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Ancient Civilizations / Ancient Rome Projects for Google Classroom! 3 digital projects for your students! 6th Grade Ancient Civilizations Series This product contains 3 digital projects that students can complete using Google Slides! This resource has a brochure project, a timeline project, and a
The year is 100 C.E. Your students come across a “Help Wanted” ad in the Classified section. Tours & Co. is in need of an experienced, knowledgeable and articulate tour guide to teach tourists about the city of Rome in ancient times. In lieu of a formal interview, Tours & Co. has requeste
Imagine if ancient Romans were hired into social groups (plebeians or patricians) instead of being born into them. Your students live in ancient Rome and they have been been hired to create help wanted advertisements in order to inform the public about openings in a chosen social group. The projec
This is a research based, student led project. Students select the mini-projects they want to complete from the "menu" (allowing them to self differentiate) based off their strong suits. Student choice allows for easy differentiation as students can focus on the skills and content that are relevant
This project embodies student choice. Students choose the format and topic of their Ancient Rome-themed project Make your students the experts of Ancient Rome and let them share their knowledge with their colleagues. A large topic is included to get students started. Will your students do a newsc
Your students will choose to create a movie trailer, scrapbook, farewell speech or illustrated epic poem about the actions and beliefs of Julius Caesar. Each project choice comes with an introduction and a description of requirements. Included in the Resource:✓ An explanation and list of requireme
This is a compressed zip file. It contains the following files: Ancient Rome Project Choices Page- The project choices are grouped in five sections: Vocabulary, Maps/timelines, Art, Reading, and Writing. Each section has one point, two point and three point options. The more the point value, the m
The year is 100 C.E. in ancient Rome and your students have recently been hired to create a training manual for kids to study before they become Roman adults. The purpose of the manual booklet is to teach young kids how to become successful Roman adults and to be informed citizens.Included in the P
One of the best ways to learn about a historical figure is by reading his or her biography. Your students are going to design the book jacket of a chosen ancient Roman leader's biography. A book jacket includes the front cover, spine and back cover of the book. This is a project that gives your s
An interactive and collaborative project for your Ancient Rome unit to change things up in your classroom. This product uses readers theater to help kids learn about Ancient Rome. Students are put into 6 groups, each group focuses on one aspect of ancient Rome, and that group is responsible for te
Your students are real estate agents in ancient Rome and their job is to convince potential homebuyers to move there. Students will choose to persuade homebuyers to move to ancient Rome by creating a commercial that would be viewed on the television or an advertisement that would be found in a maga
Imagine all of your students actively engaged in a unit on Ancient Rome with very little preparation on your part! Sound wonderful? It is!!This Ancient Rome activity includes five PowerPoint programs for five different groups on five different topics related to the Ancient Rome.Group A – Introduct
This project is an excellent follow up to the story of Romulus and Remus. After learning about the mythical founding of Rome, students will create their own myth about the creation of their country. This is specific to United Arab Emirates, but can be adapted to fit any country. It could even become
Directions: You will research and describe your topic on either a poster board or Prezi Your poster board/Prezi must include at least 2 images (drawings, or images) and must have at a minimum 7 facts about your topic. You may use the textbook, or computer to find your information. You will then b
This project allows students to choose what interests them most. There are 7 different project choices that appeal to different interest areas. For a grading checklist to accompany each choice purchase the bundle for this project.
This includes both the Ancient Rome Project Options list and the checklists for grading each option. This project is intended to allow students to choose a project that best meets their interests.
Spanish Power Point to guide Ancient Rome projects
EDITABLE! NO PREP! You can print this project and have students start it today!This fun project has students research and create an diorama/3-D model of an Ancient Roman structure! Rubric included. At the bottom of the instruction page I include a student and parent contract so that there is no excu
Make your Roman History come ALIVE! Students love to work in groups to come up with a short skit that retells a famous scene from Ancient Rome. Students must work together for this Rome activity and memorize the skit in order to perform it confidently. Ancient Rome Activity - Roman Skits resource
This content-rich activity is student-centered and interactive. The activity has 7 stations detailing the geography, achievements, social classes, leadership (government and laws), economy and religion of Ancient Rome. Readings come with pictures, charts, and maps. Questions and interactive mini act
Ancient Rome Activities Resource Bundle!**New Update 1/19 - 5 Reading Passages are now included in the bundle!This bundled product contains the following 6 StudentSavvy resources!Ancient Rome Interactive NotebookAncient Rome Reading PassagesAncient Rome Interactive PowerPointAncient Rome STEM Challe
Ancient Rome Unit includes Ancient Rome PowerPoints with video clips and presenter notes. Unit also includes, warm up PowerPoints, informational text documents with questions, primary source lessons, maps, exit tickets, crossword review, a project, video/video guide, Kahoot! review game, and editabl
Google Classroom Ancient Rome Activities & Complete Unit Lesson Plan 5-8This complete unit bundle is completely Google Ready! All of the assignments have been created in Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Docs and Google Draw. That means it's not just Google 1:1 Compatible, but all student answ
This Ancient Rome printable complete unit bundle has rigor, versatility, and fun! CONTENT– The content in the bundle is organized with the key "big idea" Common Core concepts for Social Studies in mind. The concepts covered are:· Economy· Government /Leadership· Social Classes· Geography· Religion·

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