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This science sound unit comprises 7 lesson plans (with learning objectives) and Presentations. Worksheets and practical activities for whole group teaching on how humans and some animals hear and the anatomy of the ear together with experiments. Content:- Sound and how sound travels including sound
Comparative skeletal anatomy, with similiarities and differences, can be learned in a fun, engaging way by using these interactive drag and drop activities for three different animals. There is a wolf, turtle and a frog and students drag the same 11 bones to label each of the skeleton diagrams for
This product will allow students to pick a livestock species and gender and apply the different body systems we discuss in Animal Science class. They will create a book that they will add each system to and see how each system lines up and works together - creating a great interactive visual for stu
These notes/anchor charts are all about small animals & their internal anatomy. These can be used as anchor charts and printed large or can be printed and put into student's notes. These correspond with the 5.0 objective of NC SAII standards.
9th - 12th
Learn about Arctic Animals anatomy with these educational worksheets. Perfect addition to study Arctic animals or Ocean life for school or homeschool. Polar Bear, Caribou, Narwhal, Harp Seal, Walrus, Killer Whale, Beluga, Arctic Fox. These cards are made using my original watercolor artwork.::::: YO
PreK - 4th
Use these interesting cards to teach your students about the internal anatomy of different ocean animals! This set of printables comes with 8 interesting ocean animal internal anatomy posters (both labeled and blank) for you to use in your classroom! Animals included: shark, snail, mussel, crayfish,
This Plant and Animal Cells Bundle is perfect for distance learning because it includes many worksheets easy to use and well organised and engaging studentsWe created this Cells Unit to teach science in a fun and engaging way.Animals and plants cell learn all about them in easy interactive worksheet
PreK - 12th
In this activity kids compare how feathers or fur insulate animals to keep them warm. While they know this intuitively, here they're collecting data to show this fact. Includes a student read aloud.What's Included:✅ Task Card instructions✅ Student Sheet for capturing observations✅ Answer Key to Stud
This resource is great for an end of year project for your anatomy class or advanced biology. Students are offered two options to compare an organism's body structure to the human equivalent in a research paper, or to create a 3D model of the organism, showing a body structure, labeling it, and wri
9th - 12th
In the first activity kids compare how feathers or fur insulate animals to keep them warm. While they know this intuitively, here they're collecting data to show this fact. Four additional activities show how animals' bodies are adapted to cold. Put on a blubber glove, or test which animal shape (ro
2nd - 3rd
Interactive Cell Anatomy Poster in PDF format (print only) includes two bright, cheerful posters: The Animal Cell and The Plant Cell. Each has an unlabeled animal/ plant with a “Scan me” QR Code on it. Each code is linked to a digital sign containing the bright animal/ plant cell and their labeled o
DescriptionAnimal Anatomy Worksheet Cut and Paste Label the animalLearn about body parts of animalStudents can out each rectangle box at the bottom of the sheet then glue on the beautiful illustration to correctly label the parts of each animal.These worksheets will help your students compare and un
These interactive foldable booklets (set of 3) were designed to be used with any textbook or curriculum. Your students will create 3 separate booklets. Booklet 1 requires the student to label the parts of an animal cell. Booklet 2 requires your student to "build an animal cell" by drawing in all
IMPORTANT: Update coming soon! Get the set for discounted price now, so you can download the updated version later. This a new updated version of the oldie but goodie worksheets for the unit of Animal Cells. These new printable are an excellent way to supplement your existing Science curriculum. In
This coloring-in resource is intended as a visual exercise for students to learn the anatomy of a generalized animal cell. It contains a unlabeled coloring sheet as well as a worksheet where students need to label the organelles and structures that make up a generalized animal cell. This includes an
10th - 12th, Higher Education
Included in each animal pack, there are many research activities that include learning about the location, habitat, scientific classification and diet of these animals before moving onto completing a labelling the parts of an animal activity and then the anatomy notebooking pages.The fourteen animal
4th - 10th
Editable PowerPoint presentation including important information pertaining to the functions of the organelles in plant and animal cells.Editable types notes and guided notes for students/teacher use.Editable assessment on the function of organelles as well as their location within the cell. Include
I created this as a final project for my anatomy & physiology class. Students are to compare the anatomy and physiology of any organism to that of a human. Students are given choices as to how they want to complete it.
Not Grade Specific
Working on an anatomy or pets unit? If your students are working on differentiating sizes, this is the game for you! It incorporates size differentiation (geometry), gross motor, team playing skills, and a whole bucketful of fun!This set includes large, medium, and small bones, as well as a "bad bon
PreK - 1st
This group project will have your AP Biology students mastering the anatomy chapters for the course. Written to accompany the chapters in the Campbell and Reece textbook, the project can easily be adapted to your textbook chapters. The project asks students to create online dynamic presentations f
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
NGSS requires that students learn about body parts and their functions, learning about external parts in 2nd grade and both internal and external structures on a macroscale in 5th grade.(LS1A) furthermore, under LS4A, Evidence for evolution, students need to understand that comparative anatomy is o
֎ ABOUT THE PRODUCT ֎Watercolor work in printable material for learning. The product includes: Ant anatomy poster, ant diagram, and body parts. Two types of life cyclesLife cycle 3-Part cards - mating flight, egg, larva, pupa, young ant and the adult antPuzzle The body parts of an ant: 1. Antenna2.
Word Search covering the vocabulary that will be used when introducing Animal Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition to Agriculture Science students. There are 52 words total.
I made and used a comparative animal chart which compares the body systems to the different major classes of animals. This was especially helpful when I was studying for the Biology Praxis test. I thought it could be useful for classifying animals, help study for a zoology test, or for a biology c
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff

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