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Trigonometric Functions (Introduction to Trigonometry) Unit
Looking for a quality unit bundle to help teach your PreCalculus or Trigonometry students the basics of Trigonometric Functions? This unit includes everything you need to teach angles in the coordinate plane and triangular and circular trigonometric functions.What specific topics does this unit cov
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Ecology Non-living Factors Unit Notes, Cycles Unit Curriculum and Standards
These are the 19 pages of unit notes that I distribute to my students who require assistance and support staff. These notes chronologically follow my Ecology Abiotic Factors Unit that I offer on TpT. The unit notes includes the following topics: Abiotic Factors, Biotic Factors, The Big 7 Abiotic Fa
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Geology Unit
Teaching Duration = 2 months A six part now 6,000+ slide PowerPoint becomes the roadmap for an amazing and interactive science experience, complete with homework package, hands-on activities with directions built into the slideshow, built-in quizzes, answer keys, units notes, video links, rubrics, f
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Newton's Laws of Motion, Forces in Motion, Simple Machines Unit
A three part 2,300+ PowerPoint slideshow becomes the roadmap for an interactive and amazing science experience that includes a bundled homework package, answer keys, unit notes, video links, review games,built-in quizzes and hands-on activities, worksheets,rubrics, games, and much more. Take the to
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Ecology Unit, Nonliving Factors, Cycles
Teaching Duration = 5+ Weeks. A four part 3,000 slide PowerPoint presentation becomes the roadmap for an amazing science experience complete with homework bundle, lesson notes, built-in activities and quizzes, review games, flashcards, rubrics, lab projects, and much more.Areas of Focus within The
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Solar and Lunar Eclipse Lesson
This is a 130 slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in class notes (red slides), step by step drawings / diagrams, challenge questions with answers, build a sun dial activity, links, one page homework / classwork, less notes, and more. -Note-This PowerPoint is embedded in my solar systems basic
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Immune System Lesson, HIV, AIDS, and STD's
This is a 975 Slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in class notes, built-in hands on activities, video links, virus simulation, project idea, 4 page homework package, answer keys, lesson notes, and much more. Also included is a 270 slide PowerPoint review game / assessment that reviews the enti
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2D 3D Geometry (Geometric Properties of Shapes) - Grade 5 Math Unit
Save time and download this complete package to teach the entire 2D/3D Geometry unit (aligned to Ontario Curriculum standards grade 5 - very easily adapted for other grades and curriculums). Everything you need is included - lessons, activities, formative and summative assessments...! This package

Also included in: Entire Year of Math - complete grade 5 math program!! ✳ GROWING BUNDLE ✳

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8th Grade Math Unit: Geometry
This middle school math unit for Geometry includes detailed 3-part lesson plans, activities and assessment which correspond to the Common Core Math curriculum for 8th grade. This unit is part of our ENTIRE YEAR OF MATH PACKAGE which includes all of our math resources for Grade 8th Grade."This unit i
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Ecology Unit Homework, Nonliving Factors and Cycles
This is the unit bundled homework package that chronologically follows the 3,000+ slide PowerPoint road map that I offer on TpT. Answer Keys and Unit notes are also provided which are great resources for support professionals and students who require assistance. Together, these documents and the P
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