Ancient India. After the reading, students complete a common core writing guide and analyze the text by providing evidence to support claims about Hindu philosop
This Ancient Civilizations mega-bundle contains the materials and directions for TWENTY-EIGHT complete lesson plans, activities, worksheets, readings, and PowerPoints! 259 pages and FIVE WEEKS of lesson material, covering Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Hebrews, India, and China. All resources need
This unit bundle contains the materials and directions for THIRTEEN complete lesson plans, activities, worksheets, readings, and PowerPoints! 130 pages of material! All resources needed for a complete lesson, ready in seconds, are included in the zip. This is a bargain at ONE-THIRD the price of buyi
This activity about the caste system will help your students understand the differences between Ancient India's caste system and the class system in the United States today. This resource includes:a two-page reading about the caste system (both for PDF and editable in Google Docs if you wanted to mo
This webquest allows students to learn about the civilizations of the Indus Valley using the great BBC BiteSize History series, which was designed for use in classrooms grade 4-8.This webquest works great as a way to integrate technology into the classroom. The site is advertisement free and includ
This includes both a great,concise two page and three page close reading with interesting visuals and key concepts for social science clearly stated. The close reading has wide margins for annotation. It comes with an annotation guide. Key Common Core vocabulary for social sciences are bold througho
Included in this file is everything you need to teach Indian geography - there are slides that explain India as a subcontinent, river valley, mountains, monsoons and the drought. There is a pre recorded video explaining the slides as your mini lesson (great for distance learning) and then a workshee
Included in this file is everything you need to teach Indian geography - there are slides that explain India as a subcontinent, river valley, mountains, monsoons and the drought. There is a pre recorded video explaining the slides as your mini lesson (great for distance learning) and then a workshee
Stories from the Panchatantra Reading WorksheetThe Panchatantra is a series of animal fables from Ancient India designed to teach people lessons. This is an excellent edition to your unit on Ancient India. I really like this resource because even though it is a primary source, it's a story - an exce
India is one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world. Students will discover in this resource the importance of climate and geography in shaping this civilization. Students will delve into the Harappan and Aryan civilizations of ancient India.This resource includes: 4 reading passages wit
This resource offers an excellent way to give your students practice in reading for information. If you choose to use it as a scavenger hunt, you place the 10 fact cards around the room and your students hunt, read, write, and learn about the Caste System in Ancient India. I’ve included a writing a
This is a bundled resource about ancient India. This resource contains four stand alone products to assist you in teaching your students about topics revolving around ancient India. Below is a description of each of the resources.Ancient India Text AnalysisIndia is one of the greatest civilizations
India was one of four river valley that became a great civilization. I have included the GenEd reading section, modified reading section, a key to this assignment, lesson plan with Texas TEKS, & test questions
Hello everyone! This is a resource that includes projects, worksheets, assignments, group and individual work, reading comprehension packages and a study guide. The topics covered in this unit include: 1) Visual Vocab 2) Introduction to the Indus Valley- Impact of agriculture, trade, social struc
Explore the ancient world with your children! This year-long unit study makes it easy to learn about the cultures and civilizations of the ancient world, including Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, Africa, and more! Rather than focusing on memorization of names and dates, this unit study seeks to
Fun supplemental activity to introduce (or review) India's four main physical features and their definitions (subcontinent, monsoon, plateau, and glacier). This PowerPoint presentation will show pictures and definitions for each word, and then test student's knowledge on recognizing each physical fe
This is a one page reading on the Mauryan Emperor Asoka (some write is Ashoka). It explains the life of the leader who went from being called, "Asoka the Cruel" to having people call him "enlightened." It is a good short read to cover his life and reign and also to cover historiography topics as t
This quick read summarizes the main teachings of Hinduism on one page. It discusses how it came to be as a blending of various religions and teachings. It then discusses the deities and the 3 main gods. Next is explains reincarnation, karma, and dharma. Finally, it explains where Hinduism is fou
This bundle includes 2 assignments in 1! There is a map assignment where student locate and label physical features like the Ganges River, the Himalayas, and the Deccan Plateau. They also label cities like Harappa and shade in the area of the Indus River Civilization.The Quick Read is a 1 page rea

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