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Animal Adaptations Project: This differentiated science and writing project is a fun way to assess understanding of your study of environments/biomes and animal adaptations. Students will choose an environment and create an animal (or adapt an existing one) to survive in the new environment.Please n
Make a beast as you roll a die for predetermined traits - will mother nature prevail or will the adaptations you create survive in this evolution project all about mutation and adaptations.WHAT'S INCLUDED in this 1-2 DAY LESSON:• 5 NON-EDITABLE PDF handouts with instructions and extension questions
This unit is based off of the fun, educational picture book, What if I had Animal Teeth. The students will be educated on various features and adaptation of animals. There are a variety of lessons, that are all step by step and have the students doing research, using technology, informational writin
This animal adaptations project covers middle school standards and provides the rigor students in middle school need. Students can stretch their imagination to create their own animal with a combination of structural and behavioral adaptations. After they've created a model and a presentation, they
In this project, students create an animal with several adaptations that help it survive in its environment. Students are given examples of adaptations to help them brainstorm. They will create a three paragraph essay describing the adaptations, the animal, and the environment it lives in. They will
Animal Project:Topics included for research (website included):Description, diet, habitat, adaptations to help with survival, other facts, where in the worldStudents research, then draw a picture and describe their information for each topic.Rough draft and final paper organizer included. NOW DIGITA
Students choose a biome/ ecosystem and create an animal with adaptations that will help the animal survive in that biome/ ecosystem. Students must show an understanding of the biome/ecosystem and structural and behavioral adaptations. Direction sheet and rubric included as well as 2 different graphi
Students will demonstrate their knowledge of animal adaptations and habitats by creating a unique animal. This file includes a checklist with a list of vocabulary words for students to use in their animal description and drawing. Also included is a page for students to draw their animals and write a
No-prep, animals, adaptations and habitats fun creative enrichment projects! Students will complete nine creative projects to show their understanding of adaptation among living organisms; with projects that range from creating brochures to designing a habitat matching game and much more. Vocabular
If you would like to purchase the 100% EDITABLE version of this product, click here! Great for differentiation!*COVID-19* - This resource can be printed and used in the classroom or be used for distance learning with Google Slides.Engage your students with studying the incredible animals of the worl
Animal Adaptations Informational Reading Research Project Common Core This activity enhances students' reading and research skills as they learn about animal adaptations. The unit includes 64 custom animal cut-out pages, along with a fact page for the back of each card. You determine the size of
Animal Adaptations - Create a Creature Project ACARA Aligned Create a Creature is a project where the children design a new creature, with specific adaptations for its environment. This activity is an interesting and attractive way for children to understand the concept of ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS. It c
Your students will love this project to "show what they know" about adaptations, habitats, and the food chain by designing a new animal that can survive in a chosen environment. This project is cross-curricular, incorporating both NGSS science standards and> CCSS writing standards. Included in
This project is the perfect way to assess your students' understanding of animal adaptations! It integrates higher-order thinking and writing/language arts as students choose a biome, and then create a fictional animal to live in that biome. They will give their animal physical and behavioral adap
Take your students' Unit 3 comprehension to the next level with this Animal Adaptations Paper Bag Book Project! Designed to integrate with Benchmark Advance Unit 3: Animal Adaptations. Includes the essential question. This is an excellent culminating activity for the unit. This project is design
This is a research project that aligns with GSE standards on Animal Adaptations. I had my students research one of the animals listed, create a poster or powerpoint (their choice), then present to the class. While students were giving presentations, the others listening and watching were taking note
Your students will love learning about Animal Adaptations with this fun, colorful, engaging digital interactive research project that encourages them to make inferences about how animals survive in the wild! Use with Google Drive or Google Classroom! This resource includes entertaining animal charac
Science: 3.4 Animal Adaptation Project: Fun and Creative Animals come in many shapes and sizes. They also live in many different types of environments. All animals have adaptations that help them fit into their special environment. An adaptation is when a part of an animal's body or the way that an
In this activity, students demonstrate their learning of animal adaptations and human interactions with the environment through a research project on an endangered animal. Included are the project outline, reflection questions and rubric. This projects meets the following expectation for the Ontari
A mini science project: design an imaginary animal with specific adaptations that will help the animal to survive in a specified imaginary habitat. A fun project that we did as part of our Rainforest unit - I used it as a formative assessment to see what my students had learned about animal adaptat
Complete Research Project for Students: Animal Adaptations. Offers background into types of adaptations and identifies examples. Outlines student responsibilities in completing individual research project on animals of their choice. Great for reinforcement after introduction of topic or as enrichme
This is such an engaging primary STEAM resource! Students learn all about animal adaptations and create a special adaptation for an animal. Then, they get to create the animal.This resource has everything you need to teach this unit! It includes the materials for an animal adaptation anchor chart
The bird adaptations jigsaw research activity asks each student to explore a different feature, answer questions, and create a poster. Research corresponds to Project Beak, an educational website. This short activity packs a lot of punch. Students read closely and peruse media to answer questions. T
Want a fun project for your kiddos that allows them to be creative? This STEAM aligned lesson incorporates art, science and technology standards. Included is a science booklet that guides your students throughout the unit. Students will learn about habitats, animal adaptations, then design an animal

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