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ANCIENT ROME / ROMAN EMPIRE NEWSPAPER ACTIVITY- Students create a newspaper based on the events of the Roman Empire. A fun and creative project to assess student understanding after learning about the Romans! Both digital and paper versions included! Greate for Distance or Online Learning.Includes
6th - 8th
Ancient Rome Activities Resource Bundle!**Updates: 5 Reading Passages are now included in the bundle! - Digital & Print Board Game for Review now included! -Ancient Civilizations Curriculum Binders & Sample Pacing Guide for the Full School YearThis bundled product contains th
Ancient Rome - Roman Emperors - Research Project with Rubric - This Ancient Rome 5 page resource includes a research project for the famous emperors of Ancient Rome. The resource requires students to complete research on a chosen emperor from Ancient Rome in relation to his history and significance
Ancient Civilizations / Ancient Rome Projects for Google Classroom! 3 digital projects for your students! 6th Grade Ancient Civilizations Series This product contains 3 digital projects that students can complete using Google Slides! This resource has a brochure project, a timeline project, and a
This PBL puts your students in the shoes of an Roman creating a product and advertising it in the Forum at Ancient Rome!Ancient Roman Forum is a social studies project based learning activity (PBL) that results in an oral speech advertising to other Ancient Romans. Along the way, students will resea
:::::DISTANCE LEARNING FRIENDLY! NO PREP!:::::This product includes a menu of nine ranked and varied activities that can be used as a formative or summative assessment. Activities are assigned points, students choose their activities to add up to 16 points or more. Read the information below and vie
This Ancient Rome project-based learning activity is a great resource to pair with your current Social Studies textbook. It includes a lap book for notetaking on the different facets of Ancient Rome. The included inquiry project gives students the ability to CHOOSE an area in Ancient Rome they are i
The Ancient Romans created mosaic art using tiny tiles. We have created a packet that allows students to experiment with this Ancient Roman artwork. Using tiny squares (or tesserae) of paper (already counted out- it just needs to be printed and cut), the students can glue these to their designated
"Field Trip: Ancient Rome"Overview:Have you ever wanted to take your class to Ancient Rome? Now you can without spending a dime. On this virtual field trip, students will become the travel guides. Through summaries and pictures, students will create a travel brochure that highlights 10 major loca
The year is 100 C.E. Your students come across a “Help Wanted” ad in the Classified section. Tours & Co. is in need of an experienced, knowledgeable and articulate tour guide to teach tourists about the city of Rome in ancient times. In lieu of a formal interview, Tours & Co. has requeste
This unit includes a variety of activities and projects about ancient Rome that are engaging, meaningful and student-centered. ✓Ancient Rome Interactive Notebook: 44 Activities ✓Real Estate Advertisement or Commercial of Ancient Rome✓Biography Book Cover: Roman Historical Figure✓Create a Board Game
This is a nice student-centered learning project that allows you to study all the important Roman emperors by making each student an expert on one and having them report what they learn to the class. Includes a lesson plan/project for your students on a selected Roman emperor. Guidelines and instruc
Friends, Students, Countrymen! Lend me your pens!Decorating your classroom has never been easier, and writing about Ancient Rome has never been more fun! Students will love working together to create this colossally cool collaborative poster. Ready-to-go templates make it a snap to create a colorful
Imagine if ancient Romans were hired into social groups (plebeians or patricians) instead of being born into them. Your students live in ancient Rome and they have been been hired to create help wanted advertisements in order to inform the public about openings in a chosen social group. The projec
This Ancient Rome Project will be a lot of fun for your students and help them learn about the different leaders and emperors of Ancient Rome! In this no-prep activity with printable and digital options, students will create baseball cards about several Roman emperors or leaders in Ancient Rome. For
EDITABLE! NO PREP! You can print this project and have students start it today!This fun project has students research and create an diorama/3-D model of an Ancient Roman structure! Rubric included. At the bottom of the instruction page I include a student and parent contract so that there is no excu
Timelines are a very important tool to use to visualize major events in a given period in history. Students will create a timeline of important events in ancient Roman history between 800 B.C.E. and 500 C.E. Students will include seventeen significant events from the time period. The resource inc
Debates help students improve their skills in the areas of problem solving, critical thinking, communication, teamwork and leadership. For this class activity, divide your students into six teams. Two groups will be competing against each other at a time during the classroom debate. There are a t
Imagine all of your students actively engaged in a unit on Ancient Rome with very little preparation on your part! Sound wonderful? It is!!This Ancient Rome activity includes five PowerPoint programs for five different groups on five different topics related to the Ancient Rome.Group A – Introduct
This project embodies student choice. Students choose the format and topic of their Ancient Rome-themed project Make your students the experts of Ancient Rome and let them share their knowledge with their colleagues. A large topic is included to get students started. Will your students do a newsc
This project is a really fun and creative way for students to show off what they learned about the development, battles and daily life of ancient Rome. Students will create the rules and directions for the game, create the required pieces, and create a colorful and detailed board game.The Product In
This Ancient Rome Group Research Project is aligned with the common core standards and requires students to work together to create a research project. The final project includes a five paragraph research paper written and cited in MLA format and a PowerPoint presentation. This group research proje
This is a research based, student led project. Students select the mini-projects they want to complete from the "menu" (allowing them to self differentiate) based off their strong suits. Student choice allows for easy differentiation as students can focus on the skills and content that are relevant
You are about to download a research project titled "Roman Rulers: The Good, the Bad... and the Weird." Students must research one of the following emperors of Ancient Rome: Julius Caesar, Octavian (Augustus), Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Titus, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Caligula, or Commodus. T

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